1. hi I am new to uhc and was wanting some tips to get better and not completely suck
    I have a couple of upgrades unlocked and can barely kill someone
    yea I know the usual git gud thing but what are some better tips other than don't suck (would also like some tips to rod but its ok if you don't say any)
    anyways thanks for the help
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  2. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Perun isn't even close to being OP rn LOL
  3. wow man thanks for all the great tips!
  4. you are new? ww
  5. If you’re not considering buying boosters, apprentice rush every game and abuse the bow, then grind up enough coins to max out weaponsmithing
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  6. get forge, iron pack, sharpness books and protection books

    get light anvil and light apple

    try get 2 gapps before pvp with full iron and apprentice or sharp 2 iron or diamond
    if you find diamond armour make it protection 2

    max out every other proffesion (survivalism is good)
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  7. Aevr

    Aevr Well-Known Member

    Next Generation BUDDY
    Excalibur straight up overshadows it
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  8. if u r new to Hypixel UHC you will suck that’s guaranteed

    to become good you must ENDURE the hardships of a low star
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  9. Well, he ain't wrong. Perun hasn't been broken in ages.
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  10. name a single one of those people who main bow and not melee,my point exactly

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  11. dude stfu you are being toxic af and yes, bow is a lot better than melee but you don't main melee or bows this isn't an rpg you don't pick a class you get the best of what you can get get reported toxic 9 year old
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  12. Yes cause you clearly know so much about uhc
  13. name two legit ones with over a 6 kd. point proven.

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