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    Calm C
  2. Hypixel Karaoke

    Hypixel Karaoke Karaoke Team

    Hypixel Karaoke Team Applications are Open!
    We are looking to expand our team so that we can continue to bring the Hypixel community fantastic events, and even look to host new events as well! In order to do that however, we need your help! Joining the Hypixel Karaoke Team is an awesome way to be more involved with the community, and also work with Hypixel Staff and community members to bring fun events to players across the network! We also got a new application system which we are extremely excited about, and will hopefully make applying an easier and more comprehensible process. If being part of the Hypixel Karaoke Team sounds like something you'd be interested in, apply here! https://apply.hypixelkaraoke.me

    If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with @BOGA32. :D
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  4. Nice ;)
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  5. Hypixel Karaoke After Party - 1st June 2019

    Tomorrow after EU we're going to be meeting up on Hypixel Network for some games! We'll be exploring exciting stuff such as zero gravity minigames and other wacky things! We're very excited. To join this, please run /party join HypixelKaraoke once EU has finished (around 12PM EST). Additionally, we will tag both EU and US on our Discord once the Karaoke has finished to let you all know our party has began.

    Join our Discord --> https://hpkaraoke.me/ktomie8
    Keep up to date --> https://hpkaraoke.me/5q4xvxq
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  6. I can't wait to see the housing plot :D
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  7. atleast the singers aren,t singing nickelback,friday or baby or sings like this
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  8. Good idea!
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  9. @_MagicWolf_ WHAT HAVE I DONE?!
  10. LukaG_

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    What have you done? It appears you have posted an idea that caught certain members attention. I guess we at the Karaoke team have some interesting songs to listen to. ;)
  11. @LukaG_ but those songs are terrible
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  12. @Hypixel Karaoke hello
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  14. ddd
  15. New Karaoke Team members everyone. :D

    Peep new members:
    And of course, Myself!
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  16. Nerd :p
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  17. Hype train! Choo! Choo!
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