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    Hello again, @ everyone! We bring you more good news today about the Official Hypixel Discord!

    Open to All
    First, the Discord is now open to all users! Please use the following spoiler to help guide your journey of joining the Official Hypixel Discord. We are also sharing a reminder about some of the safety tips you all can use to remain safe on any Discord Server.

    You can join the Discord by going into any Hypixel lobby and typing:


    This command will give you a link to the Hypixel website to begin linking your Forums account to your Discord account. The link will ask you if you want to link your Discord.

    Once agreeing to the start of the process, we will ask you to allow the Hypixel Discord Server to have access to your Discord username and avatar.

    Now that you have authorized us to see your Discord username and avatar, it will ask you to confirm your Discord tag. Clicking "Yes, this is my Discord Tag" will automatically open your Discord client and ask you to join the official Hypixel Discord server.
    And you're done, you have joined the Hypixel Discord server!
    If you are having issues with linking your Minecraft account to the correct Discord account, try the following:
    1. Go to https://discordapp.com/channels/@me in the web browser.
    2. Click the gear in the bottom left to open the user settings.
    3. Click "Log Out" on the bottom left.
    4. Try linking again.​

    If you are still having issues, contact support.hypixel.net for further help.
    To ensure you enjoy your time on our Discord Server, we would like to offer you some safety tips to help you out! We recommend the following:
    • Discord Settings > Privacy and Safety
      • Turn your Safe Direct Messaging to "Keep me safe" or "My friends are nice". This will allow Discord to scan messages from certain people to ensure they are safe to view.
      • Turning off "Allow direct messages from server members". This will allow only messages from people that are your Friend in Discord.
      • Checking your "Who can add you as a friend" to make sure you are happy with the settings. You can allow everyone, friends of friends, server members, or no one to add you as a friend.
    • Discord Settings > Connections
      • Make sure to check what accounts and usernames you show on your Discord profile. Other users will be able to see any accounts you allow them to, so be sure you really want to display them for all to see!
    • Do not accept friend requests from users you do not know.
    • Do not click on links from users you do not know.

    New Channels
    As a welcome to all our new Discord users and as a thank you to all our current Discord users, we are also introducing...

    Text Channels!

    The text channels will be linked to the specific voice channels you may be in, similar to how TeamSpeak only let you type in a channel if you were in the channel. Links are disabled for users and we have the Strong filter from our Minecraft server applied to all text channels.

    If you do come across a user's messages you do not want to see, we encourage you to take steps for self moderation. To not see another user's message, right click on their name in the channel or the chat. You will see the following options:

    In these options, you will need to choose "Block". Hit the Block option when it asks for your confirmation.
    You will now no longer see the users messages. It will instead show you "1 Blocked Message" and give you the option to click to see it, or leave it blocked.
    Keep in mind that by blocking someone, you will still be able to hear the user in the voice channel. To stop hearing another user, you will need to right click on them and then hit the "Mute" checkbox. You will only be able to mute the user when they are in the voice channel with you.

    Once again, welcome to the Official Hypixel Discord and we hope you enjoy your new text channels!

    P.S. Next, we are working on persistent channels such as off-topic, lfg, and more.
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    Welcome nons ;)
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  3. Yeet! Text channels!!1!1!
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  4. Nice! Can't wait to get to talk to my friends without mics. ;P
    Thanks all
    Edit: It's pretty buggy but on no fault of Hypixel, discord has a weird nonlive updating system that doesn't update things fast enough.
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  5. Store.hypixel.net
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  6. Yeah!! ;)
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  7. [​IMG]

    Can't wait to see the chaos that will ensue, but I truly hope things don't get too carried away.
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  8. Hype!!!!!
  9. Does this mean the teamspeak is going to be shut down soon?
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  10. Nice first page
  11. I would join but my parents would kill me if they knew that I have a discord account
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    Goal GOAL
  13. Lol
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    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    Yay another server where I get tagged
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  15. Agre
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  16. Woohoo! :)
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  17. Sicko :eek:
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    xPro ミXPROミ
    Still no general text channel :eyes_rolling:
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