1. A 3D-resourcepack for quakecraft! It is still in development, so feel free to make suggestions!

    This resource pack is not complete yet.

    I have no life, but a lot of free time, so I created a 3D resource pack for Quakecraft, one of my favourite gamemodes on Hypixel! Since I am modelling 3D weapons since half a year now, this was something I really wanted to do. This pack is free, and you wont need to have a rank, since this resourcepack is changing nothing that you cant get without a rank!

    What is going to be there in v1.0
    5 3D-Modelled guns
    - Desert Eagle https://i.imgur.com/xa3xRh5.png
    - Magic-Wand-With-Grip https://i.imgur.com/aD973d6.png
    - Railgun https://i.imgur.com/7JyBNg0.png
    - Noisy Cricket
    - Bolt-Action Riftle https://i.imgur.com/XmoB7B8.png

    Enchanted weapons have a softer glint https://i.imgur.com/lmGlYFu.png
    Re-worked Inventory and Team selector https://i.imgur.com/jkXFCmb.png

    Invisible Sun, Moon, Clouds and Vignette https://i.imgur.com/7ILsHpC.png


    Custom shoot- and kill-sounds
    Custom dash sound

    Custom crosshair https://i.imgur.com/7ILsHpC.png

    Optimized XP-Bar / Ready-To-Shoot Indicator

    Red entrys will be added soon

    Download link:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/8sijv12i5q9culq/1.13.1 Quakecraft 3D.zip?dl=0


    you may:
    -use this resourcepack
    -share this resourcepack
    -edit this resourcepack

    you may not:
    -claim this pack or the models as your own
    -reupload this pack without my permission
    -sell this resourcepack
    -copy 3D models out of this resourcepack without my permission


    Perhaps, if you want to reupload the pack or use it for your own stuff, just ask me! :3
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  2. HypixleForums

    HypixleForums Well-Known Member

    Looks really nice! :D

    Edit: Omg how long did this take u it is really impressive!
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  3. Thanks :)
    It took some time, not too long, but it is a very good feeling to get reactions like this, so thanks again!
  4. Yvexion

    Yvexion Active Member

    Looks awesome!
  5. Pretty neat .3.
  6. Gogeta

    Gogeta Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Omg, finally someone who made the gun actually point towards the crosshair in their resource pack.

    Cheers m9
  7. im excited for the custom sounds
    good job so far
    hype plane
  8. Avqi

    Avqi Active Member

    Nice. :D
  9. Wow! Nice!
  10. nice job!
  11. Hoooo, Boi. Haven’t been on the forums for perhaps over a year, but this pack is neato.
    I’d love to see this evolve!
  12. Im currently working on hats.
    I also just finished modelling the Noisy Cricket (golden hoe),
    so update v2.5 will be there very soon!
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