1. Another thread about [title] yeeey

    First, there were frame zealots, with more defense and more dmg than normal ones, that have the visual indicator of holding an end frame.

    They changed that and they said it was a drop chance (or idk what they said because no patchnotes on the v0.7.1). But it wasn't. They only removed the visual indicator and the zealots that dropped Summoning Eyes had more defense and more dmg.

    Now in the v0.7.2, after 4 hours grinding (killing 10 zealots/min aprox) and only 1 eye, I can say that they changed the system once again! There are special zealots (not the runics or the echest) that have more defense and more dmg, that look like normal zealots but that drop enchanted ender pearls too.

    I don't know if they made the Summoning Eyes a drop chance (eye or enchanted pearls) of the special zealots or what, but I've killed like 10 of those and only got enchanted pearls. In the past, in the same amount of time, I would have gotten 5 or more eyes.

    If this wasn't really bad luck and there is a new system, you guys need to know that it discourages players from farming the dragons. And god, if you change something, don't hide it.
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  2. Hmm. They hid the rules from those players who doesn't use twitter or discord and instead went right ahead to banning them

    Well i just spent 2 hours bombing zealots without getting any summoning eyes. The drop rate is trully low
  3. Do you mean the spamming pearls thing?
    They removed that a long time ago.
    Those Zealots don't drop summoning eyes anymore.
    At least that is what I read in chat every minute.
  4. Do you have any proof or any official statement from staff member?
  5. No, I haven't. But I only got one eye and that was from a non spammed zealot so I'm starting to belive it...

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