1. Yes for Health and Ability boost but I'm thinking about change something in it.
  2. New Windows Version is out 1.3 !

    This implement a file saving with the BBcode color tags.
    The Website will also have a feature like that in the future.

    I also begin to modify the graphical interface .... :)
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  3. Good Man !!
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  4. Thanks ! :D

    I need the proposals of the community about what you should I implement next.
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  5. Nice man!! :D Good job
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  6. Small update is out: - Copy button added on both Online and Software Version !

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  7. This is a bump.

    I'm also working on using the API it will come soon for the Windows version and a little bit later for the Website.
    The Windows Version 2.0 is out !

    - A by username research that automatically found your weapons added.(only support Legendary and Epic skin and your first 10 weapons (for now))

    This may be small but I needed a lot of work to do it.

    I hope you will enjoy this new feature and now I'm working on doing the same on the website (for MacOS users @Pollau;)).
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  9. That's not a small thing, that's exactly what I want from a tool like this. Good luck adding it to the website. :D
  10. Omg this is so cooool !! :)
  11. Thank you very much guys !
  12. HERE IT IS !
    The Website has been updated !

    - Same feature included in the website that in the Windows version. Now I use the API to get automatically your weapons :).
    I hope you will enjoy this feature and let me know about what you want to be added next .
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  13. Zwergix

    Zwergix Active Member

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  14. I just figured it out like 2 seconds ago, it's has been fixed. Thank you so much for reporting bugs :)
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  15. That's fantastic bro!

    Works fine for me now and I'll recommend it to anyone asking on the forums for advice.

    It doesn't make these threads obsolete, I mean people can still discuss which stats are the important ones and that's largely a subjective matter so it will always spawn endless debates. But this is an incredibly helpful tool for anyone new to rating weapons just to find out how good it's stats are. Again, excellent job! :D
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  16. Got some ideas for you, do with it as you like, it doesn't meed to be added cause the tool is great as it is.

    1. What might be helpful for future improvement is adding more info. So now it only says 'good' or 'average', etc. But it would be nice if, on top of that, it gave you the actual value of the weapon being rated, the highest possible value and the lowest possible value, and possibly the percentage on that scale of how it ranks. Then people will actually know what the rating is based on.

    2. What could be nice is somewhat of a guide on how to rate it. Like I said in my previous comment, which stats are important is largely subjective. But what if you were to ask the community in a thread how important they rate each stat (per spec/class cause it might be different for different specs), with an explanation why they find these particularly important, and why others are less important. So if for instance, I rate my legendary for the Aquamancer, there could be a link that says 'which stats are important for Aquamancers'. I would click that link and on that page there'd be a list of quotes of players from the community explaining their personal preference. So 'Player X says for an aquamancer ability boost and cooldown health are important because of reason X and Y.' And there'd be more opinions, that could guide me as a new player to decide if I'm happy with my current weapon.

    3. To make it more appealing to the eye you could make it so that the page with the weapon ratings has a picture of that particular weapon. So it would look something like this:


    Although that should be an Enderfist cause that's the one I rated here.. Also notice how the speed stat gives an error. Don't know why that is, you might want to look into that.
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  17. 1. Yes maybe in a "Info" page.

    2. That won't be difficult like using the API always in an "Info" page.

    3. I noticed the bug and I will tell Pollau to give me images like that ;)
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  18. Reported bug fixed now I going to sleep because It's late in France.

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