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  1. xRafal_kaktusowyy

    xRafal_kaktusowyy Well-Known Member

    Paintball is one of the most dead Hypixel game, which is sad especially that Paintball has been here for 5 years. This game was the last game that got updated on Hypixel Network.

    Orginal Creator of Operation Revive Paintball is seemoreyt but i decided to revive his operation and make a new thread!

    This will get updated more often and this will just have a lot of more features and more, If you got any ideas be sure to post them down below, and i really hope admin will actually take this thread seriously and update Paintball… Yes update the old good Paintball DO NOT MAKE PAINTBALL V2...

    Thanks to @NICKtheWaffle14 @Sammyy @Frenkz_ for helping me out with this!

    70% credit of this thread goes to @Seemoreyt watch his orginal Operation Revive Paintball! (LINK)


    • Ability to chose hat when in ingame waiting lobby

    • Kill count after game includes players team color

    • Kill count after game includes each team's total kills.

    • Killstreaks that are not unlocked in the killstreak menu in game are Red Glass Paned-out

    • On start of game Title Text says: "PAINTBALL | Use gold nuggets to purchase Killstreaks!"

    • Option to unselect team choice to go random

    • Team balancing for all players who did not select a team (biased upon kills)

    • Fixes maps spawns where players spawn facing wrong direction

    • Adrenaline now works at game start (previously on works on re-spawns)

    • Coins for kills are no longer displayed as subtitle text on kills (allows user to see killstreak(s) durations without interruption)

    • Ability to change 'shift-to-activate' into 'click-to-activate' (left click). Some users enjoy shifting to avoid being seen, might get annoying if shift-to-activate hats become usable.

    • Team colors not associated with Map Spawns (any color can get any spawn)

    • All killstreak durations, with shortened names, show in above exp bar (instead of 1--fixes being unable to see durations because tripleshot always trumps the others)

    • FREE HAT FRIDAY! Players may use unpurchased hats for free just for one day -- excludes special hats (helps newcomers see how much hats can impact a match)

    • Can have a favorite killstreak menu! (Just like how you can add favorite gadgets/suits/morphs in lobbies)

    • "Player left the game," notification in chat upon player leave.

    • Random hat choice for DOUBLE COINS!!


    Basic Gamemode - No Hats, Kill Streaks, Perks, - DOUBLE COINS, New leaderboard for it.

    Mega Mode - A game with 100 players 2 teams of 50/50 - Add new maps for this gamemode BIG MAPS.

    Infinite Mode - Players won’t be able to buy anything except Lives +3 and +10 and triple shot and the game will be only played on Mansion.

    3 Teams Mod - This could be experimental a bit but what you think about 3 teams fighting each other? That would obviously lead to having 3 spawns for each team.

    Kill streaks:

    • Team Triple: Purchase Tripleshot for everyone on your team -- Unlock: 5,000 -- Cost: 50 Kill coins -- Cooldown: Usable only once per game per player

    • Safeguard: Safe from death upon next hit -- Unlock 6000 -- Cost: 5 killcoins (Cooldown of 5 seconds)

    • Team Strongarm: Purchase Strongarm for everyone on your team -- Unlock 5,000 -- Cost: 50 Killcoins -- Cooldown: Usable only once per game per player

    • Super Flash bang: (much) Larger area of effect -- Unlock: 500 -- Cost: 4 Killcoins

    • Sticky Trap: Places a 3x3 of spider web on the player who killed you last. 3x3 lasts 6 seconds, cooldown of 15 seconds. -- Unlock: 2,500 -- Cost: 5 Killcoins

    • Wardrobe: Change your hat mid-game, for a cost--suicide and killcoins -- Unlock: 10,000 -- Cost: 2 killcoins (may only be used once per game) CANNOT USE IF RANDOM HAT IS SELECTED; CANNOT USE TO GET RANDOM HAT

    • Nausea Bomb: A thrown egg that delivers nausea effect, for 10 seconds, to players within 10 block radius of explosion -- Unlock: Free -- Cost: 4 Killcoins

    • Debuff: Strips your last fragger of all active killstreaks -- Unlock: 20,000 -- Cost: 45 Killcoins

    • Grenade: Kills everyone within a 10 block radius -- Unlock 20,00 -- Cost 25 -- Cooldown 30 seconds
    • Double Shot: Double Shots with snowballs -- Unlock 10,00 -- Cost 2 -- Cooldown 20 seconds

    • Sentry: Now cost 7 (instead of 9) Equipt with a 25 block range + Has Strongarm + Upon purchase.

