1. One night ultimate werewolf
    One night is a game about a village, and inside that village, there may or may not be a werewolf. The game lasts for one night and one day, at the end of the day, a player is voted to be killed. If that player is on the werewolf team, the village team wins. If that player is on the village team, werewolves win. If no one dies (votes land in a tie) if there are no werewolves, the village team wins. If there is a werewolf and no one dies, the werewolf team wins.

    The following list are the standard One night roles.

    Village team:
    Villager - Has nothing special and does not wake up during the night.
    Seer - Looks at another players card or 2 center cards.
    Robber - Swaps their own card with another player’s card and looks at the new card.
    Troublemaker - Swaps two other players cards.
    Drunk - Swaps their own card with a center card and does not view the new card.
    Hunter - If he dies, the player he is pointing at dies as well. Does not wake up during the night.
    Mason - Wakes up to look for other Masons.
    Insomniac - Wakes up last and looks at their own card to see if it’s changed.
    Doppelganger - Wakes up first to look at another player’s card. Is now that role. By default, the doppelgänger card is on the villager team.

    Werewolf team:
    Werewolf - Wakes up in the night to view other werewolves. Looks at a center card if there is only 1 werewolf.
    Minion - Wakes up after werewolves to identify who the werewolves are, but werewolves do not know who the Minion is.

    Tanner - Wins if he dies, and only he wins if he dies.
    The following list is a list one one night expansion pack roles.

    Village team:
    Cursed - If a werewolf votes for the cursed, they become a werewolf.
    Prince - Cannot die.
    Beholder - Knows who the seer is and looks at their card to see if it has changed.
    Squire - Knows who the werewolves are.
    Aura seer - Knows who moved/viewed a card.

    Thing - Taps their neighbor in the night.
    I’m not exactly sure what team the Thing is on, so I’ll leave it out until I figure it out.

    The following list are scrapped roles from One night alien.

    Village team:
    Cow - If there is a werewolf, the cow knows if they are adjacent to them
    Cupid - Give two players a mark of love. Those players only win if neither of them die.

    The following list are roles from One night daybreak.

    Village team:
    Sentinel - Give a player a shield mark. That player’s card cannot be moved or viewed.
    Apprentice seer - Views 1 center card.
    Paranormal investigator - View cards until you don’t see a villager. You are now that card.
    Witch - View a center card, and exchange it with another players card.
    Village idiot - Move everyone’s card but your own left or right one.
    Revealer - Turn any player’s card face up, unless it is not on the village team.

    Werewolf team:
    Mystic wolf - Wakes up with werewolves, then wakes up again to view another player’s card.
    Dream wolf - Does not wake up with wolves, but other wolves know who they are.

    Day/night and voting
    At the end of each night phase, everyone wakes up, and the day begins. Night does not start until the next game. At the end of the game, everyone votes who they think is not on their team. Voting begins in 42 hours or when all players say /ready. Vote privately once voting begins.
    If a werewolf team member dies: Villagers win.
    If a villager dies: Werewolves win.
    If no one dies and there are 1+ players on the werewolf team: Werewolves win.
    If no one dies and there are no werewolves: Villagers win.
    If you are on the winning team/are the tanner and die, you get a point. If you are inactive for a game, you lose 2 points. Yes, you can get in the negative points. The following list contains all wins and point counts:
    _Scythe_ | 0
    DatGamer | 1
    TheJeweledWolf | 1
    Wartrqx | 0
    ImWithSmart | 0
    To join, say /in. If the game is going/full, you will be added as a backup. And please do not sign up if you will not be active.

    0/5 players
    Game I (town won):
    _scythe_ was the werewolf and died.
    TheJeweledwolf was the werewolf and voted _scythe_
    DatGamer was the robber and voted _scythe_
    Ending roles:
    _sycthe_ - werewolf
    TheJeweledWolf - robber
    DatGamer - werewolf

    Game II (werewolves won):
    TheJeweledWolf was the werewolf.
    _scythe_ was the robber.
    Wartrqx was the troublemaker.
    MrEevee7 was the doppelgänger.
    ImWithSmart was the village idiot.
    Ending roles:
    TheJeweledWolf - village idiot
    _Scythe_ - doppelgänger-robber
    Wartrqx - robber
    MrEevee7 - troublemaker
    ImWithSmart - werewolf
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  2. hahahaha copycat

    i'll join

  3. _Scythe_

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    Rectify REC
    Darn, people joined before me. Actually, Wuz copied off of the actual game, ONUM. (I did make this thread before, but it died : ( )
  4. _Scythe_

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    Rectify REC
    /in! (I can help you with daybreak roles)
    Bodyguard- whoever they point at can not be killed
    alpha wolf- turns someone into a werewolf
    Curator -gives a player a token, that player sees what it is when it's day

    brand of villager-turns someone to a villager
    claw of werewolf-turns someone to a werewolf
    cudgel of Tanner-turns someone to a Tanner
    mask of muting-you can not speak
    shroud of shame-you randomly vote
    Void of nothingness-nothing happens

    Some tokens I found with daybreak, but apparently they don't come with the actual game?
    Bow of Hunter-you're a hunter
    Sword of Bodyguard-you're a bodyguard
    Crown of Prince-you're a prince
  5. Hey a new player
    True. I was the comod for him.
    Thanks! Didn't get the alpha wolf from the rule description, and wasn't sure about the tokens.
  6. _Scythe_

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    I found some more stuff!
    Thing is on village team
    Aliens do a random thing(mod chooses what they do, such as switch their card with the person to the right) other than that, they are basically werewolves(on a different team)
    Oracle -answers a mod's question in their pm(such as "do you want to be a werewolf"). The mod takes no notice of the answer and either lets them do it or doesn't, however everyone knows the mod's question and response
  7. "New player."

    Okay, kid.
  8. _Scythe_

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    "Someone who didn't join the other One Night games"
  9. "Game that is copying larger game with ordinary goal."
  10. _Scythe_

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    Actually, one night is an actual game.
  11. I managed to scrap a few roles from one night alien but I think that's better off out of the game (the aliens)
    I meant new to this game. And yes I know you have over 15x my positive ratings and some number of messages I never checked but you haven't played one night before.
    Larger game?
    You mean mafia?
    Ugh, this came up before. It's not copying mafia. It's copying one night ultimate werewolf, the game
    Look it up
    Indeed. I'd send a picture but I'm to lazy XD don't really feel like going downstairs lol
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  12. I know it is.

    I used to play similar versions elsewhere.

    Enough dilly daddle let's get this show on the road!
  13. _Scythe_

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    Pretty sure we're waiting for more players, though as this is a new thread, we're only expected to get three players. Let's play, then!
  14. Guess so. Sending roles out now.

    Role list:
    Werewolf x2
    Troublemaker x1
    Seer x1
    Robber x1
    Villager x1
  15. _Scythe_

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    no tanner?
  16. Not this game.
    However I just got out the roles and this game is gonna be fun...

    Each player has 24 hours to preform their actions after the moderator asks before their action is done via RNG (rapid popcorn generator if you don't know, and yes I'm talking to you _scythe_ lol)

    Wait thats RPG

  17. Man it feels nice to have the night take less than an hour...
    Well, daytime. Discuss who to Lynch now.
    Also probably should have waited a bit before starting the day but nah why not.
    I've announced if you have been visited during the night.
    Saying /ready will indicate you are ready to start the lynching.
  18. /ready I suppose
  19. _Scythe_

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    You first DG,I want to see your alibi.

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