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    Minecraft 1.8
    Status: ONLINE

    Current Slots : 44,000
    Follow @HypixelNetwork for updates
    By joining you agree to the server rules:
    Current Features:
    Main lobby:
    • Make friends and organize events, parties, guilds, use your gadgets and more!
    • Have fun with parkour challenges and maze puzzles!
    • Access all other lobbies from here.
    Adventure lobby: * CLOSED BETA *

    Hypixel Maps:

    • Herobrine's Mansion - Adventure
    • Herobrine's Return - Adventure
    • Wither's Challenge - Minigame
    • Wrath of the Fallen - Adventure
    Community Maps:
    • Creeper Dungeon
    • Crypt Dungeon
    • Unlike our original version of Quakecraft, this version has railguns which instakill your target! Just like Instagib in Quake/Unreal Tournament.
    • Fast-paced railgun PVP action!
    • Earn coins by scoring kills and round wins! Kill 25 people in the game to win.
    • Spend coins on cool items and railguns via the ingame Quakecraft shop!
    • Over 8 unique quake maps to play!
    • Check out the ultimate quakecraft guide here and tips and tricks here.
    • Play alone or in a team!
    The TNT Games:
    • Bow Spleef 2.0 - With special abilities and upgrades! 3 Bow Spleef maps to choose from!
    • TNT-Run - Sprint past other players as TNT falls beneath your feet, be the last one standing to win! 4 maps to choose from!
    • TNT Wizards - Capture the points for your team as you avoid chaotic spells and explosions, while casting your attacks at others! 3 maps to choose from!
    • TNT Tag - Run away from the taggers so you don’t explode! 3 maps to choose from!
    • Check out the various TNT game guides here.
    The Walls:
    • Fun, action-packed, team-based PVP survival!
    • Last team standing wins.
    • Earn coins by scoring kills and winning matches!
    • Spend coins on cool new abilities, perks and items in the Walls Shop!
    • When the walls drop, the PvP battle begins!
    • 11 unique maps to choose from!
    • Want to know some secrets of the game and how to skybase? Check out their guides here.
    Paintball Warfare:
    • Fun, team-based player vs player game!
    • Launch paintballs at your enemy to kill them, while you weave through obstacles and buildings in the map.
    • Acquire killstreaks (you don't lose these upon death!) to spend on epic abilities ingame.
    • Earn coins by winning matches and scoring kills!
    • Spend your coins on new killstreaks, hats and more cool items!
    • 8 wonderful maps to choose from!
    Blitz Survival Games:
    • Unlike most regular survival/hunger games servers, this minigame is fast-paced, action-packed and fun!
    • Earn coins by acquiring kills and winning games.
    • Unlock, upgrade, and pick Kit Upgrades to give you bonuses when you're in the game!
    • Unlock Taunts to tease your enemies.
    • Auras and Victory Dances to make you stand out !
    • After five minutes a Blitz Star will randomly appear in one of the chests.
    • Find the Blitz Star and unlock the ability to use the ultra-powerful blitz abilities, of which you can unlock more of in the Blitz shop.
    • For help with kits, the Blitz Star and more, check out the wonderful guides found here.
    • Some people are survivors and others are vampires. At the start there are only 2 vampires but whenever a vampire kills a survivors, he turns into a vampire too.
    • There are 20 rounds that lasts between 20 seconds and 2 minutes.
    • Unlock perks and disguises in the VampireZ Shop!
    • The goal for vampires is to kill all survivors.
    • The goal for the survivors is to hide and to survive until the last round.
    • 4 Spooky maps to play!
    • It's a little outdated but the ultimate VampireZ is here!
    Arena Brawl:
    • A game based on teamwork, you can choose to play with someone against 2 players or with 3 friends against 4 players!
    • You can unlock 4 kind of abilities : offensive abilities which deal damages, support abilities, which are healing you, utility abilities that give you a specific skill either to block the enemy or boost you and finally ultimate abilities which either helps you to survive or deal damages to the enemy.
    • The Arena Brawl guide can be found here.
    Mega Walls:
    • Play the 100 players Mega Walls games where you have to defend your Wither and survive!
    • Earn coins by killing players, enemy Withers and winning games.
    • Unlock, upgrade, and pick classes or even Hero classes!
    • 7 unique maps to choose and enjoy!
    • There are many wonderful guides for Mega Walls so go and check them out here.
    The Arcade Games:
    • Crazy fun minigames to play with your friends or alone!
    • 9 unique and fun minigames to enjoy such as The Blocking Dead, Farm Hunt, Creeper Attack, Party Games 1, Party Games 2, Bounty Hunters, Throw Out and Dragon Wars.
    • The Blocking Dead : Survive against zombies after a plane crash. Ammo, Food and Health packages are supplied in chests all around the map.
    • Farm Hunt: You spawn on a farm and you either have to hide from the hunters or hide as an animal.
    • Creeper Attack: Defend the villager (“The Trader”) in the middle from waves of mobs, creepers and powered creepers! Survive as long as you can together with 13 others.
    • Party Games 1 & 2: Show off your skills whilst competing others or your friends. The games consist of multiple minigames, do your best and win the whole game!
    • Bounty Hunters: You are assigned to kill a certain player! You can kill others but you get bonuses and a new target for killing the specified person.
    • Throw Out : You have a stick and you hit people to build up knockback so you can punch them out of the map. Whenever you punch a player it increases the amount of knockback he takes.
    • Dragon wars: Kill other players so you decrease the time waiting for your dragon. Whilst fighting you have access to multiple skills such as healing yourself and shooting fireballs.
    • For a run down of each game within the arcade, take a look at the guide found here.
    Cops and Crims:
    • Gun game inspired by the popular First Player Shooter, Counter-Strike!
    • Two teams of 8 players have their own mission.
    • If you’re a Cop, defend the bomb sites and defuse the bomb if necessary.
    • If you’re a Crim, kill the cops and escort the bomb carrier.
    • Earn coins by killing players and winning rounds.
    • Spend your coins in the Cops and Crims Shop.
    • There are two very useful guides for the game which can be found here and here.

