1. Hello,

    Thanks everyone for your feedback on both threads so far.
    This is the 3rd draft, it also includes the Healer and Guardian kits now!


    This might be the last thread, if I see good suggestions I will of course include them!
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  2. Farmer strat is going to be a thing
    calling it
    aka rush mid with farmer and get full diamond easily
    Also are you going to change the loot tables as well?
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  3. Good stuff here !
  4. For pig rider make the carrot on a stick sharp 4-5 in normal and sharp 7-8 in insane. It would be nice to be able to steer the pig and hit someone at the same time.
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  5. yes i agre
  6. *sigh of relief when i see that energix wasn’t buffed*
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  7. Slippery

    Slippery Well-Known Member

    Hate to say it but baseball player was good with chain helmet easier to identify. I like that pig rider isn't totally useless now, along with troll. As far as from the second draft it all looks good, nice job.

    Ps: You forgot the bolded line between Rookie (pro) and snowman.
  8. I feel like armorer should have been reverted to v2.

    I see you added healer. I feel like there should be only 3 instant health potions but the regeneration potions should have a level of 2 and there should only be two. Maybe healer could have 2 golden apples.
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  9. Yeet 1st page
  10. Something I wanted to see with Engineer was that it had a lot more redstone items so you didn't have to craft the pieces, makes building/preparing for redstone contraptions much easier
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  11. NickCrompton

    NickCrompton Active Member

    Wow this is interesting!
  12. Why energix isn't buffed? The strength could at least do more. After all, I see barely anyone use it. Oh btw now after 30s enderman becomes op af
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  13. Most of these changes seems balanced
  14. Hookle

    Hookle Well-Known Member

    Infamy INFAMY
    all seem balanced for the most part but farmer needs a nerf. getting insta diamond pants would make that probably the best kit in the game. if you get blocks from your first chest and rush middle you will have a high chance at full diamond
  15. Why does the engineer kit give you 64 flint and steels???
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  16. These look really ballenced thank you
  17. Greeq

    Greeq Active Member

    these are some really nice cheanges and I really do hope they get added
    nice job Dadmin
  18. Why not add a kit where I My gives you a random splash potion? Kind of like what happens in blacksmith in ranked but instead of books, you get splash potions. I’d call it the Wizard or Witch. It would be for maybe 5-10 seconds as I’d include many types of potions like

    And please the one I really want to be added, strength
    Maybe make strength as rare as kB in ranked but it would be cool if that could happen.

    Also maybe have armored in insane have pants please, people really need pants in sky Wars.

    Also I have an idea for zoo keeper, maybe add a very low chance for a player to spawn a wither or ender dragon.

  19. Yeesh. and I thouhgt pyro had good armor before...
  20. I don' like it

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