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    For years SkyBlock has been one of the most requested games on the Network, today we are releasing our own version of SkyBlock in the Prototype lobby!

    What is SkyBlock?
    SkyBlock has been around the Minecraft community for more than 7 years, longer than the Hypixel Network! Even though the game has evolved a lot through the years, the idea remains the same:
    Players start on a tiny island with almost nothing and quickly start unlocking and collecting resources, expand their island, combat monsters, then create farms and explore all their options.
    There are many ways to play SkyBlock, and we have decided to create our own special way.

    How to play Hypixel SkyBlock?
    You can go in the Prototype Lobby, or you can directly click on SkyBlock in the compass. There is also a SkyBlock NPC in the main lobby!
    You can also easily join using the /play skyblock command.
    SkyBlock can be played alone or with friends in Co-op! See more co-op information below.
    You can play SkyBlock on any Minecraft version, but we recommend using 1.8.9 as it is still the most stable version!

    Why Prototype?
    The game is still in development - there are "coming soon" features and a lot of balancing to do - but during the last few weeks of testing we have been having a lot of fun playing. If we are having fun, then the game is ready for prototype!

    As such, please make sure you report any bugs or exploits as soon as possible so we can fix them fast. The best way to do so is to use our bug report form.

    Click Continue Reading... to read more about SkyBlock!​

    Hypixel SkyBlock
    Every single player and co-op will start on their own private world, with 2 tiny islands.
    On the first island, you will unlock your first Collection: Oak!

    Island of skyerzz and Aerh
    Island of okexox
    Island of Amylea_
    (Note that every staff tester got 100% reset, those islands are now gone.)
    There are currently 55 different Collections in the game. Collections count how many of one resource you collected so far, and they reward you useful or powerful items on milestones!
    So let's have a look at the Oak Collection (but no spoilers!).

    The Oak Collection contains 9 rewards, like most Collections. Here are the rewards:
    • Oak Minion (What's a Minion?) - 50 Oak Logs Collected
    • Oak Leaves Trade - 100 Oak Logs Collected
    • Leaflet Armor - 250 Oak Logs Collected
    • Small Enchanted Chest - 500 Oak Logs Collected
    • Forest Biome Stick - 1000 Oak Logs Collected
    • Enchanted Oak Log - 2000 Oak Logs Collected
    • Medium Enchanted Chest - 5000 Oak Logs Collected
    • Wood Talisman - 10000 Oak Logs Collected
    • Large Enchanted Chest - 30000 Oak Logs Collected
    Once you collect 50 Oak Logs, you will unlock the crafting recipe of the Oak Minion.
    (All the recipes you unlock are listed in your recipe menu, we will talk about it later!)

    On your way to the second island, you will notice a portal, but also this little guy:

    They don't protec, they don't attac, but most importantly they work a lot!

    Meet your Cobblestone Minion! Take the Cobblestone from his storage to unlock your Cobblestone Collection.
    • Cobblestone Minion - 50 Cobblestone Collected
    • Stone Platform - 100 Cobblestone Collected
    • Auto Smelter - 250 Cobblestone Collected
    • Enchanted Cobblestone - 1000 Cobblestone Collected
    • Compactor - 2500 Cobblestone Collected
    • Silverfish Pet Egg - 5000 Cobblestone Collected
    • Miner's Outfit - 10000 Cobblestone Collected
    • Haste Ring - 40000 Cobblestone Collected
    • Super Compactor 3000 - 70000 Cobblestone Collected
    They are not very smart yet, but they are motivated! Click on him to open his menu:
    Our advice is that you should pay particular attention to those Minion menus, they contain their storage but also information on how to use them (can be different per Minion), how to level them up, and what kind of upgrades you can give them!

    Minions tend to work a bit slower, but they work all the time! If you go offline they will continue to toil along in your private world. They will start with small storage, which means it won't take long for them to be full and unable to work. As you upgrade them, their storage and efficiency will increase.

    There are a lot of different Minions in the game, but at the start you will only be able to place 5 of them on your island. You can unlock more slots the more Minions you level up!
    (We recommend placing them close to each other, it won't make them work harder, but at least they will have someone to talk to.)

    If you jump in the Portal behind your Cobblestone Minion, you will be teleported to the SkyBlock Hub Island.

    The Public Islands

    You can think of this as the SkyBlock Lobby, it's a very important place!

    All those islands are public islands, you will meet other players there. This is where SkyBlock on Hypixel is very unique. Once in the Village, our advice is to explore and talk to the Villagers, they give important clues and advice!

    SkyBlock is a Prototype game, meaning that most of the buildings are not finished, but the important ones are already functional (the Bank, Auction House, the Market, the Blacksmith...). Exploration is key!

