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  1. Hello as of right now /nick is kinda useless, we can spot a /nick youtuber easily because they put obvis names like "Ep300" etc I have a idea of improving /nick for youtubers that still get notice :)

    When a youtuber put a obvis name Like /nick Dabudder (I know that's not really a obvis name) this will happen
    Why this? Because sometimes youtubers don't know a good name and they easily put a obvis name
    When you click [YES] it will say Are you sure? If you click [NO] it will say "here is a name for you that you might like <name>" there will be 100 kinds of names that hypixel set up for youtubers that they dont a ign that they can think of, All of those ign's are 20 or under WEAK which means hardly any people will notice you

    When you put a good ign, the RED will change and it will say It's 100% STRONG!

    What is Skin Halls? when a youtuber do /nick it will sent them to a hall of skins, They can choose any skins they want or they can keep their own skins Example:
    Above those stone slabs there will be Skin NPCS and under those NPCS there will be signs Example "Cookie monster Skin" "Penguin Skin" Etc all you have to do to use that skin is to Click the sign
    The reason why this should be added is because all you get is a alex skin, I think you should be able to choose your own skins there for it will be more fun to do /nick

    When a youtuber /nick, All they get is vip, I think youtubers should be about to choose their own rank, Like vip, Vip+, mvp, mvp+, Also I think you should choose your own color plus as well, This way it will make it harder to notice youtubers.

    That is it for the thread!

    Credit to @TheFantomLX for helping me with the command block! :D
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  2. Indestructal

    Indestructal Retired Kiwi Mod

    Great ideas! Different skins will be great, it's so obvious when it's a VIP Alex skin with a white name in tab.
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  3. Neef

    Neef Well-Known Member

    Great ideas!
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  4. Great Ideas!!!! however I think it should be /skinhall for youtubers, because they might just want to do ./nick and record straight away without having to choose a skin every time they do /nick.
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  5. True BUT they might not know about the /skinhall command, That why I went for /nick instead.
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  6. Zoomba

    Zoomba Well-Known Member

    ravengods GAMERS
    Yes, i agree it's really easy to spot someone in /nick
    If they added a variety of ranks for them and skins it would decrease this. Also somehow fixing tab able names.
    However most of the time when i see someone in /nick it's a "og" name such as "mushroom" for example, which doesn't exactly help prevent targeting, it's just kind of a cool thing for them i guess.
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  7. Thanks guys for the lovely comments! :D
    if you want them to be added remember to vote Yes! :)
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  8. Indestructal

    Indestructal Retired Kiwi Mod

    Oh yeah I forgot just voted :)
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  9. galactus

    galactus Well-Known Member

    It would literally be impossible to filter every nickname and categorize them by difficulty... One nick might be really long but obvious, yet maybe Hypixel categorized it as a "hard name" to catch and realize its a yt.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. @Extra I once heard you were having trouble being targeted with /nick
    Am I right?
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  12. The only problem is, when you try and type in the first letter of their name and hit tab, it won't tab because they're nicked. Also, when you type /names (name) and you put a nicked player in, it will say "that player does not exist"

    So, even with all of this, it would be easy to spot them in games like Murder Mystery when you're trying to call out the killer and they're a nicked Youtuber.
  13. They can remove that feature or fix it
  14. /nick should also give a random rank and not vip always

    /nick could give :
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  15. Firstly, it's not just a "feature" on the network, it is a mod that you can download and install. I have the 1.8 version, which hasn't been updated in a long time, yet I refuse to play in anything except for 1.8. Secondly, you don't just remove "features" because your plan wouldn't work out. The names feature is extremely helpful and I love it a lot, and there is literally nothing wrong with it. They can't really fix it except making that message say "this is a /nicked person." instead of the message they have, but there would be a few issues with that as well.
  16. Eh, I never seen people use that mod, besides not everyone uses it
  17. Falter

    Falter Well-Known Member

    at least fix the grammar because 65% weak sounds terrible
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  18. There are hundreds of people that use variations of this mod lol. No, not everyone uses it, but a pretty fair chunk of people just so happen to do so.

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