    • Enderpearl: Now cost 16 (instead 15)

    • Ender Eye: Now Cost 13 (instead 15)

    • Landmine: Upon purchase, places a pressure plate in inventory to use at your own discretion -- survives through death in 8th slot in hotbar! Can blow up players in forcefield!

    • Lightening: New kill adjective when used: Zapp'd

    • Bomber Man: New kill adjective when used: "X was blown up by Y"

    • TnT: TnT is now displayed evenly throughout the map, not dropped at enemy teams' players' location. New death adjective when killed by: "X has blown up"

    • Creeper: New death adjective when killed by: "X has blown up"

    • Rambo: Being killed while having Rambo will still affect K/D + Its a bow icon instead of tnt so it doesnt mix up with TNT Rain.

    • Forcefield: Kills during duration of killstreak no longer grant players killcoins (but kills are counted, and coins are granted.)

    • Team Ammo: Now is snowball regeneration for your whole team! Stacks of 16 regenerate every 4 seconds, for 16 seconds!

    Removed: Super Strong Arm - Reason Useless - Or make it faster and fix the aim.


    • Grandfather Hat: team starts with 10 extra lives -- 50,000

    • Chill Hat: Reduces cooldowns by 20% -- 75,000

    • Cheap Hat: Reduces cost of killstreaks by 12.5% -- 75,000 (killstreak costs will be rounded)

    • Haste Hat: Shift to give all team players (yourself include; who don't have SII) Speed II for 15 seconds (stays through death) Cooldown of 45 seconds -- 45,000

    • Lotto Hat: Shift to activate a random killstreak (various killstreaks have different chances of being used, based on killstreak usefulness. Cooldown of 50 seconds (i.e. {Mine, Creeper, lightening, tnt rain, rambo, tripleshot, strongarm = common} { nuke, backstab = rare} { FF, Teamtriple = extremely rare}) -- 55,000

    • Seemore Hat: Permanent night vision, immune to being blinded -- 3,000

    • Rubber Hat: Shift to have snowballs that bounce off walls (max of 4 bounces) for 7 seconds. Cooldown of 42 seconds (35s after use) -- 50,000

    • Pitcher's Cap: Start with Strong Arm and 5% chance to activate upon death + custom kill adjective: "X was struck out by Y" -- 5,000

    • Creeper Cap: 30% Chance to spawn a hoard of creepers (8) upon death + discounted Creeper Head killstreak, now 6 kill coins. Also blow up particles upon death + noise (simply aesthetic) -- 5,000

    • Random hat choice for DOUBLE COINS!! cannot use wardrobe killstreak

    • Protectors Hat: Shift to activate; While active, enemy snowballs home to you, protecting nearby teammates and all snowballs homed to you are absorbed and added to inventory. (Invulnerable while active) --- Duration: 6 Seconds --- Radius of effect: 6 blocks --- Cost: 75,000

    • Bandoiler hat: Shift to activate; Gives you, and teammates around you--within 10 blocks--three 32-stacks of snowballs -- Cooldown: 30 seconds, or death -- Cost: 2,000

    • Motivator Hat: Shift to activate; Gives you, and teammates around you--within 10 blocks--speed II (doesn't do anything to those with speed/pbk hats) for 14 seconds (Note: Speed boosts lasts for as long as you are alive -- if you die you and your teammates' boost is void) -- Cooldown: 44 seconds -- Cost: 15,000

    • Bulldozer Hat: Shift to activate Quintupleshot, Strongarm, Speed 3 for 5 seconds, Cooldown 70 seconds

    Removed: Normal Hat - Reason Lags the game.


