1. I’ve looked though past songs, and the ones ppl make now, and so many of them are 6,7,1. So I try my best to avoid it, don’t know if it will help me tho
  2. bVI bVII I is where its at
  3. No best chord progression I V I 100% no scam
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  4. So Even If Im A Runner Up I Still Get Free MVP+? Thats Pretty Cash Money I Must Say
  5. Boring af if you don’t have anything spicy to make up for it tho
  6. That sounds like super mario tho
  7. Tis a joke its the most basic progression in all of music theory lol
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  8. i suck but ima try
  9. On the subject of what chords to use:
    I'm going for a lot of minor VII inversions + V-VII inversions w/ the occasional major VII in an arpeggio. Though I use a lot of diminished and others in the process, VII chords make up the brunt of my songs.

    The first song I ever wrote - "Lumbering Luggage" (2015) - was an unfortunate experience with G I, V-VII and VIs.
    I've never used them since and have slowly gotten into the realm of jazz and blues chords.

    Good luck to all in the contest! And never count out the little chords, they can be very useful in music.
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  10. didn't you know? VI, VII, i spells out ZUN when spoken in drunken japanese

    I mean there's lots of other chords he uses but that's the main one. Or you could go len'en and just do i, VII, VI, VII for the whole song
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  11. Can the same person win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place with different songs? (Cough cough ShinkoNet) Or are they limited to getting only runner-ups after receiving a top 3 prize?
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  12. xavae

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  13. Good luck to everyone. Sadly, I won’t be able to compete, as the programs are for windows and I have a mac.
  14. Good luck everyone (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  15. No clue what to do but I will try my best xD

    GL Everyone
  16. Is it possible to submit a song made by two people and have the reward doubled for 2 players / cut in half ?
  17. Seeing as how the rules don't say "you must work alone" I would think it's legal.
    I'm not sure how the distribution of winnings would go, however.

  18. first time posting in this entire forum and it's for some weird contest hmm hmm
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  19. Are You Allowed To Make A Cover? I've Made Some Pretty Good Sounding Covers And I Wanted To Use Them. There Should Of Been More Details.
  20. PKimchi

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    hmmmmm... I’m thinking of Giorno’s Theme :))
    gl to everyone else whos trying

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