1. Rush in skywars came before rush in bedwars
  2. Seems like we could of gotten a speed uhc, crazy walls or skyclash update.
  3. 53 :p
  4. Yessssss!!!! Cant wait !❤️
  5. Externalizable

    Externalizable Minigame Developer

    Yes, we will be looking into this and adding rewards for being the first to answer correctly. :)
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  6. MarcosSegon

    MarcosSegon Active Member

    Nice, now we got the hypixel equivalent of Lucky Islands...
    Instead of updating the other modes because Castles could really use more maps and streaks...
  7. ;~;

    Also why did you make it so parties larger then the mode can’t join? I can’t play with my friends when the party is “too big” because of this limit. For example when there is 6 of us we can’t play 3v3 together :(
  8. I just tried out the this new bedwars gamemode, and its... LEGENDARY Keep up this amazing work. I can see better and more fun games in the future!
  9. hawt
  10. Codrinn

    Codrinn Active Member

    This is actually pretty neat!
  11. Intrested
  12. Can I get a large lamp to go? Thank you Hypixel, very cool.
  13. This is my new favorite gamemode. Excellent gameplay, a bit buggy though. I'll submit some bug reports soon maybe! :p
  14. I don't know if its just me or not but I feel that the Ice Bridge needs to last a little longer because theirs been times where I place it and just a few seconds later I go and I just fall in the void.
  15. albato

    albato New Member

  16. looks awesome :eek:
  17. That's not for me, but hope others enjoy it.

    I don't like lucky blocks. And not a big fan of most extra Bedwars gamemodes. The Bedwars rush mode was a lot of fun though.
  18. I'm personally loving the sudden turning of tables and spontaneity of this gamemode! Refreshing!
  19. Factorius

    Factorius Member

    Yes! I've been waiting for this!

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