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    Hey hey,

    Today, we've released an update to Bed Wars which adds a new time-limited Lucky Blocks dream mode! In this update we are also removing the Solo modes for Rush and Ultimate from future rotations due to their lack of players.

    Continue reading to learn more about the new mode!

    Introducing Lucky Doubles & Lucky 4v4v4v4
    Bed Wars Lucky Blocks is heavily inspired by the existing SkyWars Lucky Blocks mode. Most of the migrated effects & items had to be adjusted to properly work within Bed Wars without changing the core concept of them. For example, items that previously destroyed any blocks in a given radius have been changed to only destroy player-placed blocks outside of protected zones.

    If you've been playing Bed Wars within the month of December or January, you are no stranger to the Weekly Item Rotation system! Here is a recap of the items we have released:

    Thanks to your feedback, we have been able to collect anonymized information about the usage and player interest of these items which helped shape the unique effects and items of this update!

    Lucky Blocks, Effects & Items


    This Lucky Blocks Dreams mode comes with 5 different Lucky Blocks which will frequently spawn by the resource generators:
    • Normal (Spawns with iron)
    • Promising (Spawns with gold)
    • Fortunate (Spawns with diamonds)
    • Offensive (Spawns with diamonds)
    • Miracle (Spawns with emeralds)

    We are actively looking for community suggestions. You can reply to this thread with your ideas!

    Our Favorites
    Here are three of our favorite Lucky Block effects:

    Inspired by the Pop-up Tower, the Protective Bed Cover will coat your bed with blast glass, end stone, and wool!

    You can trade with the Resource Trader! The conversion rates are randomized on spawn.

    This sheep will drop diamonds for 30 seconds!

    That's all for today! We hope you enjoy the new Dreams mode! As always, report all bugs here so we can fix them as soon as possible.
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  2. epic
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  3. so cool been waiting for a long time
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  4. Cool!

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  5. Oh God bedwars
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  6. i knew this was gonna happen eventually
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  7. Yay this’ll bring the noobs back to Bedwars!

    I can finally win again!
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  8. You guys realize not every single developer is working on bedwars right?
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  9. Yes, but these always spark an uproar especially from games that haven't been updated in a while (not even complaining because a UHC update is being worked on)
    Also, lucky blocks sounds weird for bedwars to say the least
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  10. Bedwars is newer, and easier to work on, meaning faster updates.
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  11. Oof, nice update. Thank you guys!
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  12. I know. Read what I said after that
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  13. This is awesome! Gonna make a video on it :D
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  14. Same could also go for games such as tkr as that's not even that old, but nope
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  15. iEric

    iEric Well-Known Member

    thorn v2 THORN
    It's quite fun!
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  16. super epic hype
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  17. Tkr is over 3 and a half years, nearly 4 years old. It's also more complex code.
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  18. Wow this looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it out.
  19. I didn't even realize it's been that long, my bad
  20. ThE pOwEr Of BeDs!!!!!!!
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