1. She's just keeping the leader role on Discord because she's Chi :p The Karaoke Leaders are just Bernadette, bugfroggy, and myself.
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  2. Chi is the founder of the karaoke team but now she's busy doing admin things and we don't want to take away her rank <3
  3. I will probably check this out, although I can't sing :'D
  4. EndMeSoftly

    EndMeSoftly Member

    lmao hype~
  5. My friends have told me I have an amazing voice, but I’m too scared to sing in front of people...but maybe I’ll come. Maybe
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  6. [​IMG]
    It's going to be a lot of fun! No pressure to sing either!
  7. hows a bunch of squeaky 12 year olds gonna be fun
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  8. We have a range of talents and honestly you'd be surprised that there are verrrry few poor acts. Usually everyone who sings is amazing! I am not even lying actually. It's just like one after another and I even get intimidated. And even if they aren't that good you can still have a good time because you can hear that they are having fun.
    Besides that, it's not nice to be negative ;)
  9. New thread yay!
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  10. it was a joke
  11. Hypixel Karaoke

    Hypixel Karaoke Karaoke Team

    Discord Karaoke - Saturday (9/8/18) at 11:00am EST

    Because our first Discord Karaoke went so well, we have decided to host another Karaoke event on our Discord! This time we will be hosting Open Mic Night on our Discord. We would love to have you come and join in on the fun! You can find a link to our Discord Server HERE.

    Karaoke After-Party - Saturday (9/8/18) right after EU Karaoke
    We have decided to host our Karaoke After-Parties more frequently because of how successful they have proven to be! We will be playing some games and chatting on our Discord Server this Saturday right after EU Open Mic Night (which will be hosted on our Discord Server). We will be gathering in SkyWars lobby #1 on the Hypixel network and we will have a party for you to join. Then we will spend an hour or so playing various games and talking on Discord! We hope you'll come join us! :D [​IMG]
    We've got some great Saturdays planned for September! We hope you will come and participate! :D

    ~Karaoke Team
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  12. TheDiamondLord

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    What happened to the original thread??
  13. We did a redo to get all the info updated and switch the the Karaoke Team forum account! :)
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  14. PluggerUwU

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    I'm glad to be a part of the Karaoke team!
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  15. Hypixel Karaoke

    Hypixel Karaoke Karaoke Team

    Event Scheduling Changes

    After much discussion, the Karaoke Team has decided to modify the schedule of our events. We feel that this is the best course of action and we think this is a good change.
    • Karaoke and Open Mic Night will be held on TeamSpeak the first and last Saturdays of every month.
    • All other Saturdays, our events will be held on the Hypixel Karaoke Discord Server.
    • Karaokes and OMNs will be held every other weekend.
    • We have made a public events calendar to help keep track of these changes and the schedule of our events. The calendar includes the dates of the events, what type of event they are, and where they are going to be held.
      Karaoke Public Events Calendar: https://kipli.ng/l/rpg5kg3
    Please do not hesitate to ask any team member if you have questions about the new schedule. We recognize that this is a big change, but we think it is the best option. Thanks! :D
  16. nolying

    nolying Well-Known Member

  17. Why does the original post still include the word TeamSpeak?
  18. We still host events on teamspeak! You can check the calendar we made :) https://kipli.ng/l/rpg5kg3
  19. Damn, surprised that this thread was created on my birthday.

    Also, is necro allowed on Pinned Threads?
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  20. Yep! You can post on here whenever you like :)

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