1. 100% a btd battles copy
    And cubecrafts is ok, but this is so I much better
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  3. hopte

    hopte New Member

    So many people talking about BTD battles. It's a concept from Warcraft III custom games.
  4. kvyla

    kvyla Active Member

    Daddys DADDY
    This actually looks really fun :p
  5. wildcats/endermites are actually retarded
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  6. Goodwade

    Goodwade Well-Known Member

    Endermites are retardedly op wth
    They're literally at the other side in less than 20 seconds.
  7. Y33T!!!! New game!!! <3
  8. BigChungus

    BigChungus Active Member

    I said the trading lives part in my other comment.

    You probably won't have enough money to spawn high damaging magma cubes. Assuming you're at around 400 - 600 income, I think your best bet is spread out level 3 archers. Each will take out a large chunk of health, and the endermite can't teleport often.
    Cubecraft was more developed in it's beta of the game too. It added more gamemodes and towers later. The good thing about hypixel is they didn't wait months to add a solo mode. Which is pretty awful when nons spam every open space with ice (slime) and magma (tnt), which are not as good as they are here, (there were better choices).
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  9. Income breaks for some teams
  10. I'm really loving this new game so far, I just have a few suggestions and have noticed a few issues.

    1. The Endermites... They are way too overpowered for how early game they are.
    Endermites basically wipe out everyone new to the game instantly,
    they are fast, with high health, and can be sent before you can make a defense that could rival them.
    All I'm asking for is a small decrease in their teleport range, or less health, or something similar to that.
    Because look at how long this round lasted:
    Early End.png

    2. The visuals for the Death Riders are very glitchy, they don't disappear when they die, they have to unload first.
    And there are Wither Skeletons that stand in the mob spawn doing nothing, after a while of spawning Death Riders.​

    3. Are you supposed to earn hype when you are spectating?

    4. There are some typos here and there.​

    1. I think a neat concept would be: Being able to be revived if one of your monsters reached an enemy castle,
    if it was within 15 seconds of you losing your last life. Just some food for thought.​

    2. Spreading the lives of a player that left evenly between all remaining players, to keep 120 lives in circulation.

    3. Maybe adding what Zombies needed, a better explanation at the start.
    Because when you first play this mini-game, you only have 20 seconds to figure out how and where to put towers,
    or you will be crushed within 30 seconds of the game starting.
    Don't Know.png

    4. Raising the mob's nametags so that they aren't blocked by their heads would be nice too.​

    Just a few suggestions and issues I've had so far. Other than that, I really like where this game is going!

    The update for this today fixed some of the other thoughts I had, like quick upgrade,
    and fixing some of the problems I had noticed, like the horses showing-off by strafing to the finish.​
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  11. I guess it could be fun for some people but its a bit too slow paced for me. Still happy to see the devs working on new mini-games and whatnot.
  12. And balloons TD is a copy of another game, so on and so forth, just like people say Fortnite is a copy of pubg, and pubg is a copy of x so on.
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  13. Why is everyone disliking my boi boi bulb with the fire
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  14. Very good idea! I've seen a similar game mode on the cubecraft server.
  15. I try hard tower defense lmao.

    Every. Single. Kingdom. Rush.

    Lol looks fun
  16. This so happens to be one of my favourite genres of game. Good job for branching out and incorporating so many gametypes onto the Network!
  17. Such a cool new game mode, love it already.
  18. Why is everyone saying Hypixel is copying Bloon tower defense?
    Is there a reason - Tower wars is not much like Bloon Tower Defense :/
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  19. Probably cause there, so similar.

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