    Paintballkitty will now cost 65k
    Speed Hat will now cost 50k
    • Hard Hat: x2 Life, normal speed

    • TnT Hat: 50% chance to spawn tnt on death where opponent who killed you was standing + 75% chance to spawn tnt on death where you stand (kills with tnt count as kills)

    • Snow Hat: Spawn with FOUR 32-stack snowballs. And generate ONE 32-stack every 10 seconds.

    • Ender Hat: 15% Chance to teleport upon death, with speed II for 10 seconds. (Actually teleports now) + 50% to spawn with backstab

    • Spider Hat: 3% chance to spawn spider web where any shot snowball lands

    • Shaky Hat: Give nausea randomly for 2 seconds to add to Shaky effect

    • AgentK Hat: Now cost 50,000 (instead 75,000) Shift and un shift to switch color of armor for 6 seconds, and holding will keep color armor to be changed, + removal of name tags above head when used. CD of unshifted color change: 36 seconds

    • Doge Hat: 36 Seconds cooldown + Effect lasts 6 seconds (instead 5)

    • Rezzus: 65 second cooldown (Can't be used until 15 seconds after game start)

    • Mystery Hat: 30 second cooldown + change so doesn't kill teammates (or you!) + enemies affected count as kills (and killcoins)

    • Hypixel Hat: 35 second cooldown + effect now lasts 6 seconds (instead 5) + Cost 50,000 (instead 75,000)

    • CodenameB Hat: 45 second cooldown

    • Ghost Hat: 20% chance to survive hits, not affected by nukes or explosions.

    • Darkness Hat: Immediately blinds opponent players when in range of 5 blocks + Regenerate Flashbangs at random intervals (7 - 25 seconds)

    • Squid Hat: Spawns squids on enemy that killed you + Starts with Tripleshot + Depth Strider 3 -- 5,000

    • Paintball Kitty hat: Prolonged wait time for shift: 75 seconds (instead 65)
    • Nuke: Does not kill players from your own team anymore as it used to.


    • Various items falling out of head (like trololo's diamonds | Items include: Diamonds, Emeralds, Redstone, Lapis, Flowers, Colored Wool, suggested more?) -- 2,500 per item [Vip+]

    • A firework of your team's color on every 3rd kill -- 5,000 [Mvp]

    • Particles -- 5,000 per particle [Vip]

    • Flying on Victories -- 15,000 [Vip]

    • Disco suits on Victories -- 20,000 [Mvp]

    • Kill adjectives (Default is fragged; new: shoot, sniped, plastered) 5,000 per [Vip+]

    • Creeper killstreak spawns Super charged creepers (same effect, new look) -- 7,500 [Vip+]

    • Sentry Killstreak: Instead of a snowman, it's an armor stand with your team color and your head! -- 20,000 [Vip+]

    • Sentry Killstreak: Instead of a snowman, it's various mobs (i.e. Enderman, golem, skeleton, creeper, villager, witch) -- 2,000 per [Vip]

    • Enchanted armor -- 7,500 [Vip]

    • Snowball trail particles:

    • Firework Spark - Kill requirement: 0 - Cost: 5,000 - Rank: [Vip]

    • Crit Particle - Kill requirement: 0 - Cost: 5,000 - Rank: [Vip]

    • Portal - Kill requirement: 1,000 - Cost: 7,500 - Rank: [Vip+]

    • Cloud - Kill requirement: 5,000 - Cost: 7,500 - Rank: [Vip+]

    • Happy Villager - Kill requirement: 5,000 - Cost: 7,500 - Rank: [Vip+]

    • Angry Villager - Kill requirement: 10,000 - Cost: 10,000 - Rank: [Mvp]

    • Magic Crit - Kill requirement: 15,000 - Cost: 10,000 - Rank: [Mvp]

    • Smoke - Kill requirement: 20,000 - Cost: 15,000 - Rank: [Mvp]

    • Slime - Kill requirement: 25,000 - Cost: 20,000 - Rank: [Mvp]

    • Enchantment - Kill requirement: 50,000 - Cost: 20,000 - Rank: [Mvp+]

    • Reddust - Kill requirement: 50,000 - Cost: 20,000 - Rank: [Mvp+]

    • Hearts - Kill requirement: 75,000 - Cost: 20,000 - Rank: [Mvp+]

    • Bubbles - Kill requirement: 100,000 - Cost: 25,000 - Rank: [Mvp+]

    • WitchMagic - Kill requirement: 150,000 - Cost: 40,000 - Rank: Any

    • Flaming Snowballs (and fire trail) - Kill requirement: 250,000 - Cost: 50,000 - Rank: Any

    Things that should get changed overall..

