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  1. The Necromancer Tower!
    Spawns friendly mobs on the track that attack the enemies.

    Tier 1:
    Max mobs: 2
    Damage: 100
    Speed of Mobs: Normal
    Cost: 500
    Attack Per Sec: 2
    Range: 5

    Tier 2:

    Max Mobs: 3
    Damage: 250
    Speed of Mobs: x1..25
    Cost: 1750
    Attack Per Sec: 2
    Range: 7

    Tier 3:

    Max Mobs: 5
    Damage: 1000
    Speed of Mobs: x1.75
    Cost: 5000
    Attack Per Sec: 1
    Range: 10

    Please leave suggestions in the comments its like my first time playing so I don't know any proper tier categories.

    -Vixx ;)
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  2. If you leave suggestions I will edit them to what is should be!
  3. damages every second? minute? also when you get on ghast 100 damage time 5 per say 2 seconds isn't a lot prices of tower too pls
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  4. Maybe called it Necromancer instead of wizard as its spawning mobs?
  5. Ok ty!
  6. I edited it a bit what do you think now?
  7. But
    What sort of entities represent its different tiers?
  8. The first tier should not be dealing too many damage, I personally think 100 HP /2 sec is a little bit too many
  9. *Magma Cube lobbing fire in the distance*
  10. What?
  11. r/wooosh.

    Tier 1 Magma Cubes have 50 DPS, iirc.
  12. I dont think so as its a high tier tower and quite useful
  13. This is similar to a tower on cube. (Assuming where idea came from). However I believe this tower would somewhat be confusing since your friendly mobs will be in the mess with agro ones. And it’ll serve no purpose except cosmetic effect stat and damagewise (Single damage tower, average dps). Assuming mobs are mobile, if they’re are too slow... wouldn’t they not be able to hit anything anyways (always out of attackreach). And there needs to be a limit the mobs can stray away from tower.
  14. I literally have never heard of cube (cube craft i think) but I will add your suggestion when i have time
  15. enemy mobs have different colors so I believe the mobs would have your color
  16. From Cube's wiki... (here) It sounds slightly suspicious how you originally named the tower Wizard as it is pretty similar to a Sorcerer...
  17. OmG uR cOPYIgnN them 1!

  18. ?.. Excuse me I don't understand the situation here. I'm just informing the thread owner how his/her idea is similar to an existing one.
  19. and where is the problem with "taking inspiration of" ?
  20. Umm.. I'm getting lost in this conversation. I'm not saying anything's wrong with "taking inspiration of". You're making assumptions and saying nonsense :confused:

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