1. HYPED!!!!
  2. nice i like it :)
  3. cool i guess
  4. Ok, If u get Water Baloon And Drop It to Ground, Its Will Change Into Fortunate Lucky Block, I Just Found It When I Want Give some Of Water Baloon To my friend... Is This An Easter Egg Or Something?
  5. wdym? by pressing q or throwing it?
  6. lit
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  7. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees this is gonna be great
  8. xks


    xks New Member

    Xaans XAANS
    After a few games of playing, it became dull. It isn't really "lucky block" if you constantly get the same items over and over again which is why the aspect of lucky block can't really be felt. It would have been better if you added a whole lot more of the possibilities of items and things you could have got from the Skywars Lucky Blocks game mode.
  9. Fall_wind

    Fall_wind New Member

    I don't know why I can't wear the OP hat from the middle island.
  10. I wish I was front page but I'm really not excited. Tbh normal bw rules
  11. This game is literally crack to me!
    I just wish some of the glitches/bugs were patched like items not working (ice bridge, pig launcher) and the stick disappearing after opening miracle box.

    Could you imagine a castle wars + lucky mode mashup dream mode?!?!?!?
  12. PanPanPanda534

    PanPanPanda534 New Member

    Hey Admin The Ice Bridge is broken it won’t work fix it
  13. PanPanPanda534

    PanPanPanda534 New Member

    Admin you see that? That cost me 2 wins.
  14. Yay... Another stupid bedwars update...
  15. KayebiiKuhn

    KayebiiKuhn Helper

  16. Good, i like this lacky blocks!
  17. I like lacky block, who like lacky block,
  18. now everyone is just gonna kill me easily
  19. PanPanPanda534

    PanPanPanda534 New Member

    Help please some admin see this there is this crazy hacker in bedwars named q60, but for some reason I cannot watchdogreport the hacker, as when I type it it says the player was not found. The hacker can fly and has killaura, and I suspect there are more than just those. A theory I thought of on why I could not, why ALL the people in my match could not report her, was that she used a different font to register or is nicked(I am not sure how nicking works though).

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