    UHC Champions:

    • Team based 111 player game.
    • Vanilla PvP with custom crafting, starter kits, world border and much more!
    • Only regain health from potions, golden apples and more (No natural regeneration).
    • Recommended from more experienced players.
    • For the full UHC Champions guide, click here.


    • Warlords features 2 gamemodes with 42 custom made 3D weapons!
    • Play Capture The Flag or Domination with unique spawn systems and sounds.
    • Choose between 3 classes Mage, Warrior and Paladin.
    • Repair your Broken Weapons at the Weaponsmith to get one of the 4 tiers such as common, rare, epic and legendary.
    • Be the most powerful and level up by upgrading your skill and combat abilities.
    • Minecraft Version 1.8.1 and higher is advised to play.
    • To view the guide for warlords, click here!
    Turbo Kart Racers:
    • Turbo Kart Racers features custom made 3D karts!
    • Play 5 different tracks with a unique driving system and items.
    • Customize your experience with kart skins, helmets, clothes, particles, and even horns.
    • Find and craft new parts to improve your vehicle performance!
    • Be the fastest one with awesome items and well timed drifting.
    • Minecraft Version 1.8.1 and higher is advised to play.
    • To view the forum section for Turbo Kart Racers, click here!
    • SkyWars is an exciting survival based on gathering resources and items on various floating islands!
    • Play Solo, or jump in team mode to double the fun with a friend.
    • Gains and use souls to try your chance at unlocking various kits, perks, or cages.
    • Play insane mode, featuring a crazy modifiers such as a dragon, more health, or explosions!
    • Risk it all to try to obtain better gear, or use ingenious tactics to get rid of enemies.
    • Minecraft 1.8.1 and higher is advised to play.
    • To view the forum section for SkyWars, click here!
    Crazy Walls:
    • Crazy Walls is a refreshing new take on the original The Walls game created by Hypixel!
    • Choose between solo or team mode with another random player or a friend.
    • Collect resources and use the shop to trade for items that suit your play style!
    • Trade player heads that you obtained to receive better gear.
    • Try out lucky mode, with stronger items, and Super Lucky Blocks containing rare items.
    • Acquire Golden Skulls and offer them to the Giant Zombie in the lobby to unlock new perks and kits.
    Access cool new features while helping to support the server! A one time payment and you have the rank for a lifetime!
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  2. I completed the lobby parkour and I wish to make the parkour bigger! I have a really cool idea. I already saw you came at a maze. so I was thinking why not going into other buildings and jump around the lobby. you can explore really much with that.
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  3. I also have an idea for a new Hypixel adventure map! Its a Marvel heroes map. fight in New york with your favorite heroes. and defeat all villians before you come to the end boss galactus.
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  4. Bertus

    Bertus New Member

    Epic server!
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  5. Uzair_Chief

    Uzair_Chief Active Member

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  6. Rustayy

    Rustayy Well-Known Member

    And it's now out of BETA! I just noticed how much better Shaders makes everything look..
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  7. WesleyJB

    WesleyJB Member

    Great Job On Releasing Your Server! I Am Excited That Your Server Is Now Out Of Beta, And That I Hope This Is An Exciting Time For You As Well Hypixel! I Hope That Everyone Will Have A Wonderful Time Tonight At The Party!!! And, Last Of All, Thank You For This Wonderful Server! I'll Sure be Having A Wonderful Time Myself! -WesleyJB
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  8. Good work!
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  9. Ryan_K1212

    Ryan_K1212 New Member

    plz unban me
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  10. Ryan_K1212

    Ryan_K1212 New Member

    Ban Appeal

    Username: Ryan_K1212
    When I was banned: 2/8/2013
    Who banned me: Codename_B
    Why I was banned: Advertising another server
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  11. This is awesome! I love the hypixel server, each update escalates in epicosity. Thank you so much hypixel! Can't wait to see what you have in store ;)
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  12. Please post your ban appeal in the right section.
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  13. KingDedede

    KingDedede Well-Known Member

    So happy
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  14. Qmoo

    Qmoo Member

    So I log on and I see this Video and stuff and thinks it's a new map. Nearly have a heart attack and get all sad when I see it's for a server I lag like crazy on.
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  15. InPhaze

    InPhaze New Member

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  16. wolfbit

    wolfbit Well-Known Member

    you can use the clock for less lag
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  17. KingDedede

    KingDedede Well-Known Member

    What clock
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  18. wolfbit

    wolfbit Well-Known Member

    the clock u have in lobbys to make players disappear
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  19. EmirJonTR

    EmirJonTR New Member

    Please hypixel im a big fan and i cant enter on your server cuz im from romania and it gives me bad login so i wanna put your new maps from herobrines return until now.Please im a big fan of you.
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  20. Felixgutt

    Felixgutt New Member

    good server ;)
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