1. Externalizable

    Externalizable Minigame Developer

    Hey hey,

    Grab your shades, because it's summer-time on Hypixel! Today we're releasing a brand new summer-themed map, San Peratico V2, and a handful of bug fixes.

    Keep reading to learn more about the new changes!

    New Map: Skyway Pier

    Don't forget to put on sunscreen!

    Welcome to Skyway Pier! Inspired by the famous Santa Monica Pier, this map will get you into summer mood in no time.

    Skyway Pier features two brand new mechanics:
    • Guard (4 Gold)
      This Murderer-hating powerhouse is here to protect all Innocents from evil. Anyone can release this beast for 4 Gold and have him attack any nearby Murderer. The Murderer will be given Slowness and Blindness effects, but they won't lose any health. It is still up to you to win the game!
    • Magical Ice Cream (2 Gold/pc)
      Need something to cool off? Locate a nearby Magical Ice Cream Vendor to gain new powers! You could receive Slowness, Speed, or Invincibility!
    Note: Invincibility will not be awarded in Classic or Double Up! mode if you're a Murderer, or if you're playing Infection mode.

    San Peratico V2


    We have been listening to your feedback in the Murder Mystery sub-forum and worked even harder to improve the gameplay experience on San Peratico! This new version adds more hiding spots and removed the ability to run in circles forever!

    Full list of changes:
    • Removed bridge
    • Cut off minor area from the back
    • Added boat
    • Added second floor to allow for off-the-top sniping
    • Added houses to minimize open area
    • The vendor will now give you Depth Strider boots with your water invincibility potion

    San Peratico V2 Minimap

    Keep sharing your thoughts about San Peratico on this thread or in the Murder Mystery sub-forum!

    New Lobby NPC Layout


    This update changes the NPC layout in Murder Mystery lobbies!

    We have chosen this layout to minimize distraction from other modes. Ideally, we would like to players experiencing Murder Mystery for the first time to try a few games of Classic before diving into the more complex modes such as Assassins and Infection.

    Double Up! is still available and can be played via the Classic NPC!

    [ Please note that we are only trialing this layout and are open to make changes based on community feedback. Let us know what you think by replying to this thread or starting a thread in the Murder Mystery sub-forum! ]

    Bug Fixes
    This update comes with a handful of bug fixes:
    • Added Gesture Hotbar Item to Classic and Double Up! mode (right-click to open Gesture GUI menu)
    • Added Lightning Stick to Weatherman Victory Dance
    • Removed bush in Hypixel World to open up passage
    • Fixed Kali awarding blessing/curses if there are no options left, even if they don't apply to the role (she will now give you compliments instead)
    • Fixed Murderer death sound playing if an innocent/detective kills another innocent with a trap
    • Fixed Alpha showing up in the Top Survivors list in the Infection end card
    • You will no longer die to the avalanche in Mountain if you're hiding under a roof
    • You will no longer get stunned in Assassins mode if you attack Kali's spiders
    • The Double Up end card will now properly list all original Detectives

    We hope you enjoy the new updates! As always, report all bugs here so we can fix them as soon as possible!
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  2. Yes MM
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  3. Would you ever consider bringing back San Peratico V1 back for infected?

    I can see how it may be a problem on Classic MM but for Infected its a whole different story seeing how that area is mostly camped and defended, yet not impossible to take over.

    Of course I'll give the Revamped map a try as I've played it a bit and very happy to have the boat and upper level back, but just something to consider for the infected player base community.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
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  4. Hype
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  5. Whitbye

    Whitbye Active Member

    Guild Master
    security guard pog
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  6. Maxny

    Maxny Well-Known Member

    Thank you
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  7. TBH, this is a really good update for maps, the more the merrier.
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  8. Genotora

    Genotora Active Member

    ok but fix ranked
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  9. Ethbar

    Ethbar Active Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Thanks extern, We always appreciate new MM maps! Will look for bugs :p
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  10. Cool now update
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  11. Very cool!
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  12. Enjoy for mm players ;)
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  13. Chroma_a

    Chroma_a Active Member

    Ohhh nice :D
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  14. I think it's a very good update to San peratico, but the new map doesn't really have "hiding" spots.
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  15. Now this is epic.
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  16. Yay sw and mm
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  17. Aww I just left my house too. Can’t wait to get back and try out the new changes and map!
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  18. Codra

    Codra Active Member

    Molten YAY
    Guild Master
    Regular updates? Very suspicious...
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  19. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

    CowSquad COW✪SQD
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  20. Woohoo!

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