No crouch, is it faster?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  1. Yeah, so basically, i just wanted to hear everyone's opinions on this. I'm new to bedwars, but from time to time i see players speed bridging by walking backwards diagonally (alternating) to build.

    Is this faster? What kind of speedbridging should I pursue? Thank you to all responses!

    Edit* To clarify, I mean LITERALLY NO CROUCH, not the normal speedbridging (crouch,place,walk,crouch,place*)
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  2. breezily bridge is the most common one ... but you gotta practice first :)
    for me i do no fast bridging cuz i suck at it :')
    and yes it's faster than normal bridging
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  3. This would be breezily bridging, and this is very hard to master at since you have to have very accurate timing and angle of your player. It is faster then normal bridging and speed bridging, but again, it’s hard to master at.
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  4. Go for the breezily if u have enough CPS and aim - minimum cps needed is about 13-14
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  5. iEric

    iEric Well-Known Member

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    Breezily is faster if you can master it. SB will do, though
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  6. In my experience breezily is definitely possible with less than 13, though if you can do 13 it'll definitely be more reliable.
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  7. yeah.. u are right. 13 makes it more reliable. I can occaisionaly do 10 blocks with 10 cps xD
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  8. Speedbridging without crouching is faster. I'm sure about that.
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  9. heh that would be god-bridging :p
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  10. xMacJ

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    If you can get good practice in, I recommend god bridging. However, it requires large amounts of CPS and you're likely to die before you even reach the other island because of the difficulty. Regular crouch speed bridging is the way to go in my opinion!
  11. If you really want to go no crouching then I'd go with breezily bridging, which requires a minimum of 12 cps. But I'm pretty sure you can actually speed bridge faster than breezily, but if you want to learn breezily then go for it. :D
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  12. imDari

    imDari Well-Known Member

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    actually at max speeds speedbridging is actually faster. This is using ultra fast sneaking and precise block timing and only a few people can do it
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  13. There are some kind of speed bridging because some ppl are slow at speed bridging some of them arent if u time faster at speed bridging ur gonna be faster than breezly bridger
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  14. Breezily bridging is not really that good for how long it takes to learn. Just ninja bridge and when you master that start learning to breezily. Gamerboy80 isnt even confident with his ability to breeze yet.
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  15. Often people that godbridge are not legit.w
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  16. easiest no crouch:
    Jitter/Bleeple (you don't actually have to have more than 8cps)
    Or this thing where you strafe left and right while staircasing
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  17. JAMtheWither

    JAMtheWither Well-Known Member

    crouch, it's easier to learn and you won't waste time learning it
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  18. Honestly, it's probably better to just go with speedbridging. It's more reliable, and it's nearly as fast as breezily if you get good enough.
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  19. Breezily bridge is what it is, you need 14+ CPS for spamclick or godly timing skills.
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  20. It called cps not fps
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