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    Hello everyone!

    Today we are releasing a new game in the Prototype Lobby - TowerWars!

    TowerWars is a PvP Tower Defense type of game. If you like strategy games, this might be the game for you! Notably, this game was developed during our recent Content Jam -we liked the concept and decided to develop it further for PTL release.

    Continue reading to find out more about TowerWars!

    Introduction to Tower Defense
    Tower Defense games are strategy games where the goal is to defend your lane by killing the enemy attackers, by placing defensive Towers along their path.
    Towers and enemies have different abilities.
    Failing to kill an enemy will reduce your life total, until it reaches zero!
    The strategy resolves around the currency used in the game, buying the right towers at the right time, is the key to a strong defense!

    The Game
    There are currently 2 modes, Solo with 6 players, and Teams with 6 teams of 2 players!
    In TowerWars, each player, or Team, is assigned a Lane. You need to place Towers in your lane to defend it against enemy Monsters.
    Each player starts with 20 Lives, if you manage to reach the end of the Lane of an enemy player with a monster, you will steal 1 Life away from them. Players with 0 lives are eliminated and the last player alive wins!
    Each player starts with a set amount of Gold, this is the resource you can use to create towers and spawn monsters in enemy lanes.
    You have to choose wisely between defense and offense! A good defense is very important, but summoning the right monsters at the right time is the key to victory!
    Every few seconds, players will earn Gold depending on how much Income they currently have. The only way to increase your income is to spawn monsters in enemy lanes! Try to increase your income as fast as possible, while maintaining a strong defense!

    The Towers
    There are 5 different towers in TowerWars, each with different abilities, damage and upgrades.
    When opening the Tower Menu, you have access to 5 Basic Towers:
    • Archer
    • Slime
    • Magma
    • Witch
    • Enderman
    Each tower having different stats and upgrades, on top of that, when a tower upgrades to Tier 4, there is a specialization to choose from.
    For example:
    The Archer tower is a single target tower, but it deals a lot of damage.
    Level 4 Archer Towers specialization are Sniper and Machine Gun.
    As you can see, the Sniper Tower has low reload time, but very high range!
    The Machine Gun however, has a low range, but very short reload time and high DPS.
    It is very important to choose the right specializations for your towers, as you can only place a total of 80 towers in your lane!

    The Monsters
    There are currently 14 basic monsters in TowerWars, with an upgrade each, for a total of 28 different monsters!
    Every monster in the game has a Health and Speed stat. When you summon them, they appear in the lanes of every enemy player left in the game.
    They spawn at the start of their lane and if they reach the end of their lane, they will steal 1 Life away from them.

    Summoning monsters increases your Income permanently, making it extremely important to summon monsters often. More income means more towers and more monsters!

    If you increase your income high enough, you start replacing the weakest monsters with new monsters with better stats and abilities!

    What next?
    TowerWars is a Prototype game, over the next few weeks we will be working on balancing, performance improvements, Quality of Life features and new Towers!
    We are creating a TowerWars forum subsection in the Prototype forums.
    Please give us your feedback on this thread and in that subsection!
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  2. Wow balloons tower defense just wow

    edit: its good tho
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  3. Lmao it’s Bloons tower defence
    edit: I like how maple39 changed her post to be the same as mine lol
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
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  4. Nice! I’m definitely gonna try this out later! Also: CAF8171A-F4F2-4E10-A32D-257BCA791BC7.gif

    Edit: why the dislikes
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  5. This sounds interesting, hype anyone?
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  6. neechan

    neechan Active Member

    Lemonade LEMON
    what in the unholy hell
    not more!!! i cant let CTW die like this
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  7. ohhhhhhhhh looks nice!

    who is gonna play tower defance when there is turbo kart racers
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  8. YES :D I love Tower Defense ^^
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  9. Bloons tower defense was one of my favorite browser game growing up, happy to see it making its way into Hypixel, excited to play the game!
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  10. Might main this Lol
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  11. epic
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  12. same
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  13. My new addiction. Catch me in 10 years still playing this game.

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    Edit: Can't wait to play it
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  15. Seems fun :O
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  16. Mocripted

    Mocripted Active Member

    looks hot
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  17. sulit

    sulit Well-Known Member

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  18. I thought this was the Guild Fortress thing XD
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  19. Aryeh

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    Busted BUSTED
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  20. Sans

    Sans Well-Known Member

    Thank you very cool
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