1. Zozocha

    Zozocha Member

    When do you think they would start nerfing the magma cream cost, or not letting those magma split when killed by cactus??
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  2. omg no, just nerf the selling price, not spliting
    if u just disable the spliting it will be much like a 75%, cuz 4 creams at first, then only 1 cream if not splited
    pls spare the magmas
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  3. lol
  4. They are gonna make em not split according to the minion post proposal by jay
  5. this is so dumb
    75% nerf
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  6. Only when killed by something other than players and minions. It will only affect grinders.
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  7. That sounds like a good idea. This will then allow you to get the same amount of stuff, but actively grinding for it.
  8. so you want to spend months getting stuff?
  9. RyushinLIFE

    RyushinLIFE New Member

    Lets be honest Magma is just too good, and imo our aim for the game should be to get to a point where you have profitable options outside of the Private Island to discourage AFKing and reduce stress and lag on the servers.

    AFK should never be way more profitable than playing and doing stuff yourself.
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  10. all you magma nerds better not move to pumpkin when they nerf magma to bits lmao
  11. the only way for magma minions to earn money is through grinder, the minion itself cant make money fast, so its simply killing the magma collection (who use magma armor these days, if u r one, l)

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