1. Oh yes, i was waiting for something like this

    Thank you Admins :D
  2. ChicksPlayz

    ChicksPlayz Active Member

  3. yay this happened now i dont need skill to win
  4. I want to be unbanned to see this new bedwars update for myself
    Who knows, I might even buy MVP+
  5. MAFIO

    MAFIO Member

    Lucky blocks mode is lots of fun, but it has a whole number of extremely frustrating issues.

    First of all, please get rid of the stupid scramble and quick maths. Or at least do something that allows me to opt out of it. Otherwise, I try to write a long message to my team, hit enter and it gives me "wrong answer, try again". Combined with Hypixel's ridiculous anti-spam system it's even worse, because I then try to send the message again and it says "you can't say the same message twice" (this one is absolutely absurd), and then there's also the 3-second cooldown.

    Second - please make it possible to throw all types of items on the ground. I get that some items are intentionally "unlucky", but I don't want to be stuck with 10 "hot heads" and flint&steel in my inventory for the whole game, or until I die or find a chest. The "Hot head" item is just plain useless - it sets you on fire and does fire ticks (making it insanely hard to move and jump) and fills the screen with the flame animation. I see no advantage to it whatsoever.

    Third - I get that this is a temporary mode and it wasn't well tested, but it would be nice to see all items fixed and working properly. Ice bridge, Pig launcher, and a bunch of other items either work sometimes or don't work at all.

    I really hope that this will be seen and taken into account.
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  6. bedwarsproyeah

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    I love this new dream mode! Thanks Hypixel!
  7. bedwarsproyeah

    bedwarsproyeah New Member

    I hate the scrambles, quick maths, and hot heads though. why hot heads?:confused:o_O.
  8. That would actually be fun tho, a flower power type gamemode (or literally just flower power)
  9. Wow,that's so cool!
  10. This is my first public post on Hypixel.

    Does anyone know when Ultimate will rotate back? I've been waiting for about 3 months now. As I mostly play Solo Bedwars, I'm disappointed to see that they have removed Ultimate Solo, but it is still my favorite gamemode on Hypixel.

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