1. [Guild Leader]
    [MVP+] Nightbots

    Hello everyone! We are the AutoWins and we’re a pretty casual skywars guild. We play mostly Sky Wars, but we do play a lot of the other mini games on the server. We are searching for nice, active players to join our guild and won’t look too heavily at your game stats.

    Guild Master

    [MVP+] Nightbots



    1000+ Wins
    2,500 (Total) Kills
    1.2+ KDR (Kill/Death ratio)

    1,000 ranked kills


    500 ranked wins

    Other Games

    at least 500 wins (Mega Walls)
    25 star+ in Bedwars

    at least 800 wins (any gamemode)
    at least 10,000 kills (any gamemodes)
    6+ Star in UHC
    at least level network 70+
    be active on the server!


    Not following the rules will result in a warning or an expulsion from the guild as the guild master or officers see fit. We also expect that all members of the guild follow the rules of the server.
    1. Do not spam the guild chat.
    2. Do not use any kind of profanity in the guild chat as I may be recording and would prefer to keep our chat friendly for the sake of younger viewers.
    3. Please alert an officer if you are going to be away for an extended period of time, as we will kick people for being inactive. If you are banned, you will most likely be removed from the guild.
    4. Hacking and harassment will result in immediate expulsion from our guild, no warnings necessary.
    5. Do not ask to become an officer. At. All.
    6. Do not ask for a friend request from Nightbots or any of the officers, please!
    7. Respect all other members of the guild! If you run into a conflict, please try to resolve it maturely and as quickly as possible. In our guild, we will not entertain drama.
    8. Please do not frequently try to get the attention of Nightbots, staff members, or the Officers. We may be busy!

    Status: OPEN

    IGN: (we won't accept inappropriate usernames)
    Time Zone: --
    Requirements Met: --
    Network Level: --
    Favorite Game: --
    How often are you online?: --
  2. Best of luck with your guild! :)
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  3. Good luck with the guild!!
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  4. Thanks guys!
  5. i have 2 things who are the 2 master players
  6. iHarm and Nightbots
  7. Do You want to do a GvG vs my guild?
  8. Let me ask the guild master for confirmation!
  9. oofmaster

    oofmaster Well-Known Member

    L o s t MEMBER
    what is a master
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  10. You
  11. When do you want to have it? Maybe this Saturday at 1PM EST?
  12. idk we still need to find out who is on the team
  13. What team?
  14. IGN: (we won't accept inappropriate usernames) Greix
    Time Zone: -- EST
    Requirements Met: -- Skywars
    Network Level: -- 89
    Favorite Game: -- Skywars, Bedwars, ranked, and mega
    How often are you online?: -- Everyday for at least 2 hours
  15. Accepted! I will send you an invite asap! When you are on please friend me and I will try to accept!
  16. friend me please yours are disable
  17. okay
  18. Gvg is basically a (number) team of your best players vs another guild with their best players and the winner is the better guild

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