So, uh, yeah, *screws up*
    So, in short, I'm asking if there is a way I can find out about games and build maps earlier than others WITHOUT being a -Builder, Helper, Admin, ETC.
    I mainly ask this because I am a fairly good builder, just, I take longer than others to build maps due to a tight schedule, and I thought if I can find out things early than I get extra time to think and build up a map for it.
    I only request this as I do not meet the requirements for builder, nor helper and need some more time to actually make some stuff cause by the time I have finished building the map for a new game, everyone else has made them and the slots available for the maps are taken OR community maps option CLOSES.
    Also with this permission/info, I swear not to leak or tell ANY of the community about ANY upcoming
    Cheers, SuspiciousPrism
  2. I think the only way is that they're sometimes accepting community maps for newer games, so maybe that's something you can work around ;)
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  3. Check HERE for new updates about community made maps and how to submit them.
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  4. channel link?
  5. Nah. I hate people who do this
  6. I do not care for your opinion.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_O-HZcp3oGDavXG7BqL71g
    Thx. It means a lot for a new sub at this point. Whenever I say something like "Go Sub" people always hate on me ;-;
    Lol jk not depressed or anything just nice to have a new sub. Getting some new equipment for Christmas to make some more vids. Expect some soon after Christmas.
  8. It seems very needy when you ask for subscribers.
  9. Neither do I care for your opinion.
  10. This is why you probably won't go anywhere in life lol. If you can't take criticism, then I feel sorry for you.

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