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    Alright, so I'm gonna be straightforward: I have absolutely no idea how to play this game effectively (Note the word effectively). I see a bunch of people who clearly know what they're doing, and everyone's throwing crazy numbers and math around and I don't know what any of it means. I just go into a game, spam every unfortunate button within eyeshot, and am constantly spamming left and right click. Don't get me wrong, it's enjoyable at first, but it bores rather quickly. I've played Hypixel since 2015, and I've been playing this game for essentially that long as well, albeit with a few hiatuses thrown into the mix. I also don't play this game that often, but it's usually there for me when all of my east coast friends are offline and I have 1-2 hours before I go to sleep. I just want to know basic strategies, what specs are good, etc. If it helps, I'm a 56 Paladin Avenger main.

    I'll just explain what I normally do in CTF (it's the only one that fills at night for me):
    Run in, grab the flag, using Light Infusion for that speed + energy boost, then spam drop consecrates behind me so the damage ticks slow anyone who's chasing me down, proc a heal (forgot the ability name for avenger lol) if needed, then hope a couple teammates come and cover me while I run it the rest of the way for the cap (the teammates thing is pretty reliable with the more experienced ones who play during this time.

    Edit: Yes, I looked at the guide, but that thing is a bible, and I figure I'll refer to it later when I'm a bit more familiar with the game, shop, slang, etc.
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    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    dont pick with damage specs, youll be hated by the some of the community
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    Calm C
    im in a similar situation im just starting to play warlords which I haven't actually done before and ive been really enjoying it I just need a few pointers to get started I hope to see some good responses here so I can get some help too :)
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  4. As an Avenger, you should primarily be looking forward to either returning your team's flag, or to helping your team's flag carrier to capture the flag.

    Avenger as a spec has great damage potential inside it's consecrate + avenger's wrath combo. This allows you to either wipe out the enemy carrier and/or people protecting him, or to annihilate people trying to return the flag. However, which one (Returning or Defending) you should be doing is a thing for your judgement and a key to developing your game sense for CTF. Questions like "Do we have too many defenders?", "Who is holding our flag?", "Will I survive returning without a teammate?", "How much do I need to hurry?" all are important to making the right decision. You also need to factor in one thing about Avenger when making a decision - your survivability.

    Avenger is probably the biggest "glass-cannon" specialization in Warlords right now. You can deal a high/very high amount of damage, however as the price for it you are easy to kill if the enemies apply correct measures (delivering a high burst of damage to you, using defensive spells, using crowd control like most knockback spells or Revenant's immobilize), which makes Avenger a less desirable option for being the person who captures the flag themselves. While a situation may exist where you capturing the flag is desired, these are usually rare as there are many specializations which are better at holding and capturing the flag.

    Berserker and Pyromancer are also both potent damage specializations for CTF, however it may be a good choice for you to try to level Paladin a bit more, and craft a legendary with an Avenger's Strike weapon boost for it. This will greatly affect your damage dealt and allow you to benefit a lot more from your ultimate, which is an integral part of your kit.
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  5. When people ask this question I normally just tell them to play the game, but there are indeed some things that are good to know beforehand. Focus on getting the basic mechanics right, actively influence fights, and having the right attitude to learn is a good place to start.
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  6. I'm not that great at the game myself but I do like avenger a lot as it's a fun class to play. Anyways I don't really adore it to play against high class people as they can easily take me down with their knowledge level but definitely good for returning flag.

    Anyways here is some tips that might help.
    1. Focus on the game. Knowing what to do at the right times is always a need. For example if the team tries to grab the flag a lot then you might wanna focus on either grabbing their flag to cap back at them or returning the flag and defending.
    Another example is if your team is just sucking at battle and losing points for tdm games then try to cap even if it does backfire it won't hurt the current progress of the game but change it.
    2. Know what spec to choose. Certain maps call for certain classes due to the geography of the map. Not certain how to represent this but Gorge Is great for pyros, tlords, and capping specs. Most of the time choose damage specs as that is the common choice as it changes the game but a good healing party against bad damage players can demolish the game entirely and there is basically no chance without the damage team getting better and killing off the healers.
    3. Lastly know what each spec does as it will help you dodge attacks and know what is happening such as the avenger's red skill places a area of damage so avoid it.

    Besides these just find things out on your own. You are your own best teacher after all.
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  7. thecoolcheater

    whats a pick?
  8. Grabbing/Picking the flag in ctf
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  9. thecoolcheater

    ok thanks
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    Contrary to popular belief a "pick" (as it's known in fps games like minecraft) is the action of getting a kill on a player. So in warlords a "pick" might be killing the enemy flag carrier.
  11. Please dont confuzzle the new players. It already annoying enough to explain what a ret (retrieval of the flag) means and to have players sit by enemy flag and let them capture.
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    please dont call me a ret, we all know that is short for ****** and that is innapropriate according to my mom.
  13. My apologies liberal
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  14. Well, to begin with, I would avoid trying to capture as Avenger (if you can). The Avenger has a somewhat small health pool and no defensive capabilities whatsoever. While it is true that having some good bodyguards help, they are going to have an annoyingly hard time defending you from that one pyro sniper or group of pallys/warriors. If you want to be a decent flag carrier while still retaining your paladin abilities, you should try out crusader, who is similar enough to avenger that I doubt you need that much time to adjust.
    As an avenger, your best game strategy is to seek out kill the flag carrier, or at least his or her bodyguards. Right before you enter that fight, however, you should throw on Avenger's Wrath so that you are dealing damage to all of your enemies. This in adition with consecrate can cause a fair amount of havoc. If the flag carrier is low on health, as well as you, do not stop. Throw on your Holy Radiance and cast Light infusion to keep surviving and attacking. (Adopting no retreat tactics is the first step to being good at returning the flag)
    Outside of returning the flag, the Avenger's usefulness kind of drops short of other classes. They have to stay within melee range to be able to do anything, but their ability to survive is considerably lower compared to other melee classes. If you want to keep fighting and scoring kills/assists, I would recommend travelling with a group, as you should never try to be a one man army as avenger, or any class for that matter. (Unless you are a crusader. Crusaders universally don't give a crap about their chances to survive.
    When fighting with a group, especially if they have healers or other paladins, you can generally enjoy a nice and easy massacre without too much risk of dying. If there is a large scale fight (Such as a 10v10 fight), however, your tactics should change. Because you are unable to survive under repeated attacks, fighting at the front lines in a large fight can get you killed very quickly. Instead, I would try to flanking your enemies. Try to find a good angle that preferably has the most enemies grouped up together, and rush in with your avengers wrath. I would recommend dealing as much damage as you can before your health drops to the halfway point, after that, use your light infusion to quickly rush behind your allies who can protect you. Alternatively, in maps such as Atherough Valley and Warsong, ducking behind a wall can be just as useful. Wait until your health reaches around the 75% point, and then rush back in to help your allies.
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