1. Hypixel Karaoke

    Hypixel Karaoke Karaoke Team

    Full Hypixel Karaoke Housing Release!
    For months now the Karaoke Team has been working on an official Hypixel Karaoke Housing plot. The project is finally finished! During Karaoke events we will open up the Karaoke Housing and we encourage everyone to come hang out in it! You can join the housing during events with the command /housing join HypixelKaraoke Hope to see you there!

    Karaoke is the chance to sing with friends, by yourself or with an instrument to community members in a relaxed environment! Each person signs themselves up with their song and their Discord name, and then we will call people up to sing individually. Maybe you will be lucky and win a prize too? :O

    You can sing whatever you want (as long as it is not on the banned song list!) and it is a great way to get to know new people and have fun! Come along for the ride.

    The signup link will be posted in Discord chat and it is always in the channel description. When it is close to your turn, you will be poked by a Karaoke Team member! Make sure to respond or you will be skipped.

    There is a giveaway just about every ten singers! A number is given to each singer and the chat gets to randomly decide who wins.

    Open Mic Night is an event we host every other week at both EU and US times. OMN provides participants the opportunity to do more than just sing! You can tell jokes, recite poetry, beatbox, play an instrumental song, and of course, you can still sing.

    This is still held on the Hypixel Discord Server in the Event Lounge. It is run very similarly to Karaoke and you can find links to the OMN rules and banned content list below. You can also still win a cool prize at our giveaways too! :p

    OMN Rules:
    Click Here!
    OMN Banned Content List:
    Click Here!

    Karaoke is every Saturday on the Hypixel Karaoke Discord Server in the Event Lounge. So people from all timezones can come, we have EU events and US events!

    EU Karaoke - 11 AM EST/4 PM GMT
    US Karaoke - 4 PM EST/9 PM GMT
    here to see when karaoke is in your timezone!

    Stay informed and connected to Hypixel Karaoke through the links below! Check them out! :D
    Click Here!
    Banned Song list: Click Here!

    Karaoke is ran by a group of community members and staff week in week out. If you see any of them in-game, be sure to say hi!

    Team Leaders

    Team Members

    We are always looking for more people to help out with Karaoke and the other events that we host! The Karaoke Team is a fantastic way to gain leadership experience, collaborate with others, and learn how to work and function within a team. It's also a great way to be more involved with the Hypixel community and work alongside Hypixel staff and fantastic community members.

    The only requirements are that you are able to help with at least two Karaokes per month and that you have access to Discord with a working microphone. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with @BOGA32! :D

    If the Hypixel Karaoke Team sounds like something you would be interested in, you can apply for the team by following this link: https://apply.hypixelkaraoke.me! Good luck! :D

    That’s all folks!

    ~The Karaoke Team
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  2. Yay! New karaoke thread! Hope to see y’all at karaoke sometime! :)
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  3. -Reserved for when I think of something clever to type--
    edit: I'm not very clever
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  4. Hype!
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  5. Love the new thread!! :D
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    Woo, hype ^.^
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  7. Ima leave my post here casually

    edit #1: I'm editing this over a year later :eek:
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  8. Worth coming to these events. A lot of fun and a nice event to chill on a Saturday. :)
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  9. New thread hype!!! ^-^
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    new thread looking sharp!
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    Hi yt
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  12. nice
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  13. Amazing! :D
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    So happy about this thread, then I saw Billy commented here.

    Jokes aside.. Happy that this thread has come to life and I wish the Karaoke Team the best. :3
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    that looks leet
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  16. Hype! First page!
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  17. Sounds like a lot of fun to be fair.
  18. Hypixel Karaoke

    Hypixel Karaoke Karaoke Team

    Karaoke Update - Discord Karaoke!

    On September 1st at 4:00pm EST, we will be hosting a Karaoke event on our Discord Server (linked below)! This will help us to determine the viability of having a karaoke on Discord and also allow us to gather feedback on it. We would love for you to come!

    We hope to see you there! :) :p

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  19. Are you saying that BOGA32 and bugfroggy are women?

    EDIT: Also, the discord says that ChiLynn is a team leader, but this says ChiLynn is a tean member, which is it?
  20. Haha, nope :p It's been fixed though.
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