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    Nah kb makes it unique and less of a melee game.
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  2. Thanks for the update proposal @Jayavarmen!

    I only really have three ideas with the kits (And one tangentially related) as they stand right now, everything else looks fine and dandy!

    1) Rookie (To-be Pro):

    It's proposed that we receive an iron helm & iron chestplate, alongside a golden apple and a sharpness I stone sword. For me, rookie has historically been used as my go-to rushing players kit, there's a fine balance between the armor and the (slightly less than Ecologist) weapon that allows you to take someone out. The entire idea behind rushing is that high risk medium reward initial jump on someone. When you rush, you expect the other player to be morbidly undergeared and unable to fight back. Maybe they have the chance to grab a sword, or some armor - but that's just about it. Taking their one piece of gear against half iron and a sharpened stone sword (not to mention a gapple to heal afterward) feels a bit unfair for me.

    To address this, the typical reason that rushers perish is because they didn't have enough armor to put up with their opponent's lucky sword/kit.

    (All stats are relative to full diamond, protection V armor)

    Full leather (Current) = 28.0% protection
    An iron helm and iron chestplate = 32.0% protection

    The difference is minor, but in something as high risk/medium reward as rushing players, these differences do matter. If we are keeping up with the impressive buff of a weapon (+4 -> +6.25), I'd argue that the armor needs to be decreased from baseline, very slightly. Now - the question becomes, how do we change this armor from leather into something that could actually be beneficial in insane mode? My solution:

    Diamond Helm & Diamond boots = 24.0% protection.

    Not only is it a small armor nerf, but the diamond items provide extremely valuable late-game benefits too (If one chooses not to rush). It's not too powerful, as those armor pieces alone can have you killed in an instant (And we all know how aggravating it is to die because you can't find a pair of pants in Skywars), but still useful, as diamond armor will likely stick with you for the full game, unlike the leather pieces that get tossed 0.57 seconds after the game finishes.

    Diamond boots, Diamond Helm, Stone Sword (Sh I), and a Golden apple is my final proposition.

    2) Armorer:

    The main reason people choose armorer in insane is so that they can guarantee those elusive chestplates and leggings, but I'd argue mostly for the pants. If you do not get a set of legs off your main island, you're basically ruined for the rest of the game. Either having to choose a very select fight to secure a pair, or run between islands mining (more on that later). Using a kit like farmer puts too much weighting on the pants, as it gives you nothing else but a stack of eggs. For a player like me, I really enjoy having a decent amount of armor before engaging in a fight.

    As the proposal stands, a protection I Iron chestplate and protection I diamond boots give you 41.06% protection. In order to include a legs as well, and keep similar protection ratings, I'd love to see the following in the updated armorer kit:

    Iron chestplate (Thorns II, Projectile Protection II), iron legs (Projectile protection II, Blast Protection III), and a 10 second potion of resistance I. (44.0% protection against regular damage, ~50% protection against arrows)

    My reasoning behind this is that the idea of armorer is to provide good, all around protection from more than just swords. Armorer will give a similar armor rating to that proposed, will be much more versatile than it currently stands, and will finally, have both legs and a chestplate, something people long for in insane mode.

    3) Snowman

    Personal preference, I really, really, dislike the idea of adding two snowmen per player. imagine teams mode where a pair could literally have four snowmen hurling projectiles at anyone who tries to come near them. Not to mention free, infinite snowballs for the players as well. The general point of this kit is so you can have a fighting buddy at range while you either camp or fight someone. Giving two snowmen (As weak as they are to bows) per player could make the game unplayable for some, as they are held at their island with double snowballs to worry about. As a remedy, I'd like to see us go back to just one snowman, but up the shovel to Sharpness III and perhaps toss in some white-dyed leather armor to compensate.

    4) Scout


    And, finally:

    In skywars, the islands are extremely varied in terms of how much ore is available. On something like Tribute, you can furnish a full set of iron gear and a diamond sword with nothing but a bit of time. On maps like Shire, no armor in one slot is an absolute death sentence. I'd love to see at least 5 iron ore added to each island, so there is at least a chance for people with less armor to make it. That way, mining for the items could take time while other people fight it out, but still provide a low-risk way to get yourself enough gear before you choose to fight.

    Thank you for making it through the absolute mountain of a post, and I really hope these ideas prove beneficial! Feel free to disagree or propose changes as anyone deems fit.

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  3. Again, thanks everyone for your feedback, I'm going to post a 3rd and hopefully last thread!
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