1. jpleb

    jpleb Well-Known Member

    The memz are back bois.
  2. Nice! Can’t wait to try it out :p
  3. so now you're just copying skywars
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  4. You can jump with a time warp pearl to a dia island and than use a real pearl to get to opponents base right before you get teleported back because when you're teleported back, the real pearl is still in the air.
  5. Looks nice. Now I must ask... Does the boom box play Touhou music?
    Frog hat is reminding me of a character
  6. Yo that’s pretty cool!
  7. Gxrm

    Gxrm Active Member

    Neverland LANDER
  8. Very epic
  9. Goodwade

    Goodwade Well-Known Member

    Kathios KATH
    Prepare for my potato of a computer to go RIP when I play xd
  10. Cool
  11. Yess... Loved this gamemode <3
  12. So when are the rotation items getting added to bedwars permanently?
  13. Does it count as dream quest?
  14. I’m actually really hyped to try this!! :eek:
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  15. Yay bw
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  16. Update mega walls
  17. No extended punishment for people jumping into the void?

  18. Lucky Blocks in skywars and bedwars whats next?

    Lucky Blocks: UHC And Megawalls incoming...
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  19. Gassug

    Gassug New Member

    So this game. This game...

    This concept is not really all that original (most youtubers have caught onto this idea of a game, notably PopularMMOs, but I'm not entirely sure if people are down for watching some 30 year old guy play a block game [I'm definitely not]). Oh and both this post and this post mention it as well (by the way I'm not encouraging you to necro, so please don't). Anyways, I personally wanted this to be a thing after seeing the result of LBSW, and do I think this is any better? At the moment, I would say it's *meh*.

    Some of the items (most notably the pig launchers) are rather glitchy and certain effects like the riding blaze effect are just stupidly overpowered (not to mention when it falls into the hands of rushers). Other items such as flint and steel, fling bow and telebow are broken as well, quite literally in that their durability is low. But when you use them they turn into a big purple-black checkboard block of error, that's definitely something I'd recommend you'd address.

    The pig launchers don't seem to work at all (as in they don't seem to launch any pig projectiles when used) and the Telebow just straight up doesn't work, or at least it appears so (I would assume it would teleport you to the landing destination of the arrow, but that doesn't happen, so I'm either using it wrong or the dev team is coding it wrong)

    I would say make blocks purchasable in the shop rather than making them spawn at generators, because you can only go so far without you getting thrown off a bridge by somebody riding a blaze or by somebody with a fling bow (or by a ghast, for that matter).

    I would love to see new effects from the blocks just like LBSW. I personally think LBSW outdoes this in the Lucky Block gimmick department (take that with a grain of salt though, LBSW had literally over a year to develop compared to this game)

    On a scale of 1-10, I'll give it a 6. It's alright and has that chaotic feeling of LBSW, but some of the items are either glitchy or overpowered. Come next time when it comes around in the rotation and if there's an update I'll try it again and change my rate based off that, but for now it's a 6/10 game for me.

    EDIT: The Fling Bow has this bug where, once used, becomes unbreakable. (If this isn't a bug, then remove this drop from the game please, it's gamebreaky and I've seen way too many noobs get by with it). If it is a bug though, please fix it. Again, I've seen way too many people exploit it and I almost want to drop this game's score to a 5 because of it, but since it's a glitch I'll leave it at a 6. I was aware they turned into big blocks of error once used but I thought they were just null items, not actual usable items that had infinite durability.
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