Would you like to see those nick improvements?

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  1. Thank you
  2. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback! <3
  3. IG88_0x

    IG88_0x Well-Known Member

    I see some tryhards memorising all of the 100 names and calling out all utuberz they see...
  4. That is a lot of names though, and people can still make their own nicks
  5. IG88_0x

    IG88_0x Well-Known Member

    True :)
  6. The idea is pretty good. The only thing I find unecessary is the nick weakness / strength idea.

    Right now I don't think you can pick a skin with /nick so that is good. I also think the rank change is also pretty good.

    One problem I have with the rank change though is if someone is a higher rank (lets say MVP+) and they use /nick to change their IGN and rank to a VIP.

    If they use the particle pack as a VIP (Its exclusive to MVP+'s only.) What do you think would happen? o_O
  7. Wyol

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    Defiant DEFIANT
    Perhaps they will disable MVP+ only gadgets. Plus if the YT was smart, they would use stuff to try NOT to be seen, not to exploit glitches.
  8. Your saying like, if a youtuber never had a higher rank than VIP, but they do /nick and use the mvp+ rank, and use the mvp+ gadgets?

    Well, I think it should stay maybe? they are making videos on the hypixel network and helping the server increase (subs)
  9. I get that. It is an important tool that should be left for staff use. What real threat is there for non-staff to have /nick? Staff use it to catch players in the act while YouTubers are using it to play games for content as an excuse. Unless YouTubers happen to focus on catching hacking players then there is something that is justified.

    Twisting my words, classic. I never once said that YouTubers should not be allowed to play at all. I also never said for them to stop making content either. Instead of making me out as the "bad guy" why not actually explain and discuss logically why you disagree with my points?

    This is not just a YouTuber only "problem". Anyone can be swarmed for any reason. This affects the game for anyone. This goes deeper as not an external but an internal conflict. To play a game and relax without anyone holding you back, or to let others decide your actions for yourself? It is your life, so you are the only one in control of it. You can only blame yourself.

    You do know that ranks =/= commands, right? I'm sure you did, everyone makes mistakes. :)

    Meaning, before having /nick while being a content creator you were not having as much fun as you use to. Who's fault is it then? Making content is not a bad thing. Letting something as fans hold you back and ruining your fun says something about you personally. Life is hard, deal with it with a smile and enjoy it with others. :)

    Am I? Then please, instead of a snarky remark I would be thrilled to hear your side of the discussion as to what the point of the YT rank is then. :)

    This isn't a YouTuber's problem, it's a Hypixel problem.
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  10. Nice late replay (Im not hating)
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  11. Eh, I thought this thread died so I never bothered to check until recently. :D

    I know I have been digressing from your topic, but I believe that your idea and the rank in question is all related and should be allowed for a civilized and unbiased discussion. To be honest and fair, I do like the creativeness of your ideas though.
  12. my threads never dies! ;> okay maybe some... XD

    and thanks for liking my creativeness! :D
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  13. TheBabbyNick

    TheBabbyNick New Member

    Not bad :)
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  14. Thanks! :)
  15. It may be an issue if players think someone is hacking into privlages for the server. I don't have a problem with that but it would be a reoccurring issue if people do it.

    Worst case scenario; someone figures out how to hack into those privlages legitmately somehow and then no one can tell everyone apart from YT's and actual hackers.
  16. Yeah, I think this would be a great update to the /nick system.
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  17. Thanks!
  18. Fictum

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    In what games do you even need to use /nick for?

    Most games have people who don't target...
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  19. BSG, Skywars, etc

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