Title of Minigame:

    Blocksasters is a game based off of the Roblox game, Natural Disasters where you have to try and survive natural and wacky disasters that each last for 20 seconds, gradually getting longer until reaching 40 seconds (The maxium disaster time). The disasters will go on until all 40 waves have been survived or everyone dies. This game can support at least 12 people and 24 people at it's maximum.
    Tornado - The sky starts getting cloudy, then a tornado forms, sucking players 2 blocks from it into the massive cyclone, killing them in the process.
    Meteor Shower - Netherrack and fireballs fall from the sky, exploding and killing people 3 blocks from it.
    Thunder Storm - The sky starts getting cloudy, then the storm starts, lightning bolts occur every 5 seconds, killing players 5 blocks from it.
    Tsunami - A massive wave of water appears and will destroy players and blocks (except ground blocks) in it's path.
    Flash Flood - The flood starts at one block and gets higher every 2 seconds, killing players who are 2 blocks submerged in the rising water.
    Fire - Starts in one part of the map, then spreads around the starting point every 2 seconds.

    Zombie Apocalypse - 3 zombies spawn randomly throughout the map every 4 seconds only 10 times (which adds up to 30 zombies in the game) that chase players and try to eat their brains. If a zombie hits you 5 times, you die and they get your brains.
    Creeper Attack - 10 creepers spawn randomly throughout the map every 7 seconds and blow up after 3 seconds of spawning, killing players 3 blocks from the explosion, leaving a crater the size it usually leaves after exploding.
    TNT Storm: 10 blocks of TNT spawn randomly throughout the map and fall from the sky every 7 seconds. After landing on the ground, it explodes after 3 seconds, killing players 3 blocks within the blast, leaving a crater the size TNT usually leaves after exploding.
    Warnings for each disaster will appear in the chat 7 seconds before the disaster starts. These will prepare you for what's about to happen.
    Stay away from this swirling funnel of doom!
    Meteor Shower
    Lookout in the sky for falling netherrack and balls of fire!
    Thunder Storm
    Stay inside and don't get zapped by lightning!
    Get to high ground or you wash away!
    Flash Flood
    Get to high ground or you drown!
    Get outside and avoid the burning embers!
    Zombie Apocalypse
    Run from zombies and don't let them eat your brains!
    Creeper Attack
    Watch out for the exploding monsters!
    TNT Storm
    Don't stand next to TNT or it'll blow you to bits!
    When the game gets 12 players, it will countdown from 15 seconds, allowing more players to come in. When the game starts, the players will be teleported from the lobby to the map(s). After teleported, the warnings will be given to players in 10 seconds. As said, the disasters start 7 seconds from the warnings and each last for 20 seconds and will slowly get longer until reaching 40 seconds. The disasters go on for 40 waves. At the end of the last wave if there are still survivors, they will be deemed the winners. If all players die, the the last person to die will be in first, the second to last person to die will be in second, and the third to last person to die will be in third.

    Since this is based off the game on Roblox, Natural Disasters, you can view it here. You DO NOT need to sign up or log in if you're gonna play this. You can just play as a guest and go unnoticed. This will also be including the map details, too. So keep a lookout for that as well. ;)

    Possible Map Ideas:
    The lobby for when the map starts could be a weather center. Have a screen showing the weather and maybe some armor stands of admins, like @Tactful and @RobityBobity . The actual map(s) can look like the island on the Roblox game. Start the island with stone, go up 4 blocks with it then switch to dirt, go up 6 blocks, then top it with grass. Make it look a tall island as natural as possible and make it big enough for 12-24 players. Then add some kind of building to top the map. (Like a home, office building, etc.)

    Items and Abilities
    The game doesn't really have much items and abilties. The game does give you a wooden sword that only lasts for 3 hits to defend yourself against the zombies. Other than that, you pretty much get nothing.

    Possible Achievements
    This game will, if accepted, start out as a PTL game. So achievements will come last if the game gets a lot of hype of other peeps.

