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  1. Hello! As of right now, It's very easy to get "Well known member" because people can just post a lot or get likespam, Also Everyone pretty much (who uses the forums) has all the Trophy points. Now I have a few ideas for Trophy achievements and a new Forum rank

    Forum Rank:
    The new Forum rank will be called "forum veteran" Why veteran? I believe it means a old member and other stuff (please comment below what it means) You may ask "What are the requirements to get it?" You need 150 Trophy points and 10,000 Messages or 3,000 likes, The reason why I made it 10,000 messages is because only 15 (I think) people has 10,000 messages, If we do something low like 5,000, Everyone will pretty much have it, This forum rank will be something challenging. That why is 10,000 messages EDIT: the old name of the new rank was called "Elite member"

    Trophy Achievement:
    Achievement name | Elite Achievement - Points 40, How to earn it: Earn the Elite Rank
    Achievement name | Speak English! Achievement - Points 10, How to earn it: Earn a wat rating
    Achievement name | Your a Veteran! Achievement - Points 30, How to earn it: Be on the forums for one year
    Achievement name | So many likes! Achievement - Points 15, How to earn it: Get 50 likes on a single thread
    Achievement name | Your famous! Achievement - Points 10, How to earn it: Get a youtuber post on your thread
    Achievement name | 2 many follows! Achievement - Points 20, How to earn it: get 200 followers
    More coming soon.

    Maybe make the Dislikes negative rating? Because it is a negative rating. (Please tell me if I should remove this, This seems a huge change) Outdated

    Make it so you can have your own banner in your profile (screenshot coming soon, I don't know how to take a screenshot so help me pls)

    Make the wat rating useable for everyone but a limit, You can only use 3 wats per day (this might ruin thie "Speak English" achievement)

    There should be a like limit, Why? a lot of people would likespam you and would make the positive rating useless. (thanks @sykese for giving me that idea) (TELL ME IF I SHOULD REMOVE THIS)

    More coming soon.
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  2. _SquidJgCoruptor_

    _SquidJgCoruptor_ New Member

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  3. Not really... "Elite Team" was the previous name of the "Player Council" o_O
    The idea is nice, but maybe could we came up with another name? :)
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  4. Understandable but that section is so inactive
    Elite sounds cool though, But what kind what other name Should we think/pick of?

    THRYLIN Well-Known Member

    Danger DANGER
    also a way to screenshot is to use greenshot, heres steps:
    get greenshot
    download greenshot
    complete all that it wants you to do
    to capture screen, click on the extension on the bottom right (windows) or press print screen on the keyboard
    from there, you choose borders and then this pops up
    choose what you want to do with your screenshot (i prefer imgur)
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  6. I like the Elite Rank idea. Maybe everyone that has elite on the forums has a new rank called "forum nerd" ingame
  7. Nah, that's a bit rude tbh (in my opinion) it is cool but nah
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  8. Indestructal

    Indestructal Retired Kiwi Mod

    Yes I agree more forums would be awesome!
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  9. Is there any other cool names for the rank?
  10. the ig rank? well it just I don't think it should be added. Sure its cool but wont the chat be Huge like
    [Forum nerd] [MVP+] StevenR8: hi
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  11. Neodymium

    Neodymium Active Member

    Honestly, this will create a lot of braggery. It is practically a given that those "Elites" will be very boastful, and will most likely shut people out. I'm not saying everyone would do this, but a few would. Creative idea, though! :D
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  12. it will replace current rank like what yt does
  13. that's a cool idea but people might get confused
  14. Echks

    Echks Well-Known Member

    people don't boast about WKM
    wasn't around when it was a rare accomplishment but as far as I've been made aware they didn't do it back then either
  15. I agree, but perhaps knock it from 3000 likes to just 3000 positive ratings in general?
  16. Eh. Not sure. quite a lot of people have 3k positive rating, if u get enough agrees then sure
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  17. -Caden

    -Caden Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Disagrees shouldn't be considered negative. If someone has a different opinion than you it shouldn't be considered a bad thing.
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  18. I actually forgot about that, one of my friends say disagree is always bad but I once said what if someone said "I like cheeseburgers" and someone disagree with you? that doesn't mean its bad

    But yeah I forgot about that
  19. Cinnamon823

    Cinnamon823 Well-Known Member

    I think disagrees should be a neutral rating because disagreeing with something doesn't mean it's bad.
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  20. Fictum

    Fictum Well-Known Member

    Netherz NETHER
    Change the name of the forum rank to "Forum Veteran"
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