Which is your fav idea?

  1. 1. /f online

    8 vote(s)
  2. 2. Friend Ranking

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  3. 3. Auto-Friending

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  1. 1. /f online

    Just like /g online. /f online would be helpful for people with alot of peeps on your friends list (i have 380 people on my list) so i can have from 5-32 friends online and having to do 2-4 commands (/f list 1, /f list 2, /f list 3, /f list 4) would be kinda annoying.

    2. Friend ranking
    Make where you can rate friends. this would be awesome
    Ex. Ranks:
    Normal Friend (People u just friend after playing 1 game with them and never talk to them again)
    Nice Friend (People that occasionally play with you like once a month or so
    Great Friend (People u play with on a weekly basis)
    BEST Friend (People you play with ALOT or people u know irl)
    Added Comands:
    /F list normal
    /f list nice
    /f list great
    /f list best
    /f add (player) [This would automatically be a normal friend]
    /f add nice (player)
    /f add great (player)
    /f add best (Player)

    3. Auto-Friending

    PLZ add this in so when someone friend requests you it auto-accepts!
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  2. GalaxyDano

    GalaxyDano Active Member

    /f online probably could be useful.
    The friend ranking would be meh.. Somewhat not needed to have, unless it's for sorting purposes.
    As for Auto-Friending, there already is a mod that allows you to accept incoming friend requests automatically.
  3. Can u give me a link to that mod?

    as long as its allowed on hypixel
  4. Hey,

    I do not thinking that the auto-accept thingy would be something many people would use... I mean, there are spambots that can send a friend request to anyone who is online and that makes it very annoying, the auto accept would be somewhat of a trouble for those who had it enabled.

    Regarding the friends online, I totally agree. Some people have hundreds of friends and whenever they want to play with someone they have to go through the entire list in order to find who's online.

    Finally, the friends ranking could be useful. Something like categories for your friends, sounds good but quite unnecessary.
  5. sykese

    sykese Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    It’s use at your own risk.
  6. UglyStereotypes

    UglyStereotypes Well-Known Member

    No, no, and no.
  7. Any reasons?
  8. UglyStereotypes

    UglyStereotypes Well-Known Member

    Because they suck lol.
  9. just do /f list and on the top of the list is ppl online
  10. Ik but if u got more than 8 friends online (i can have up to 32+) its annoying doing /f list 1, /f list 2, /f list 3, /f list 4 etc.

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