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  1. Hello there.

    I was thinking about a idea to make on this topic, So i came with this idea (Thanks to @PostFarmer for helping me a bit.):

    The Builder Redstone

    -This will be only can gived by Build Team Members (Builders)

    "Where they can give this rating to?"

    -They can give it to cool builds on "Builder's Lounge" Topic.

    "What about the rating picture?"

    -It would be basically a Redstone Picture.

    "Why this should be added section?"

    -Build Team Members doesnt have any special rating to give like Helper, Mod or Admin, and because of this they doesnt really looking on Forums. Now with this rating, they can take a look at other people's builds and give them a Builder Redstone if the Build Team Members loved their builds. I'm sure this will make Build Teams to take on Forums. And this will make many people try to get a Builder Redstone by trying to build some super builds.

    This was a small thread, but i'm sure you'll understand this idea. Thanks for reading it! :D

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  2. Sounds cool :D
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  3. Thank you! :D
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  4. MagicTin

    MagicTin Well-Known Member

    Minecon MC
    I like the idea! :D
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  5. Thanks! :D
  6. Nickonautica

    Nickonautica Active Member

    I feel like the name should be called "Redstone Lounge" other than that sounds cool..
  7. Though, Dev made the name Builder Lounge. We cant change it. Only the devs can.
  8. Sounds like a good idea.
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  9. Thanks! :D
  10. Neat! +1
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  11. Thanks! :D
  12. SeaWhale

    SeaWhale Well-Known Member

    Toxins TOXIN
    Quite decent idea! I'd love to see this happen :)
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  13. Thanks! :D
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  14. I like how ya didn't tag any of them build team members.
    @fudgiethewhale @sarcasticburger @Cheesey @falloutowns
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  15. #16
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  16. artisticially

    artisticially Well-Known Member

    Ooh nice! That's a cool idea they should definitely add it. *cough cough* Also adding a frame next to their avatar *cough cough*

    (If that is a thing, please tell me. I haven't seen a single build team member with build team frame around their avatar..)
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  17. Thanks!

    And i saw the frame of Build Team once. Just go to one of Build Team's profile and look at their posts.
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  18. artisticially

    artisticially Well-Known Member

    Yeah.. Just realized that they do. The person I checked must've been a retired build team member or something..? Idk i'm dumb xD
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  19. Probably xd
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