1. YoshiDaYoshi

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    "The Perry Gang is the definition of art" -Hypixel

    Greetings, forumers. As we know the forums isn't really a great place, there's cults, wars, useless posts, it is a lawless land. However, the Perry Gang (short for Perry the Platypus Foundation TM) hopes to fix all these problems. Useless posts? We can fix it. Cults? We can end them. Lawless Land? We can make forum rules.

    We want you, yes you, to join the Platypus Army today and fight for a better cause!
    Do you hate Zerodelta, Forum Trolls, Useless Posters and overall nerds? Then join today.


    Will you join the discord:
    Will you say 'Hail Perry':
    Say all gangs you dislike:
    Do you support the supreme leader:
    Do you want a perry in your PFP:

    Remember, the Perry Gang is fighting for freedom. If you don't like freedom, then you can get kicked out.
    I hope you consider joining the PTP Foundation today! May perry be with you all.​
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    Why creative hub

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