    Your adventure will begin outside the Village, you need resources to work on your private island and your Collections. Most resources can be found on public islands. For example, North of the Village is the Coal Mine, where you can unlock the Coal Collection!
    • Coal Minion - 50 Coal Collected
    • Enchanted Book Recipe - Smelting Touch I - 100 Coal Collected
    • Brewing Recipe - Haste - 250 Coal Collected
    • Enchanted Coal - 1000 Coal Collected
    • Enchanted Charcoal - 2500 Coal Collected
    • Diamond Refinery - 5000 Coal Collected
    • Enchanted Coal Block - 10000 Coal Collected
    • Enchanted Lava Bucket - 25000 Coal Collected
    • Wither Skeleton Pet Egg - 50000 Coal Collected
    Most resources can be found on the other islands, but to get there you need to use the jump pads on the edge of the hub.
    Those require at least a few Skill Levels to use!
    To get to The Barn (the island beyond the Farm) you need to be at least Farming Level 2!

    In short, the more crops you collect, the more Farming Experience you will get! The more you mine, the more Mining Exp you will get, same goes for all Skills in the game.


    Farming, Foraging, Mining, Combat, Fishing, Enchanting and Alchemy are the 7 SkyBlock Skills.

    Leveling up your Skills unlocks Islands, but also perks and other rewards!

    That's a lot of information but don't worry, the Nether Star in your hotbar contains everything, it's the SkyBlock Menu!

    SkyBlock Menu
    This is how your SkyBlock Menu will look at first, you will unlock useful options during your journey.
    If you ever get lost, open this menu! It contains a lot of useful information.


    • SkyBlock Profile - All information about your character stats!
    • Quest Log - Log of all of your completed and active Quests.
    • Recipe Book - This is where you can find the recipes of all the items you unlocked!
    • Trades - This is your personal shop, where you can unlock items to trade or buy with coins!
    • Collections - Every time you unlock a Collection you will be able to see the entire list of rewards there.
    • Skills - Keep track of your current Skill level and rewards.
    • Calendar - There are not many Events yet, but those will all be listed here!
    • Ender Chest - Your own personal Ender Chest, you can access it from anywhere and store items in it!
    • Hypixel Game Menu - The Hypixel Network Compass!
    • Private Island - You can go back to your island from there anytime!
    • Profile Management - Every player will have at least 2 profiles, you can create another one with friends if you want to!

    Special mention to the Profile Management icon in your SkyBlock Menu;
    At any time you can decide to create a new profile, solo or with friends!

    To start a Co-op with friends, open your SkyBlock Menu, click on the Profile Management icon at the bottom and then you have 2 options:
    Left-click to create a New Solo Profile (which will create a second profile)
    Right-click to create a Co-op with friends, which will tell you to enter the command;
    /coop <friend1> <friend2> etc
    You can currently have up to 5 players in a Co-op, so you can invite 4 friends! But they all have to be online at the time of the creation, and all accept the invitation.

    Once a profile is already created, you can add friends using the /coopadd command.

    Once all players have accepted the invitation, you can start playing. Do note that once a Co-op profile is started, every player in the group are equals and can do anything in the game - there are no leaders, only friends.


    If you read everything until now, you are more than ready to start playing the game!
    We are very passionate about SkyBlock on Hypixel and we really hope you will like playing it!

    Even if SkyBlock is a Prototype game, we will try very hard to never reset progress, even if players find major exploits. As such, you can enjoy SkyBlock right away without fear of having to start all over again.

    If you ever find an important exploit (item duplication, issues related to coins, skill exp, enchanting exp, etc...), please contact us ASAP!
    You can contact any staff member and they will alert us, or you can create a private conversation with me on the forums or you can use the usual forum bug report form.

    That said, if we ever find out that you used an exploit without talking to us, you will be banned from SkyBlock forever! On a similar note, while we are allowing trading and giving items between profiles, if we find accounts created for the sole purpose of exploiting, we will reset and punish the accounts benefiting from it.

    Last but not least!
    Like previously mentioned, there are a lot of features we are still working on, but if you are curious, here are some spoilers on a few features coming in the next updates:
    • The Colosseum near the Village will host permanent PvP Tournaments!
    • You will be able to purchase furniture in the store located in the Village (currently the house where my NPC is standing!)
    • A lot of the houses in the Village and other villages in the games will be rentable by players, co-ops, and even Guilds!
    • Yes, every Guild on the Hypixel Network will have their own SkyBlock, and Guild masters will be able to set permissions for each rank!
    • In the SkyBlock Menu, you can already find the Calendar, depending on the day of the SkyBlock year, moon phase or time of the day, special Events might happen!
    • In your Collections you might unlock Pets, those will spawn as Level 1 monsters that will help you many different ways.
    • There is a big Mountain in the Hub, and Ruins of an old Castle, I wonder what those will be.. And what about this Wizard Tower?
    • You might find a large portal South of the Hub, maybe Guilds will have things to do there...

