1. If you've ever seen someone do something nice for you or seen someone do something nice for someone or done something nice yourself, put it on here
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  3. Serena

    Serena Well-Known Member

    Allied MERRY
    I let someone use my portal to the hub even though they could just use the nether star.

    yeah its really nice ik.
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  4. uhohstinkypoop

    Got insided :D
  5. Nothing really happened to me, but ive donated lots of stuff
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  6. xTopazz

    xTopazz Active Member

    I play so isolated that I can't even remember the last time I've chatted to someone. But I sometimes do nice things to other people, like when someone asks to craft them seomething because they haven't unlocked the recipe yet, and before they meet someone who will scam them I will craft it for them to avoid a possible scam.
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  7. PromisingPanda

    I got scammed but a rich dude in emerald armor and a Pigman sword (dis was before the end) outbid my auction I forgot his name but if u see this <3
  8. I was given miners set by a random player on the first day I started along with some tools. I didnt ask they just gave them to me.

    because of that if Im ever in the mines and get lapis armor I give it to the closest person that looks like they need it.
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  9. Grimjoff

    Grimjoff Active Member

    Someone gave me a few vanilla items when i first started. I didnt even know how bad diamond swords were.
    + Someone gave my coopmember a jungle axe, which resulted in him farming jungle wood for the recipe

    I usually just give random stuff away. When I'm farming lapis and get an armor piece for example(dont give away ender armor tho lol).
    And i craft a lot of stuff for random people.
    Someone wanted me to craft a piercing book and right after he gave me the mats i got kicked from the server lmao
    glad he /p 'd me
  10. Someone killed my sea emperor and picked up the loot but gave me all the loot back
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  11. Archieomg

    Archieomg Active Member

    accidently dropped my mana flux orb to a lapis armor user and they gave it back to me. since that day i swore not to make fun of lapis user so now i make fun of ender users.
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  12. At the start of my skyblock journey this guy gave me 10 diamond blocks to help me out. It doesn’t seem like a lot but it was a huge boost for me
  13. I am lucky tbh...

    1 - At the beggining, someone crafted me a grappling hook (Gave mats)
    2 - In SkyblockZ, me and an user called LongGone did the fire guy quest with his MastiffY set
    3 - @FIRMKUNG cured my T4sven-phobia...
    I still have SvenAlpha-phobia
    4 - @Ratogiro? gave me VIP (In a thread about the unfairness of nons, I was on holidays and all I could play was New Super Mario Bros DS and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (With Motion Controls, because of the f*cking Joy-Con drifting), I told the non that I had to deal with this thing, and, as something I said ironically, told this guy who wanted to buy him a rank but he was too obnoxious to buy it to me instead...
    I was sure about the answer being "No", but I was wrong).
    5 - With a group of ppl in the Spiders Den, we all agreed on filling an entire lobby of that one mob that likes to scratch your feet : The silverfish...
    This is how it looked like at the end :

    I was crying
  14. Well he can vaporize me in few hits so it's normal to be feared. But if you know how to fight it correctly you can kill it.
  15. Racer_Gaming

    Racer_Gaming New Member

    I've spent over $200 on hypixel ranks for other people
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  16. I gave someone an ember rod
  17. I am a Traveling Crafter.
    Craft items for random players that asked for help.
  18. I craft items for people
  19. I done something nice:
    I give away ember rod , ender armor , silver fang , dragon frags , protector and old piece. Help people craft item. Give item to newbie who got scammed.

    someone done something nice to me:
    my friend @megopro craft me aote back then. Now he's wearing half wise half ender. And I have superior.
    And a lot more.
    I love community which peoplr r being nice to each other. ;p
  20. I have given multiple ember rods

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