    1. Add new maps - Here are some good maps that should get added to the community

    2. Leaderboards in lobby for each map - When you join a game and for example the map you are playing is Herobrine it show’s in the lobby Top 10 Players with most kills earned overall on Herobrine or either Top 10 players with highest kill records overall on Herobrine, Something like the duel’s leaderboard.

    3. Bring back the 2014 Lobby - Yeah basicly bring back the best lobby ever.

    4. Forcefield Warning - So basicly when a player activates a Forcefield it says it on your screen as a warning that the player can’t die it will help alot of new players understanding the player is not hacking.

    5. Nerf Forcefield - Forcefield is the most overpowered Kill streak in the game, New players have 0 chances against the ‘’good people’’ mainly due to this Kill streak, I would say nerf it that you don’t get kill coins from killing people while you have Forcefield on and also lower the time by 30% or maybe add Slowness 1 while having Forcefield on.

    6. Paintball Ranked - This will be similar to Arena Brawl, Skywars ranked rewards but instead it will be Paintball so basicly every month you will be getting rewards for kills earned. I’m not sure about how this would this Idea is not my favorite but let me know what you think of it!

    7. Paintball Kicking Out of games - Paintball is kicking players out of games for flying etc and you mainly get that when someone does lighting, bomberman, nuke, revenge, Either fix it or add a /rejoin command to the game.

    8. Revamp D-Day - I think most of the ‘’old’’ Paintball players remember D-Day it got sadly removed due to being very unbalanced IMO and in alot of player opinions this was one of the best maps ever, and it brings back many memories, My idea is too revamp the map to be balanced and add it back.

    9. Bring back Yellow Team! - Yeah… there used to be a yellow team but it got removed for some reason, Maybe add it back and add Pink/Black Team?

    10. Fix Lag - Paintball is very laggy when it has alot of players playing it, I have no idea how to fix it except just removing Normal Hat.

    11. Kill Counter - It will display your kills in chat for example [500] [MVP+] xRafal_kaktusowy

    If its more than 50k kills it goes orange [50k] [MVP+] xRafal_kaktusowy

    If its more than 100k kills it goes Red [100k] [MVP+] xRafal_kaktusowy

    If its more than 250k kills it goes Purple [250k] [MVP+] xRafal_kaktusowy

    If its more than 500k kills it goes Light Blue [500k] [MVP+] xRafal_kaktusowy

    12. Nerf Enderpearl - Enderpearl is broken and its just as much powerful as Forcefield, In my opinion they should make it cost 18 kc and disable spawn protection combined with Ender Pearl + Make a cooldown of 10 seconds?

    13. Permanent Speed Boost - I think they should add Speed 1 for EVERY player, Since the speed 2 - 3 is too much overpowered for the players without speed, If no then maybe add a new Perk that will boost Speed Boost? for example 10,00 Coins = 2+ seconds of speed boost.

    (Note) For now it doesnt have many changes from the orginal thread but my main purpose is to keep opr alive! Soon we will be adding new Hats, Kill Streaks and more! Be sure to comment below IDEAS...

    Also if you want me to add Colours to all the cost's etc like seemoreyt did be sure to tell me.

