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    Do you like rewards? How about a free reward EVERY DAY!? Introducing our new Reward Card system on Hypixel!

    Reward Cards are a new way for you to get free in-game items on the server. We designed them to be frequent and fun with a large selection of cool rewards to choose from. Each day you can claim 1 free Reward Card from our website by visiting the Delivery Man in lobbies.


    To claim your reward, right-click Delivery Man in lobbies and left-click the new Reward Card icon. This will post a URL link to our website in the chat - click the link and open it in a web browser to start claiming your reward!

    Each time you claim, 3 cards are drawn at random from our deck. Rewards include minigame coins, Hypixel Experience, Mystery Box items and more! You can left-click to claim 1 of these 3 rewards to receive in-game. Hover over a revealed card to find out more about it.

    Reward Cards can be Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary rarity level. Common is the least valuable, and Legendary is the most valuable and most difficult to find.

    By default you can claim 1 time per day - the timer resets each day at midnight EST (04:00am UTC). But you can use Reward Tokens to claim more - 1 token can be spent at the Delivery Man to let you claim 1 extra time. Reward Tokens can currently be found in cards, and we may add more ways to unlock them across the server.


    Included in the system is a Daily Streak counter. For each day you claim in a row, you build up your streak which is displayed on the Rewards web page. After claiming each day for 9 days in a row, you get 1 free Reward Token, which lets you claim 1 extra time!

    We also added a way to show off your chosen reward. After claiming a card you can share it on Twitter or Facebook by clicking the icons. You can also download the card image for uploading on other websites, or sharing right here on the forums! :)


    This is a brand new system, and whilst we've tested it a lot we expect there to be small changes and bugs to be fixed. If you find a bug or other issue please post it in our Bug Reports forum:

    Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the new Reward Cards system! If you find a LEGENDARY make sure to share it in this thread :D
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  2. Ryast

    Ryast Well-Known Member


    So that's what the sneaky hole in the middle was for ;)

    This looks and works so well as well, seriously this is a great update. Thanks!

    I also love how the rare sounds like "Bruh"
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2016
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  3. Sherp

    Sherp Well-Known Member

    Quote OFFICER
    Why the video tho?
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  4. 1st page xD
    Really nice addition btw
    So I got a pot of gold...Does this mean I'm rich now?
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2016
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  5. Chockadlad

    Chockadlad Well-Known Member

    oops MEMBER
    give me legendaries
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  6. OminousSounds

    OminousSounds Well-Known Member

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  7. xxm


    xxm Well-Known Member

    Damage OFFICER
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  8. Skrimiche

    Skrimiche Well-Known Member

    free stuff is always good


    if this post is edited to include some super inspiring or staff-appreciating essay im gonna cry
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  9. Yayy thanks!
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  10. Great job @PxlPanda on the web design because its actually really cool, I wouldn't expect to like something like this so much lmao
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  11. Gotta admit, that is pretty sick.

    I honestly can't wait to get on now.

    Great job guys!
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  12. Hype
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  14. Chadman

    Chadman Active Member

    Reject MEMBER
    HYPE !!!
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  15. And the 2,000 experience stays. Woo!

    I do think that it could be cool to add some added bonuses for continuing a streak besides a 9 day +1 unlock.

    Maybe you can access more cards per few days? Like day 1 you can access 1 card to choose from, day 3 you can access 2, day 5 you can access 3 (and so on), so then you can continue throughout giving you more choices and more options the longer you streak!

    Anyways, great decision, and I love the concept for rank support via the 30s video!
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2016
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  16. brandon048

    brandon048 Well-Known Member

    The already claimed sound is the same as Poop and Super Poop votes in Build Battle. Well done.
    Just did it and got 3k Walls Coins! :D
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  17. Sisikuma

    Sisikuma Well-Known Member

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  18. NameChangeK

    NameChangeK Well-Known Member

    oops MEMBER

    Edit 1: I get a legendary, 100 mystery dust, craft crafted mystery box #2, get endermite pet which is the worst pet might i add, i already have it, get 50 mystery dust while i spent 150, and im back to where i was

    I hate my life
    Edit 2: yee you can finally get gift boxes for free

    also its recognizing my web browser (firefox) as a mobile/tablet device, fix this pls <- Edit: This issue has been fixed. Thanks guys!
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2016
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  19. #19
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  20. Ignorant

    Ignorant Well-Known Member

    Thank you!

    Best feature ever, even with the card support thing with unfolding and stuff. I would like to see more of these on the website, maybe add a feature where registering and linking account will get you reward tokens this will encourage more players to use the forums. I think that Hypixel's features are getting more awesome every single month.

    I would like to thank all the admins for this amazing feature and reward for players!
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