1. These warm summer nights are perfect for looking at the stars, wondering what's still out there for us to find. But what if there was a way to bring the stars closer to us? Well, look no further - welcome to the Observatory.

    The idea: You find yourself back at the dawn of the industrial revolution. But with a murderer at loose and everything going haywire, can you survive the night in one piece?

    Pregame lobby:









    Crane trap: for 2 gold, you can pull the levers on each side to drop anyone on the platform into a pit of rats. Has a 5-second cooldown. NOTE: You cannot run along the sides (where the iron bars are - those are blocked off).

    Spark trap: Since electricity is such a recent discovery, unfortunately the reactor isn't very stable. For 3 gold, you can blow a fuse and cause the reactor to go up in sparks, killing anyone within a 3-block radius of it. (Has a 5-second cooldown).


    Coffee machine! - The only discovery better than electricity in every way. For 2 gold, you can buy some coffee, which will give you speed I for 30 seconds.

    Did you really think I'd forget the barrier blocks? :p



    On the outskirts of the map, you can find these two little mice playing soccer with a pumpkin.

    This one is for you @Externalizable , the waffles have finally gotten their revenge! :p


    Failing to declare waffles as better than pancakes - the greatest crime of them all :eek:

    As always, I hope you guys enjoyed this one! If you liked it, consider checking my other maps out, Tidebreak, Serpent's Lair, and Steamrise (links in my forum signature) <3


    Map Builder: Jet711
    Version: 1.8.9 (can be downgraded to 1.8)
    Resource packs: Faithful 1.12 32x32, custom skys edit.
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  2. Congrats on 200! Very nice and beautiful map!
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  3. chopin

    chopin Active Member

    Very very nice Jet, your builds keep getting better and better! Can't wait to see what you make next :)
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  4. Yet another great looking map, although I can't imagine the difficulty of chasing the detective around this map or some spots they can camp.
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  5. Another outstanding map MM Jet!! I must stay this is one of my top favorites out of your mm maps, amazing job! :D I'm looking forward to your next maps ;)
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  6. The only "campy" spot would be the telescope, but I designed it so it's such a small area and there are areas to duck under from cover fire. The other area I could see being "campy" would be the little hallway behind the paintings, but it's pretty much exactly like the hallway on Towerfall.

    Overall though the map features are very similar to Transport v1. I tried to bring back that spaceship nostalgia with the telescope, and the hallways are pretty similar but unique in their own ways, which do allow for easy snipes if within range.

    So depending if you play your cards right, then this actually could be an easy win for both sides. That's why you gotta be a little cautious, but it's very doable.
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  7. I don't care about the rest of the map just give me some.
    Just kidding I love this so much :eek:
    I had pancakes this morning and they weren't as good as waffles ;)

    Now, during your next map, could you not give me the urge to spam Administrators to add your maps?

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  8. Agreed with both of these points :p
    Although I thought we were making a likemountain ;-;

    Just curious, if you had to choose ONE map only to spam/have added, which one would you choose?
    I don't think I made this decision easy xD
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  9. Oh dear universe help me

    Nope, give me 10 minutes or so.
  10. I'll list in order of least to most liked

    Serpent's Lair ~ 4th
    Steamrise ~ 3rd
    Tidebreak ~ 2nd
    Observatory ~ 1st
    ??????????? ~ Future 1st ;)

    So the answer for now is Observatory
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  11. LOL I had waffles this morning... better than pancakes for sure.

    But this is my favourite of all your maps!!! Great work!!
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  12. iance

    iance Well-Known Member

    Nightbreakers ELI
    very nice dude
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  13. I was more so referencing the crane area as a good enough place to camp. The ladder sounds can give away someone climbing them and the length of one side to the other side of the crane pit is long enough for someone to react and move out of the way. It also gives a wide view of the open area to easily see if a murderer exposes themself there.
    I have to say that this map certainly feels better than the other ones you've made in my opinion. It has a nice flow of open areas and hallways where you can cut people off to stop people running endlessly.
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  14. Waw, another fantastic looking map :eek:
    What I really like about this one are the unique form and lay-out of the map (of course, as usual joined by very detailed and beautifully constructed surroundings).

    Little sidenote: I'm from Belgium, which is basically waffle country since a lot of waffles find their origin here :3
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  15. Congratulations of level 200 and awesome job on the map! Keep up the great work!
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  16. 6v6s

    6v6s Active Member

    A decent sized and good looking map - geegee
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  17. Bakura1

    Bakura1 Well-Known Member

    ArtOfWar ART0W
    And here I thought you couldn't top Tidebreak, which was already better than most of the maps that we actually do have. But... then you make this map and make me seriously want to do something illegal just to get this map added. I seriously cannot express how great your maps are. They just keep getting better. I seriously respect you as a talented builder. This map is definitely better than like 90% of the maps that we have.
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  18. Amazing map, like always. I would love it if it was added. +1
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  19. MagicTin

    MagicTin Well-Known Member

    Minecon MC
    That looks awesome!!! Great work as always! :D
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  20. Incendo

    Incendo Well-Known Member

    I love this! :O
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