    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
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  2. xRafal_kaktusowyy

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  3. Frenkz_

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  4. xRafal_kaktusowyy

    xRafal_kaktusowyy Well-Known Member

    I still have hope in Paintball, If any of u are ineterested i might host another Infinite Game event but i don't know how many players would be active so comment below if ur interested :p

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    @Q__T @MatthewRTP @Plancke @OrangeMarshall
  5. youareamazing

    youareamazing Well-Known Member

    Yes! This is amazing
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  6. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

    CowSquad COW✪SQD
    Working on reading this right now.
    Reminder to write feedback here.
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  7. Madness01

    Madness01 Active Member

    not only is Paintball dead, but Speed UHC is also dying. :(
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  8. xRafal_kaktusowyy

    xRafal_kaktusowyy Well-Known Member

    But paintball was the last updated game on hypixel lol
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  9. These maps actually look good.
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  10. Why don't tag me :O
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  11. Like the Ranked PB thing suggestion. Kills CAN actually matter on weekly / monthly.
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  12. LukJoh

    LukJoh Active Member

    Tbh I don't think any update could bring back paintball. Games depends on YouTube to keep them alive and little to no popular YouTubers has ever made videos about hypickle paintball. But it's still worth a shot, good luck :)
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  13. Creeper head should overall be discounted to 5 or 6 coins, and/or maybe modified so that it gives you a throwable egg that spawns the creepers upon impact (instead of you having to go to the enemy's location; many inexperienced players activate creeper head inside their own spawn which renders it useless). Creeper head, TNT rain and Sentry should also grant killcoins for enemy kills.

    Forcefield should simply absorb snowballs instead of reflecting them in my opinion, since invulnerability alone is enough (and the user is typically throwing out lots of snowballs already). If the server is ever updated to a newer Minecraft version, Forcefield users should also have the Glowing effect.

    To make the other hats more useful, perhaps everyone without a speed hat should get Speed I by default (which may also make the game faster-paced).

    I personally think Strong Arm is somewhat overpowered since you can't dodge those types of snowballs and they often come from outside your render distance; perhaps it should be replaced with an "Anti-Gravity" killstreak (where snowballs retain the original speed but ignore gravity), or be reduced to 1.5x velocity instead of 2x velocity (Super Strong Arm would then have the 2x velocity with reduced duration).

    On a similar note, perhaps the two "side shots" of Triple Shot should have reduced speed compared to the "main shot".

    Rambo should be changed to a bow or other icon (instead of TNT) so it can't be confused with TNT rain.

    Some of the things (such as changing Ender Pearl cost to 16 and Ender Eye to 13) are already done in the bugfix patch several months ago.

    Those are some of the things that I thought off of the top of my head; I've made a suggestions post here a few months ago (many of them were mentioned in this thread, but feel free to take other ideas if they weren't mentioned).
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
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  14. Paintball cannot be revived with an update, it needs a revamp, a 2.0 version. That would entail completely changing core mechanics, resetting scores (And by that I mean creating putting peoples current scores in a "Hall of fame or something"), and pretty much creating a new game. I love paintball, but it's old, and quite frankly, there are better games to play with all these "New features" and just more game mechanics, so if we want to revive paintball, we have to remake it, completely, from scratch.
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  15. xRafal_kaktusowyy

    xRafal_kaktusowyy Well-Known Member

    I bet they will add a texture pack to it, then i won't play it lol.

    I think if they added Ranked it would stay more alive do to alot of ''Questers'' wanting to get alot of XP from it.
  16. xRafal_kaktusowyy

    xRafal_kaktusowyy Well-Known Member


    And it was popular back then :p
  17. xRafal_kaktusowyy

    xRafal_kaktusowyy Well-Known Member

    I agree
    Because u don't play Paintball!!
    Thanks for feedback!

    I added few of ur ideas to the thread :) Thank you.
  18. LukJoh

    LukJoh Active Member

    Yes back then it was sort of popular. And even then I didn't see anyone making consistent videos about paintball. Yes mos6 YouTubers has tried it but there is no channel that is dedicated to that gamemode.
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  19. xRafal_kaktusowyy

    xRafal_kaktusowyy Well-Known Member

    There are some channels but yeah i agree they arent popular as most of the youtubers.
  20. I didnt look to hard but one thing that would be great would be a kill tag like in quake and blitz

    ps. Rafal u did something good
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