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  1. Lowkey was thinking about this game for a while so I hope I can get some opinions, ok I'll shut up and lets get to the point.

    So the game I was thinking about is named: Cave Escape.

    So here's the base game:

    Everyone is spawned at bedrock with a stone sword with 25% durability left, an iron pickaxe with 50% durability left, and 10 torches. you must escape a VERY long cave tunnel, That has dangerous mobs, lava, pit jumps and gravel. some places you must mine your way through, to add some difficulty, you can also mine ores in the cave, these will give you extra coins and HXP. (there is 10 players max, 5 to start.) ontop of that, you only have 8 minutes to escape, the cave is randomly generated but with the same length.

    the ores:

    Diamond: 125 Coins and HXP
    Iron: 50 Coins and HXP
    Emerald: 105 Coins and HXP
    Coal: 10 Coins and 15 HXP
    Gold (only 2 per game): 500 Coins, And 1000 HXP, it will be announced when someone mines a gold ore. however, that person gains slowness II, and the Gold Ore takes 15% of the pickaxe's durability away.

    Getting to the surface or escaping the cave tunnel, will award you based on how much time it took.

    1 minute or less: (Extreme Difficulty) 1250 Coins and 5000 HXP (Will also get a achievement: "Golden Cave Runner!")

    2 minutes or less (Incredibly Hard) 950 Coins and 1250 HXP (Will get the achievement: "No Cave Can Stop Me!"

    3 Minutes (Hard) 500 Coins and 750 HXP

    4 Minutes (Medium) 250 Coins and 500 HXP

    5 minutes: 100 Coins and 200 HXP

    There is also hard mode, which is 2x Coins and 5x HXP, but the difficulty of the cave is multiplied and the achievements are disabled due to impossibility. 5 hearts only.

    Well what do you think? Please a suggestion below. (HXP means Hypixel XP) Also, if you mine gold and escape the cave before it caves in, you get the achievement: "Rich Richard"
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  2. LittlePhilip

    LittlePhilip Active Member

    This is actually a nice idea!

    But then to get the 1 minute or less you'll need to be a god and ignore all ores. Just for the achievement.
    Also it seems to reward too much coins and GXP. I mean, just playing in 1 minute gives you 5k experience, if you could do that all the time you'd be level 250 in an hour :p
  3. Thats the point, its extremly hard, but the cave would probably only take 6 minutes to get out of if you walked.

    The achievement is rewarding, 15000 Coins and 10000 HXP.
  4. thing is its increbibily hard to get out of the cave in 1 minute, but i suppose a party of friends could make a staircase up to surface to get the rewards....
  5. beeyorkie

    beeyorkie Well-Known Member

    1. whats with the XP lol games dont give XP
    2. seems a bit too complicated for arcade
  6. LittlePhilip

    LittlePhilip Active Member

    1. Games DO give Experience at the end. Unless you are talking about gaining experience mid game, then idk. Maybe he just counts it until the end?
    2. Well then, I guess a game like this will need its own lobby, its own cosmetics, its own events
  7. (This post isn't dieing this aint a necro post i swar if u report u bawd)

  8. This game could become its own server, like Their would be Hard mode, 2x EXP Events, 2x Coins Event, Standard And Solo Mode\

    Edit: This game isn't supposed to be complicated, you need to escape a cave, with the mobs, the pit jumps, and ores and stuff the game isn't hard to understand.

    j u s t g e t o u t i n t i m e
  9. LittlePhilip

    LittlePhilip Active Member

    You first tell that the game can be overly complicated
    Right after you tell that the game isn't supposed to be complicated
  10. I think you have a very legitimate idea and that if staff pay attention to this thread they might take you seriously on the game. I do believe that the concept is nice although I suggest that maybe you could make the game more of a tunnel rather that a mining game. A mining game means that you are mining into the mobs and ultimately control when you encounter them. Maybe you could think of the game as an open corridor where you build to get around them? And then include some custom mobs such as creepers that detect you through blocks to avoid players building a long tunnel.

