1. A new patch has been released for Bed Wars, available to test now in the Prototype Lobby. For information on what changes are included, check out the details below.

    For more details on the Prototype Lobby, visit the Introduction thread.

    ▶ General Updates
    We've added 3 brand new awesome maps, 2 for Solo and Doubles, and 1 for Teams, they are:


    ▶ General Updates

    • Normal chests in each teams base have been locked until that teams bed is destroyed
    • Reduced shout cooldown to 60 seconds from 90
    • Added quick communication menu when right clicking on the compass
    The Quick Communication Menu


    Chat message when quick communicating
    Developers Comments: We have added a Quick Communications menu to allow you to quickly send a veriety of specific messages to your teammates on exactly when you are doing or what your teammates should be focusing on doing - no more typing for ages! Certain quick communication message will change the target of your compass, for example, attacking a team will point towards that team.
    • Revamped deathmatch, improved Enderdragon player targeting and added a Dragon Buff team upgrade to the shop
    Developers Comments: We have replaced the dragons spawning periodically in the deathmatch to a fixed number of Enderdragon which will spawn one time. Each team alive at the beginning of deathmatch will have 1 Enderdragon each, and if they have purchased the Dragon Buff upgrade, one extra dragon will spawn for their team. On top of that, Enderdragons have been tweaked to now break all blocks including Obsidian and Endstone, and their path-finding has been improved so they only target enemy players - no more camping in Endstone holes!
    • Added team tracker to the Quick Communications menu for 2 Emeralds
    Developers Comments: When you are the only team with a bed remaining, or deathmatch has started, you can purchase a compass tracker to track each member of a specific team. When you die, you must re-purchase the tracker.

    ▶ Balance Changes

    General Balance Changes
    • Removed starting permanent Wooden Pickaxe and replaced it with a permanent Wooden Sword
    • Increased spawn invincibility to 3 seconds
    • Fireballs can no longer destroy Sandstone or Endstone
    • Enderdragons can now destroy all blocks, including Endstone and Obsidian
    • Added 3 seconds of Slowness 1 to the Tripwire team upgrade
    Shop Changes
    • Removed Wooden Sword from the shop
    • Shears cost reduced to 30 Iron
    • Added Unenchanted Wood Pickaxe for 10 Iron
    • Reduced Stone Pickaxe to 20 Iron and changed to Efficiency I
    • Iron Sword reduced to 7 Gold
    • Stone Sword reduced to 10 Iron
    • Increased Fireball cost to 50 Iron
    • Increased TNT cost to 5 Gold
    • Added Dragon Buff team upgrade
    Resource and Generator Changes
    • Solo and Doubles max Emerald generator stack has been reduced from 3 Emeralds to 2
    • Solo and Doubles Emerald generator timer has been reduces
    Developer Comments: Permenent items and respawn invincibility have been changed to improve early game and base camping, and generator changes have been made to balance out the gap between emerald and diamond focused strategies.

    ▶ Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Solo chat so it is now only global chat
    • Fixed anti-cheat issues with Enderpearls
    • Fixed Bed Regen team upgrade causing inventory to glitch out
    • Fixed melee kills not giving the killer the players items if they get knocked into the void
    • Fixed mobs like the Iron Golem having exceedingly large player tracking range
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  2. Wabbit

    Wabbit Well-Known Member

    Bounce MEMBER

    Wooden sword should help rushers, and rooft top is my favorite map
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  3. Cool update! Hype for new bedwars content and maps!
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  4. Traw

    Traw Well-Known Member

    oops OFFICER
    still no full game.....

    Last edited: Apr 20, 2017 at 7:01 PM
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  5. Bran_

    Bran_ Helper

    Abstract MEMBER
    Nice to see another update for Bedwars. I was more hoping for the full release but this will sustain my hype for just a bit longer.
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  6. Hype never ends :D
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  7. Sleep Time
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  8. But where is the pay 2 win things
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  9. Misbelieve

    Misbelieve Well-Known Member

    Very cool Update! Will be playing this game right when I can! But please, release this full game soon :).
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  10. YESSSSSSS! new patch
  11. Exoduis

    Exoduis New Member

    xeno MEMBER
  12. 2Pi


    2Pi Well-Known Member

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  13. Plochem

    Plochem Well-Known Member

    hype hype hype
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  14. Thanks for the cool update :)
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  15. I don't know if the clouds are intentional in this
    But I like it
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  16. First page, good enough.
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  17. Oh boy! I'm getting even more excited for this game!
  18. Jxssu

    Jxssu New Member

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  19. Awesome update!
    Can't wait for bedwars to become a standalone game! :D
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