1. Finally! Amazing update, Hyped!
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. yay i was wondering when this would happen....
  4. Hype is real
  5. Wow! Awesome but the discord chats are getting spammed badly.
  6. You guys seriously need a moderating bot though. Its so chaotic right now. People are spamming blank messages, discord invite links, and I won't be surprised if someone started doing more sinister stuff o.o

    Also HI AKAMARU_!
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  7. Yeet!
  8. Lagging

    Lagging Active Member

    Can someone give me a link? I don't click pixels anymoe
  9. SeaWhale

    SeaWhale Well-Known Member

    MyGeeks GEEKS
    I'm super excited for text channels tbh. Of course it's gonna be chaos at first since it just launched but i'm sure it'll die down within a few days
  10. This was a mistake
  11. yall deleted the text channels lol
  12. Joining Fee of 5$ or a donor rank :)
  13. Rio


    Rio Well-Known Member

    oh so after all you weren’t using discord as a cheapstake option for teamspeak
  14. I don't understand why you need to make fun of people who haven't donated. It shows me that you are either really insecure, or you are just following other peoples words, or that you get bullied at school or by your parents and need to take it out on online, virtual people who you have never met before.

    Real class pocketing, keep up the good work.

    (If you respond to my comment I will not read it, you have already wasted enough of my time.)
    Good day,
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  15. Why not have some text channels that don't require you to be in a voice channel?
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  16. The discord server is now open for all users to join!
    Just do /discord on the MC server and go through the steps to join!
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