So, uh, yeah, *screws up*
    So, in short, I'm asking if there is a way I can find out about games and build maps earlier than others WITHOUT being a -Builder, Helper, Admin, ETC.
    I mainly ask this because I am a fairly good builder, just, I take longer than others to build maps due to a tight schedule, and I thought if I can find out things early than I get extra time to think and build up a map for it.
    I only request this as I do not meet the requirements for builder, nor helper and need some more time to actually make some stuff cause by the time I have finished building the map for a new game, everyone else has made them and the slots available for the maps are taken OR community maps option CLOSES.
    Also with this permission/info, I swear not to leak or tell ANY of the community about ANY upcoming
    Cheers, SuspiciousPrism
  2. I think the only way is that they're sometimes accepting community maps for newer games, so maybe that's something you can work around ;)
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  3. Check HERE for new updates about community made maps and how to submit them.
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  4. channel link?
  5. Nah. I hate people who do this
  6. I do not care for your opinion.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_O-HZcp3oGDavXG7BqL71g
    Thx. It means a lot for a new sub at this point. Whenever I say something like "Go Sub" people always hate on me ;-;
    Lol jk not depressed or anything just nice to have a new sub. Getting some new equipment for Christmas to make some more vids. Expect some soon after Christmas.
  8. Andi

    Andi Well-Known Member

    nosleepsquad SLEEP
    It seems very needy when you ask for subscribers.
  9. Neither do I care for your opinion.
  10. This is why you probably won't go anywhere in life lol. If you can't take criticism, then I feel sorry for you.

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