    That's enough for now! Thanks a lot for reading, we are opening the >SkyBlock forums< if you want to give us feedback, positive or negative!
    There is still a lot of work to do, but I'm sure we are going to make a great game. :)
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  6. Can anything else be said but this is epic and cool? HYPE TRAIN PEOPLE. WE NEED THAT HYPE TRAIN GOING. I feel as though this would make the server a lot more interesting. Great work guys and good job keeping us in anticipation lol. Also, I saw that
    _fudgiethewhale is NOT FOR SALE
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    I'm really excited to try this out! So many new things to catch up to :D
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  8. Was this meant to be formatted or something? xd
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  13. First - great work, I hope to see this succeed, it's clear that a lot of work has been put into this (and massive shoutout to hpc for helping to test - cough hestia cough). As with everything, I see improvements need to be made. I decided to give a small bit of feedback based on the current version.

    ((As a quick note: some things may be inaccurate, I've only played a little bit - from researching and doing as much digging as possible, everything below is accurate as far as I can tell - even if it isn't, it's hard to find said features, which plays into my suggestion))

    Although the gamemode looks extremely fancy and unique, this has also caused a few issues. Whilst it's not something that will prevent skyblock from becoming successful - it's definitely going to be a challenge for developers to show people how it works. From playing for an hour or so, I've developed some simplistic bare-bones feedback regarding this.

    First of all - Lack of competitiveness. (Edit: Added)
    The first thing I noticed is that there are absolutely no leaderboards or lists in order to show the best islands, highest balances, highest skill levels etc, although I'm not an uber competitive player - having a somewhat competitive server brings in players, meaning that less competitive players will have people to talk to. I believe that simply adding some type of division or leaderboard system would make the gamemode far more competitive and as a result make the server a lot more addicting. The main issue with this being: it's extremely hard to do with how custom the plugin is, which island would be put on the list?

    Secondly - Extremely confusing for new players.
    I understand from playing, you've tried your hardest to make it clear what you should do - especially with objectives. My main issue arises with the whole finding npcs, the map is useful - yes. But it's rather difficult to tell the difference between normal npcs and npcs that you are meant to communicate and talk with. Maybe adding special particles or particles that lead players towards their next objective would aid in this, maybe even a compass? Apart from the hub island - being plonked into an island with absolutely no tutorial is rather complicated - it took me (as an extremely experienced hypixel + skyblock player) over 30 minutes to understand how the slot system worked, to understand how the entire thing worked. Maybe a quick tutorial or even broadcasts would aid in this. The fact that there is no global chat system is also an issue - we can't ask other player's for assistance... (To prove this: I still have 0 clue how to coop more than 1 player – if I can’t find that, then it needs to be clearer)

    Thirdly - Add a chat channel system (Edit: Added - /cchat)
    With the above-mentioned issue of not being able to ask questions in a global chat, it creates a major issue - how are players meant to ask for help? I understand that island owners should be able to have their own private chat (like housing) but they should also be able to switch to a global mode and ask other players for help, that way people don't feel as lonely?

    Fourthly - Allow island visiting? (Edit: Added - /visit)
    Currently, it feels like there is 0 point to playing skyblock - there's no way to showoff your statistics, there's no way (that I see) to join people's islands. Again, with allowing the game to be a social game, if we aren't going to be extremely competitive with balance tops, level tops etc. Then allow people to visit each other’s islands - if you're trying to make skyblock be a social game, then this is a basic step to help facilitate this. This allows people to get ideas from their island (and from what I can see - allows the actual player slot island to be useful as a meeting place or hangout spot) right now, it feels like the island is just a lonely island by yourself, rather than something you can showoff and work towards building a cool island. (oh, and what if someone's exploiting, nobody will ever know if we can't visit?)

    Finally - Weird personal island/hub island dynamic.
    As I've pointed out above, if nobody can see our progress or our island, what's the point in having a personal island? What's the point in having a personal island if everything is provided for free at the main hub island? It seems like everything is handed to us on a plate... I don't get why we even have personal islands if you're just going to give us everything at a hub island. I get that we can unlock islands as we go, but that only took me 5 minutes to unlock, maybe make it so you need to purchase new lands? Maybe make it so you need to mine a specific number of trees on your island from planting saplings before being able to unlock a mining ore generator? Anything but handing it to us on a plate would be nice. I feel like we need to work towards getting good island upgrades, rather than just punching carrots on the hub island for 5/6 hours. I understand you unlock new items as you go which can only be found on a personal island - but is that worth doing and upgrading considering we can just punch for free forever? I do understand and love the fact that that's our core social hub, if it was just our island with no hub island, it'd be unbearably boring to play skyblock on this server - but a balance must be struck between giving players free things and making them do it on their islands and work to gain those items. I believe that the hub world should be exclusively for talking, events and peer to peer trading (and some type of first tutorial that then allows you to unlock basic wheat crafting etc).
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    What's next? Prisons? Factions?
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    noice can't wait to try it out
  18. Yes. This. This is a major thing. I have no idea what the heck to do and can barely figure out things. I just ran around. (still can't find some stuff), and those minions.... good grief. How do you even use them?
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  19. Awesome!
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  20. I like the idea of Skyblock, but like don't abandon the other prototype games please. CTW is my life and it hasn't been updated in near months... :((
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