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    Hey hey,

    Winter is nearing it's end and it's time for us to spring-clean our to-do lists. Today we're releasing a brand new team mode to Murder Mystery alongside a revamped version of the Infection mode! We have also fixed some bugs and implemented Quality of Life changes in this update.

    Continue reading to learn more about this update!

    New Team Mode: Double Up!

    You can play the new mode now by punching the Double Up! NPC in the Murder Mystery lobby

    This update introduces a new team mode!
    2 Murderers work together to strategically kill the 20 Innocents and 2 Detectives.

    The team of Murderers can communicate with each other using the /m <message> command. If a Murderer kills their fellow Murderer, both of them will die and the game will end immediately in favor of the Innocents and Detectives.

    [ Developer Note: Your chances will not increase if a member of your party was picked to be the Murderer or Detective. The balancing system picks the two players with the highest percentages regardless of their party. ]

    Revamping Infection to V2


    We have made several changes to the Infection mode to allow for both the Infected and Survivors to have a better gameplay experience:
    • The first infected player will be the alpha infected
      • Has only 2 lives
      • Can throw their weapon every 15 seconds
      • Will look like any other survivor until killed
    • If the alpha infected dies, all other infected will no longer be able to respawn, giving the Survivors a chance to kill the remaining infected and win the game
    • Normal infected can throw their sword once after collecting 10 coins (they will lose their gold and sword throw on death)
    • Survivors spawn with 1 bow and 16 arrows
      • They will have to collect 6 gold to receive 24 more arrows
    We will be listening to your feedback regarding these changes on this thread and in the Murder Mystery sub-forum. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    New Cosmetics
    This update comes with a few new cosmetics suggested by the community to help you kill in style:

    Knife Skins
    • Salmon (Legendary)
    • Timber - Diamond Axe (Epic)
    • Gold Digger - Gold Pickaxe (Rare)
    Last Words
    • Meow (Epic)
      • MeeeOUUCH
      • Hiissss
      • (=^・ω・^=)
      • Meow
    • Woof (Rare)
      • Arf Arf!
      • Woof Woof!
      • Yip yip yip!
      • Bow wow wow!
    • Relatable (Rare)
      • i can haz cheesemurder?
      • snek got booped
      • Wow much ded, very sad
      • I don't always die, but when I do I do it with dignity
    • Fashion (Common)
      • This hat was to die for
      • I'd never be caught dead in double denim
      • I look drop dead gorgeous
      • This competition was fierce!
    Projectile Trails
    • Bubble Trail (Epic)
    • Snowball (Rare)
    New Environmental Death Sound
    The Hypixel Player Council started a poll earlier this year to get community feedback on their proposal to introduce distinguishable death sounds for kills and environmental causes. We have listened to your feedback and suggestions and are consequently introducing a new sound for deaths not caused by the Murderer.

    You will now hear a Skeleton Death Sound for environmental deaths in-game, however the Player Death Sound will still be played when a Murderer kills a player.

    Bug Fixes & Quality of Life Changes
    This update also comes with these bug fixes and Quality of Life changes:
    • Removed Showdown mode (this is actively being processed, some elements like the leaderboard will disappear later this week)
    • Fixed all known Gold Rush out-of-map spots
    • Fixed random nametags above NPCs
    • Fixed the detective receiving the detective blessing from Kali
    • Fixed the infected taking damage from poisonous water in San Peratico
    • Fixed tablist sometimes listing a user twice if they had an Animated Hat equipped (most commonly seen in Infection mode)
    • You will now lose your bottle in San Peratico and Aquarium after consuming a potion
    • Lever traps in Towerfall and Aquarium are now fully working and correctly reset after each game
    Upcoming Map Changes


    We have been actively listening to community feedback and are planning to look into changing some of the map layouts as well as implementing different mechanics to equalize the Murderer/Survivor win rate in all maps. You can expect another Murder Mystery update in the near future!

    We hope you enjoy the new updates! As always, report all bugs here so we can fix them as soon as possible!
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  2. Eh kool
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  3. This is the best gamemode ever.

    Waaa y'all meanies why u disagree?
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
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  4. BulbJake

    BulbJake Well-Known Member

    IfOnly I
    Noice. I’ll try the double up mode when I get home from vacation
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  5. Double up!
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  6. Nicee
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  7. Have fun all!
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  9. only mode thats not toxic yet, nice update btw
  10. Eh infected seems less fun but other stuff looks cool.
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  11. Aeno

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    Galex GALEX
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  12. Excited to try out the new mode!
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  13. Nice! I'm gonna try murder mystery now. (2 murderers) heheheheheh
  14. Found a bug.
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  15. yea hype!
  16. More achievements would have made it way better of an update, but still cool nonetheless.
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  17. Love the new mode! Infection v2 is decent. Also, in Double Up, while playing in the map Darkfall a few times, when the detective is killed the bow doesn't drop? And sometimes the sound when someone dies doesn't play.
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  18. heyo__

    heyo__ New Member

    Will showdown mode be brought back?
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  19. Yayayy it’s so fun!
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  20. Caleb

    Caleb Well-Known Member

    TheFroglets FROG
    Alpha infected looks interesting
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