1. Hope the discord goes far!
  2. I could care less if it was sarcasm. Your comment is speaking volumes for your character. This a public forum post which people will see. It is unfair to us and them for you to compare this situation to Syrian refugees. "Syrian" is derived from a proper noun and still depends on that for their meaning, their meaning Syrian people, thus you would make the S capitalized. Please use proper English when commenting, or even better, do not comment at all.

  3. What do you mean by the word "Far" in this context?"
  4. As in many players, etc.
  5. whenever i link my account and join i have no rank and i can only see 3 text channels and thats it anyone else have this problem
  6. how do i claim mvp+
  7. did you just completely disregard the more obvious grammatical error where i didn't bother capitalizing the first letter of the first word of the comment to begin with? Also, using sYRIAN refugees was just an example, they're somewhat similar as they're denied out of areas before but now welcomed into them, just as nons were welcomed into the discord.
  9. Dracathio

    Dracathio New Member

    all I have to say is this... TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH... > . > sheesh
  10. Now i can finally talk to people without having to do a voice reveal or that face reveal that I said i would do last year
  11. There's an AFK channel lmao
  12. I have two things to say about this comment. First: Please stop acting like you know everything, because you don't. You are just a normal person trying to act smarter than you are. Second: Last time I checked, this forum was about A BLOCK GAME! Who cares about whatever gibberish you are rambling about on a BLOCK. GAME. FORUM.
  13. does not make your argument stronger
    does not make his argument weaker
  14. Because the stuff he's talking about is related to the block game forum? And he's not acting like he knows everything. What he's sharing is called an opinion.
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  15. NotFreezy

    NotFreezy New Member

    Yay but I'm banned:p
  16. Big shoutout to @Hypixel for moving away from the 90s with teamspeak and joining us in the 21st century with Discord.
  17. -Test

    -Test Well-Known Member

    Great! Can't wait to see more people joining!
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  18. AgneCat

    AgneCat Well-Known Member

    Disappointed but not surprised
  19. Yay! I can use it now.
  20. Ethbar

    Ethbar Active Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ

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