    Additional Information and Final Notes
    I'd like to thank @CrispyMiner for inspiring me to suggest this for a game. The moment you made that thread, it made me think of it as an actual game on Hypixel. Also, the spoiler contains the commands for the warnings. :)

    Tornado: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Tornado","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"gray"},{"text":"\nStay away from this swirling funnel of doom!","color":"gray"}]
    Meteor Shower: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Meteor Shower","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"dark_red"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"Lookout in the sky for falling netherrack and balls of fire!","color":"dark_red"}]
    Thunder Storm: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Thunder Storm","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"dark_blue"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"Stay inside and don't get zapped by lightning!","color":"dark_blue"}]
    Tsunami: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Tsunami","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"blue"},{"text":"\nGet to high ground or you wash away!","color":"blue"}]
    Flash Flood: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Flash Flood","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"dark_aqua"},{"text":"\nGet to high ground or you drown!","color":"dark_aqua"}]
    Fire: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Fire","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"gold"},{"text":"\nGet outside and avoid the burning embers!","color":"gold"}]
    Zombie Apocalypse: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Zombie Apocalypse","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"dark_green"},{"text":"\nRun from zombies and don't let them eat your brains!","color":"dark_green"}]
    Creeper Attack: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Creeper Attack","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"green"},{"text":"\nWatch out for the exploding monsters!","color":"green"}]
    TNT Storm: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"TNT Storm","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"red"},{"text":"\nDon't stand next to TNT or it'll blow you to bits!","color":"red"}]
    Credit to Minecraft Tools for the commands
    If you have any feedback or suggestions or to add any other details, please mention them in the comments. I really hope this becomes a real game cause that would be really cool.

    Thanks! :)

    EDIT FOR OVERVIEW 11-05-17: Also, when the disasters are over after a minute, the map will reset, fixing all the damage from the disaster if needed. Then after 10 seconds, the new warning will appear on the screen. The process will repeat until the game's over and one player remains. Also, for the Thunder Storm disaster, when lightning strikes the building on the map, it will destroy the blocks. For example, say the emotes below are the destroyed blocks:
    That's how the lightning strike will destroy the blocks.
    The maps will reset for the following disasters and why:
    Tornado (Destroyed blocks)
    Meteor Shower (Destroyed Blocks)

    Thunder Storm (Destroyed Blocks)
    Tsunami (Destroyed Blocks)
    Flash Flood (The waters)
    Fire (the fire obviously)

    Creeper Attack (Destroyed Blocks)
    TNT Storm (Destroyed Blocks)

    So pretty much it will reset for every disaster, save the Zombie Apocalypse

    EDIT FOR OVERVIEW 11-10-17: I'm gonna change the Flash Flood rising waters from 4 seconds to 2 seconds. The Fire spreading will be changed from 4 to 2 seconds as well.

    ANOTHER EDIT FOR OVERVIEW 11-11-17: I forgot to add one thing in for the info. Death messages. There will be different types of death messages for each disaster found in the spoiler below with ANOTHER spoiler for the commands.
    <Player name and rank> was sucked into a tornado!
    <Player name and rank> was squashed by a meteorite!
    <Player name and rank> was zapped by lightning!
    <Player name and rank> wiped out from a tsunami!
    <Player name and rank> drowned!
    <Player name and rank> was burnt to a crisp!
    <Player name and rank> had their brains eaten from zombies!
    <Player name and rank> was blown to bits!
    <Player name and rank> had a blast with a creeper!
    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"","color":"gray"},{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"was sucked into a tornado!","color":"yellow"}]

    Meteor Shower:
    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"","color":"gray"},{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"was squashed by a meteorite!","color":"yellow"}]

    Thunder Storm:
    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"","color":"gray"},{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"was zapped by lightning!","color":"yellow"}]

    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"","color":"gray"},{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"wiped out from a tsunami!","color":"yellow"}]

    Flash Flood:
    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"","color":"gray"},{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"drowned!","color":"yellow"}]

    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"","color":"gray"},{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"was burnt to a crisp!","color":"yellow"}]

