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    Welcome back to the November installment of our Development Summaries where we will be sharing insights into our past, current, and future projects.

    Note: [Just a quick reminder that anything I share is subject to change during development. I won’t be able to share everything the team is currently working on in this summary, as some of the projects are in very early stages of development and we want to keep some surprises for the community. However, we are aiming to update you on these projects as soon as we can.]

    Previous Developer Summaries:
    In this summary, I’m going to cover the following:
    • What have we been doing during the last 3 months
    • Guild Update
    • Moderation and Punishments
    • Prototype Lobby
    • Planned and Upcoming Updates
    Make sure to click on continue reading for full information. Prepare for a long post.

    During the last 3 months, we didn’t offer a development summary as we spent a lot of time on team reflection as well as optimizing our work processes. Now, it's time once again to look at what we’ve accomplished and what we are going to work on next.

    Projects since last Developer Summary
    In the last few months we had a lot of updates - just some of them are mentioned in this list:
    • UHC Update and Pregame Improvements
    • Pit Update 0.3.5
    • Arcade Update 2
    • Murder Mystery Updates
    • Cops and Crims QoL Update
    • Guild Update
    • MVP++ Private Games
    • KOTH Patch
    • TNT Update
    • Arcade Update
    • Duels 1.2 & 1.3
    • PTL: Capture the Wool + V0.3 Update
    • Warlords Update
    • VampireZ Update
    • Quakecraft Update
    • Mega Walls Patch
    • Halloween Event
    • Moderation and Punishment Rework
    • TKR Update
    • Paintball Update
    The two projects I want to talk some more about are the Guild Update and the Moderation and Punishment Rework.

    Guild Update
    After a long long time, we finally released the Guild Update and by doing that, we reached one of our bigger milestones. The update brought a lot of positive changes to guilds and added a lot of value for our players. But we are not done with guilds quite yet. Very soon, we will release another small update for guilds as a follow up patch which will include tons of bug fixes and improvements!

    What you are mostly wondering at this point: Where are the promised Guild fortresses?

    They are coming, but not this year. Codename has been working on a project to reshape how our housing system operates, so we are able to use the same system for guild fortresses as well.

    We are still throwing design ideas around and are not quite sure which direction we want to take with fortresses and what interactions we want players to have with them. There are some rough plans on what might be possible and we will test a few things over the course of the next 3 months. So, I can only ask you for a bit more patience while we are working on bringing you the best guild fortresses.

    I promise, it won’t take us another 2 years for the next guild update ;-)

    Moderation and Punishment Rework
    Not too long ago, we released an update to our moderation system as well as our guidelines and systems for punishments of various kind. This rework has been asked for by both the community as well as the staff team to create a better environment on the server for everyone.

    The idea behind the rework was based on being stricter to repeat offenders while also showing forgiveness to players who went down a bad path and wanted to redeem themselves. By saying “forgiveness,” we are talking about giving players a second chance, not a third. If you want to be part of our community, you will have to play fair and you will have to follow the rules.

    Forgiveness does not mean that we will be lifting every suspension given previously or that past infractions won’t matter anymore. It means that we are focusing on a players behaviour after their suspension and see if the player has reformed. If we see a change in behaviour that creates a positive member of the community, a future punishment might not be as severe.

    For our staff team, this has also been a big improvement. Focusing more on the player and the case itself than on investigation of previous infractions and suspension lengths. Now, it just comes down to “Did the player play by the rules or not?” which makes handling reports a bit easier and punishments for infractions more unified.

    In the past two weeks since its release, the staff has gone through more than 4000 cases alone - I think that’s a fantastic move into the right direction.

    The original idea was to have the Prototype lobby as a testing environment for new game loops that we thought were interesting enough to try on the network. If the community liked one of those games, we would then spend the additional effort to polish the game and release it on the network under our usual Hypixel quality.

    This whole process shouldn’t be taking longer than 3 months. At least, that’s what we had planned back then. Because of our own constant strive for quality, the current state of games in Prototype is much more advanced and polished than we would like.

    Therefore, we will try and go back to the roots of PTL and prototyping games as originally planned. This means future prototype games will be much more down to the core at their beginning to see and find a proper game loop first. Once that is found and the community is happy with it, we will go ahead and add the Hypixel quality polish that you are used.

    We hope to be able to reduce development time on the first few drafts of prototype games, giving us more flexibility in gameplay development and changing directions, if need be.

    Planned and Upcoming Updates
    With the Housing update we rolled two days ago, Codename has reworked the housing backend fully. This will enable us to add features to the housing system that would have never been possible with the old system. We will also need to remove houses from the network that weren’t visited in the past 6 months to free up space for upcoming changes.

    While this update won’t add anything new for players, it is a first and huge step towards a Housing 2.0 with the possibility of many improvements.

    Reporting System
    After our Moderation and Punishment rework, the next step in moderation tools is the reporting system. This system will make it easier for players to report rule-breaking behaviour ingame as well as offer some self-moderation tools.

