1. working on it....
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  2. Are the percentages based off the maximum for that stat or something else? Because my legendary has a max damage of 129 and it says that is 25%, so is the best you can have 516 or something cos that seems a little insane. Also aren't the damages different for different classes and specifications or am I just a wl nub xd
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  3. It is based on the minimum stats of the max damage you can have with a legendary weapon. And you have 25% of difference between this base and your Weapon's stats.
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  4. Help, It always says my wepon is a fail... no matter what!
  5. Post a screenshot and It's possible I made a mistake...
    It says it's a fail only if your overall value is over 100 or less than 0.

    For now I'm working on an Website to do it and it will release this week.

    EDIT: I know your problem your weapon is a Epic and my tool doesn't support Epic for now.
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  6. The website has finally come !
    The tool is now online and still under development but for now it's up and working.
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  7. Manou

    Manou Well-Known Member

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  8. Version 1.1 is out !
    -Features added: Epic support
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  9. AWESOME !!
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  10. Awesome tool.. gonna test it out soon. Great work! :)
  11. Well, I used the 'online link' and it only says the stats and ratings.. in the sreenshots their are pictures of a 'weapon rater' not only the stats.... :(

    Question: If I download it, do I get a rating for my weapon like in the sreenies?

    You should add this in the online version.
  12. Don't worry I'm going to add an advanced option for the user where you can choose or not to display the number like in the screenshots

    And the rater is not very accurate because it is very subjective.
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  13. Okay..

    I downloaded the one with no setup.. I got my rating: Very good
    Yay!!! :D

    Thank you so much for making this tool!
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  14. Btw.. can you tell me all the ratings your calculater can give weapons?
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  15. Worst
    Very Bad
    Very Good
    Here it is.
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  16. Manou

    Manou Well-Known Member

    Wooho! My legendary is a "Very Good"! Never going to re-roll it.
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  17. Same!
  18. I will maybe precise the rater because there is a difference of 20% between each rate.

    So your weapon can be Very Good near the Good or Very Good near the Perfect.
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  19. Manou

    Manou Well-Known Member


    EDIT: I rerolled for the hell of it... Now my weapon has all the worse stats... WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!
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  20. You have done a bad thing... :confused:

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