    I think that the game you have in your head is a very creative and riveting game that would put a new spin on Hypixel gaming. But I am seriously concerned with players finding ways to exploit the game and I wonder if the game at the way you have it set would ever be able to be cheat-proof.

    EDIT: What if you made the players only building block a falling one like sand? it would be near impossible to set up a tunnel in a safe way in the given time limit.
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  11. I think it would make an awesome party game if it were shortened up. There would have to be a little more to it for it to be a full game though. Some of the stuff would need to be reworked and explained a little more too.

    The coin reward seems okay, but the xp reward is too high compared to other games. I mean I wouldn't mind if games started giving more xp, it's just that the other games would need to be rebalanced for that. Another thing is, you didn't really explain how winning works. If it's just getting to the end, then everything but the gold ore would probably be ignored. If it's a combination of the ores and getting to the end, that might complicate things. Also how would dying play into it, and would there be a checkpoint along the way?
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  12. I think a lot of good points were brought up here and i'm intrigued by the potential this game has. I do believe all of these are solvable with small adjustments in game and a little more clarity on how the game exactly functions. None of these seem to be a deal breaker as far as the games success is concerned.

  13. Hmmm, For a sort of anti-cheat maybe we can do something like "go to far away from the main trail and you get slowness and blindness. Thank you so much for your kind opinion, and thank you for responding with an open heart. I do think this game COULD have a lot of potential. Thank you for elaborting and adding to my idea, of course this post was only an idea. but if enough people add to the poll, Maybe the mods would be FORCED to add this game due to public opinion, but seriously, thank you.
  14. Thank you too for helping on this idea, thank you for your opinion and ideas. Will keep in mind when talking to players live about this. thank you for contributing to a maybe breakout game, Later this month maybe i'll re-post about a new and improved game. thank you.
  15. @Joshua

    Summon feedback warriors!
  16. Loved the idea, but:

    • Needs more achievments additons
    • Emerald should give you more coins than diamons (bc of its hard to find on real minecraft)
    • You can try to do different themes for caves: prisms cave, sea cave, normal cave, waterfall cave, nether cave, etc
    But everything looks cool!
  17. What are coins used for? Also, what happens when you lose your pick and run into an area that you have to dig through? Do you just lose and have to wait out 8 minutes?
  18. For the coin usage, probably for cosmetics and for cool looking items, maybe you can upgrade your stuff but with high cost.
    when you lose your pick.... well I think that's obvious.
  19. Ok so i changed my mind about the rewards, based on public opinion, The rewards should've been nerfed to prevent "Skill" from being to OP.

    Getting out of the cave in 1 minute or less 500 CEC, 1250 HXP

    Getting out of the cave in 2 minutes or less: 500 CEC, 975 HXP

    Getting out of the cave in 3 minutes or less: 400 CEC, 700 HXP

    Getting out of the cave in 4 minutes or less: 350 CEC, 500 HXP

    Getting out in 5 minutes, less or more, : 200 CEC, 250 HXP


    note: all ores are rewarded when player has ESCAPED with said ores. Also Note: you can mine more then 1 ores, and more of 1 of any ore.

    Diamond: (25 per game) 500 CEC, 100 HXP

    Emerald: (5 Per game) 750 CEC, 250 HXP

    Gold: (only 2 per game): 5000 Coins, And 1500 HXP, it will be announced when someone mines a gold ore. however, that person gains slowness II, and the Gold Ore takes 15% of the pickaxe's durability away.

    Iron: (50 per game) 125 CEC, 100 HXP

    Coal: (100 per game) 50 CEC, 100 HXP


    Getting out of the cave in 1 minute or less: (Cave Mastermind!) One time only rewards: 5000 CEC, 5000 HXP.

    Getting out of the cave in 2 minutes or less: (Cave Superior!) One time only rewards: 2500 CEC, 2500 HXP.

    Getting out of the cave in any time period other then 8:00 minutes with gold ore: (Rich Robert!) One time only rewards: 1000 CEC, and 2500 HXP

    If you escape in 1 minute for the first time, but haven't escaped for 2 minutes either, you will get both rewards.

    CEC stands for "cave escape coins"
  20. No problem. I hope your game gets added and please continue to make awesome ideas!

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