    Zombie Apocalypse:
    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"","color":"gray"},{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"had their brains eaten from zombies!","color":"yellow"}]

    TNT Rain:
    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"","color":"gray"},{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"was blown to bits!","color":"yellow"}]

    Creeper Attack:
    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"","color":"gray"},{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"had a blast with a creeper!","color":"yellow"}]
    ANOTHER EDIT FOR OVERVIEW 11-12-17: Thanks to @lopen I have more things to add! :)
    Instead of each disaster lasting 1 minute, disasters will last for 20 seconds at the start and will slowly be longer until it reaches 40 seconds per disaster. There's going to be 30 waves for the game if the players are good at surviving. As waves go, the map will slowly get smaller and smaller. And instead of 7-12 players, the game will now support 12-24 players (which was my original idea but I changed it to 7-12, but I guess it's officially gonna be 12-24 players)
    Plus, more disasters!
    Blizzard: The sky starts to fill with clouds, and the weather becomes snowy. Snowballs will fall from the sky, along with 7 snowgolems spawning randomly throughout the map. If the snowballs hit players 5 times, they'll die!

    Meatballllssss: Red stained blocks of clay will fall from the sky. When making contact with the surface, they will exploding into raw and cooked beef. Players who get hit with the beef 4 times will die!
    Purple Clouds: Purple dye with purple particles around it will fall to the ground, and random water bottles will spawn on the ground. Players need to pick them up and drink them or they'll die within 5 seconds from not drinks water bottles!
    Who let the dogs out?: Hostile dogs will spawn and attack players, killing them if they bite them in the butt 3 times. The dogs are angry because hackers disturbed their king, Mr. Watchdog.
    Beam me up, Scotty!: Shulker bullets will fall from the sky. If players get hit by one, they will be thrown in the air and go up to 30 blocks before falling to their death.
    The warnings, death messages, and more additions will be added soon. For now, it'll be like this.

    CONTINUING WITH THE EDIT FROM ABOVE 11-13-17: MORE EDITS ON THE WAY! So here's the warnings for the new disasters.
    Avoid falling snowballs and snowgolems!
    Avoid exploding meatballs and flying beef!

    Purple Clouds
    Collect and drink water bottles that spawn on the ground or you'll be intoxicated!

    Who let the dogs out?
    Don't let angry doggos bite you in the booty!

    Beam me up, Scotty!
    Look out for falling shulker bullets!
    <Player name and rank> Froze from the flying snowballs!
    <Player name and rank> Ate too much beef!
    <Player name and rank> was intoxicated from purple clouds!
    <Player name and rank> Had their butt bit too many times by doggos!
    <Player name and rank> Fell from a fatal height!
    Here's the commands!
    Blizzard: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Blizzard","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"aqua"},{"text":"\nAvoid flying snowballs and snowgolems!","color":"aqua"}]
    Meatballllssss: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Meatballllssss","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"dark_red"},{"text":"\nAvoid exploding meatballs and flying beef!","color":"dark_red"}]
    Purple Clouds: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Purple Rain","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"light_purple"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"Collect and drink water bottles that randomly spawn on the ground or you'll be intoxicated!","color":"light_purple"}]
    Who let the dogs out?: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Who let the dogs out?","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"gold"},{"text":"\nDon't let angry doggos bite you in the booty!","color":"gold"}]
    Beam me up, Scotty!: /tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Beam me up, Scotty!","bold":true,"underlined":true,"color":"dark_purple"},{"text":"\nLook out for falling shulker bullets!","color":"dark_purple"}]
    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"Froze from the flying snowballs!","color":"yellow"}]

    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"Ate too much beef!","color":"yellow"}]

    Purple Clouds:
    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"Was intoxicated from purple clouds!","color":"yellow"}]

    Who let the dogs out?:
    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"Had their butt bit too many times by doggos!","color":"yellow"}]

    Beam me up, Scotty!:
    /tellraw @a ["",{"text":" ","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"Fell from a fatal height!","color":"yellow"}]
    All commands you see here were made from Minecraft Tools (Click name to check it out yourself)