    The reporting system will integrate chat reports and Watchdog reports into one single system, making it much easier and faster for our moderation team to action player reports. Players won’t need to create forum reports or support tickets anymore which should make it much more comfortable for everyone.

    Content Jam
    This was an outstanding promise to our team internally, which we finally get to do - the Content Jam. The Content Jam is an internal event where the whole team will be working on their own projects for a whole week.

    The team will propose projects to work on, decide for themselves on what will be done, and then try and get it done within one week. This can be anything from programs to help internal process, features for the network, or new games. Whatever the team creates within that week, I’m sure you might see at least one of the projects on the network sometime soon.

    This will be fun as hell!

    Ingame Store
    Another feature for the network we are going to work on soon is the Ingame Store. Throughout the years, we’ve gathered quite a bit of feedback from players about the store and the purchasing process. One of the most common complaints was that players were forced to go through the whole purchasing processes every time they want to buy just one little thing. It can be a frustrating and tedious thing to do, so we finally put it on our to-do list for the upcoming sprint.

    While we haven’t decided on all the details of the Ingame Store yet, we will most likely remove most content from our current store to present it on the Network in some form.

    For players, this should feel much more comfortable to get something for themselves or a friend without having to exit the game and go through a website.

    We will post more about the Ingame Store when we have a more detailed and focused plan to present to you.

    Holiday Content
    With the holiday season coming closer and closer, we are also putting a lot of effort into this year’s holiday content. We will bring you tons of cool things to do so you won’t be bored during your holiday break. Cosmetics, Quests, Achievements as well as Holiday Themed Maps and Games - I’m certain Minikloon will not disappoint once again.

    Updates for Games
    Last but not least, I also want to make you aware of the games that we will be working on till end of the year. While we might not get all updates out this year, we will do our best to get as many as we can. The following games are planned to receive an update in some shape or form:
    • Build Battle
    • Bed Wars
    • Skywars
    • UHC
    • Arcade
    • Blitz SG
    To not spoil all of it right away, I won’t go into the details of the updates themselves, but I’m certain you will enjoy them. And while we are aware of the “Not another Bed Wars Update” meme, we need to be realistic here - the last update was in June (so 5 months ago) and just added some Achievements - an update is long overdue.

    We have shelved Bed Wars for a bit and focused on some older game modes to add some more content for the small communities these games had. Based on the reactions here in the forums, these updates were very welcome and well received, which obviously made us quite happy.

    While we would love to give every game the same amount of time and effort, our resources are limited and realistically, we cannot support a game with 50 players the same as one with 5,000. Therefore, we will have to put more focus on the more popular games on the network going forward. This does not mean that we are going to completely ignore all other games but updates might be more spread out for them.

    Last but not least, a little sneak peak of what is about to come very very soon:


    Thank you for reading!
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  2. Looking good! Can’t wait for what’s to come this December
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    • Build Battle
    • Bed Wars
    • Skywars
    • UHC
    • Arcade
    • Blitz SG

      Great ideas to update! Also, keep going!
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    !doog ginkooL
    Can’t wait for my exams to end and start grindin during the winter holidayz!
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    Well planned and good work!
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  5. What is N supposed to mean?
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  6. You've edited your message, why?
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  8. If you are Korean, like this!
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    First page maybe
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    Nice work. Please continue!
  11. wow!
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  12. Awesome! The future looks promising :rolleyes:
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  13. Exactly!
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    But please update Arena Brawl ;-;
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    big nice
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  17. To everyone who's in a small game's community, or complains about their game not getting enough updates: don't let this time to to waste.

    If you want your game to grow, you can make it happen. Host events and parties, to keep players interested. Think about what makes your game unique, and why you love it, and spread the word wherever possible. Don't partake in community drama, find a group of dedicated players and stick with them.

    Rather than complaining about a game's economy, research the current rates, and draft a new table of earnings and costs.

    Rather than complaining that your game didn't get enough content in an update, work with other players to compile and detail every change you want to see.

    Poll player's opinions and create threads to showcase entirely new ideas. Build a team of creators, and work on cosmetics, textures, maps, anything that's relevant to your game. Discuss with players even outside of the community, why don't they play? What do they want to see in the game?

    This time we have now, even if it lasts for a year or even a couple, is not a time to gripe. It is a time to build your community, work together on figuring out how your game can be improved.

    A community that becomes entirely focussed on arguments between its players and complaining about the game, rather than working together to improve it, will inevitably fail, especially for ones of the size of some of them here. People will eventually move on, all communities will renew themselves, and the game will be ignored by those outside the ever-shrinking community.

    Find other people dedicated to the game, and bring them together, and be wary of those who only take part in the community to fulfill their own agenda.

    This long time between updates is not something to be upset about. It's a chance to plan for an update that works well, rather than churning out unexciting minor changes. Find new players, grow your community, and show that it's worth putting the effort in to update, as it has so much more potential.

    We have a year of planning time. Don't let it go to waste.
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  18. gl with it in Mega Walls and UHC
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