1. There's a lot of cheating that goes on in this server, and very few choices to use when reporting said cheaters. To get straight to the point, there needs to be more options to file a report under such as:
    - Boosting
    - Omniscience (seeing invis players, happens way more often than you might think)
    - Nuisance (teamkilling)
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  3. motofreaks

    motofreaks Active Member

    How is watchsog going to adress that
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  4. PixelJirachi

    PixelJirachi Well-Known Member

    reporting for boosting would need a much more formal report because you need sufficient evidence to prove it's been going on for long term
    omniscience is literally just ESP
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  5. I'm not very familiar with the types of hacks, so yes, it would make much more sense to file it under ESP rather than omniscience.
  6. alonmario1

    alonmario1 Well-Known Member

    There would need to be a different report system for these type of things (not sure even a skill moderator will be able to conclude that someone can see invisible players).

    Honestly for these sort of things (unlike with cheaters) I'd much rather make a forum report, you can detail so much information on a single forum post that can get boosters and team griefers punished way more easily. reason being is that such report systems for boosters and griefers would make moderators less active against hacker reports (which is probably the last thing we want right now).
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  7. Dear reader.
    Your post has been removed.
    Reason: I don't care

    Sincerely, the Hypixel Network
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  8. Similarly with boosting, I was thinking a simple system where the more reports made against a player would warrant higher priority, and if many players report a cheater within a short amount of time it is clear that said person may be cheating.

    And regarding forum reports, it is surely a way to get the player banned if you have enough evidence, but what I see as the ideal scenario is when a player is caught cheating by others, they are removed quickly, allowing for the game to actually continue being played and the players to have fun.

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