    ANOTHER EDIT 12-11-2017: This suggestion was made by @18Planet . Every player who plays Blocksasters will recieve 10 white wool blocks (like how you get 10 colored wool blocks in Mini Walls, depending on what team you're on). Players will not receive more wool blocks after the very first round. They can build shelters with it, or just go crazy and place the wool blocks everywhere. There will be a build limit so no one can build over 5 blocks. And, if mobs stand right next to the blocks, facing it, for about 5 seconds, they will break the blocks one by one, making it more fair so players can't fully isolate themselves.
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  3. Thanks :)
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  4. Man, I hope this becomes an actual minigame. I've been working on this suggestion thread for almost an hour and even writing out the ideas.
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  5. oh no
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  6. I had a feeling one of these posts will pop up XD
    I don't play Roblox. I used to, but not anymore.
    The game will sort of be based off Natural Disasters from Roblox since it's a good example.
  7. okay, but I am required to warn you that any mention of roblox is subject to instant meming.
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  10. I hope that means you like it since you liked the thread XD
  11. Bump. Not letting this thread get lost in the vast sea of threads.
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    I like the name.
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  14. Thanks. :)
  15. Just saying guys, suggestions would really be appreciated since I need more ideas.
  16. Mike

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    interesting i like it
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  17. Pretty coool!
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  18. Thanks you two. :)
  19. Just added the new thing, death messages since I forgot to put them in. ANYWAY, need more feedback, suggestions, and other stuff to make this an actual minigame.
  20. lopen

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    CowSquad COWSQD
    I've read the thread, and I have to say it sounds like a lot of fun.
    I've personally never played Roblox(thank goodness for that), but I feel this gamemode might work on Hypixel as a PTL game.
    But I do have some feedback, additions and dislikings.

    Honestly, I never like it when they copy games from other games, and Minecraft them up.
    But this game is an exception to my rule.

    I believe they should start with 20 seconds per disaster, and slowly getting longer and longer, to eventually, 40 seconds or so per disaster.
    Also, 1 minute per wave is way to long, I personally wouldn't want to play such game for minutes straight just for a win.
    No matter how fun it is.

    No, that's a terrible idea.
    Look at the game avalance, sometimes the game goes on for 30 waves, because people simply don't want to kill eachother.
    Instead, you should make it that the map gets smaller after every wave, making it harder and harder to survive each wave. Letting only a real pro win the game :)

    In my mind, I see this as a 12-24 player game.
    A lot of people will die rather quickly due them being inexperienced, having bad luck.
    If that's the case, with 7-12 people, you'll have trouble getting passed wave 3.

    I have some suggestions;

    Blizzard -> Snowballs will fall from the sky, and snowgolems will spawn randomly throwing snowballs to players.

    Meatballllssss -> Random blocks of red stained clay will fall down from heaving, making a big meatball explosion (beef will be thrown when the block hits the ground, and everyone who gets hit by a piece of beef will lose health)

    Purple Rain -> Purple toxic clouds will drop down from the streets, random bottles of water will spawn, if you drink the water you're safe from the toxic clouds, if you don't drink the water in time you'll die.

    Who let the dogs out? -> Alot of dogs will spawn, all angry because hackers attacked their king(Mr,Watch) and now seek revenge. They're angry dogs that deal quite some damage.

    Beam me up scotty -> Aliens are attack the earth, and random laser beams will drop down from the sky. If you get hit by one of the lasers (beacon beams) you get thrown into the air, unfortunatly for you the Humans just destroyed the ship that was beaming you up, making you drop down onto your death.

    Make it 7 seconds. 3 is a little short, before people have noticed the message, read the messages, processed the message and responded to the message it's already 2 seconds later, leaving only 1 second for them to act appropriatly.
    7 will give them about 5 seconds to take cover, and prepare for the disaster to strike them.

    Let achievements be something to get added when the game comes out of PTL, if it ever gets into the PTL stage.

    Well that was my input :)
    Do whatever you want with it!
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