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  1. I've been noticing a lot of nerf threads lately.. but e-ward honestly needs some.

    1. It can self-heal nicely with chain heal, reaches to far and in combo with boulder it is op as hell
    2. Totem practically makes it invincible with all those heals, does way to much for a hybrid class
    3. Boulder and spike do damage! The knock back is annoying in so many ways
    4. -10% damage? In combination with everything else.. it makes it a force to be reckoned with
    5. It can heal itself with Earthliving thing dang well- needs a nerf.
    6. It's spikes always hits! It needs to be dodge able
    7. Boulder's knockback is wayyy to op.
    8. Spike travels too far

    To do this, I suggest nerfing it's knock back... and damage. I get hit with.. 600-1000 damage with a crit! Too much, and in addition to knock back it is way to unfair. Totem needs a nerf as well with it's heals.. I mean it can make earth warden practically invisible with it, along with the other classes.. maybe decrease it's range or overall healing? Chain heal hits the user too, so it's a move that heals your team-mates decently, has a low cool down and can be further op with the boulder combo? We should remove the boulder buff. Maybe decrease spike's range as well? Or decrease boulder's knock back? That and decrease earth wardens bounce range.

    Edit: Also.. Spike sends you in the air along with autoaim, ranged and does damage? Needs a nerf, what do you guys think? :D'

    @TheoreticalMyth Tell me how this is? I think these can make the class better!
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. See? We can make Warlords a better place by fixing the broken classes.
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  4. #MakeWarlordsGreatAgain
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  5. So glad someone has said it finally!
    The heal, the totem (makes them invincible), spikes mean you never have to worry about running away from those annoying bers. An AoE skill for the ult means that the entire squad can sit back and relax on any ol dom point. It's ridonculous!
    I think base health should be reduced to 3,500 to account for the fact that it has healing and also make it so that spike doesn't hone in it only travels in one direction and also doesn't deal any damage but gives the caster slowness.
    Then boulder needs to be honing, but for the EW's team. Specifically the flag carrier. It should bounce the carrier back into the closest bers it can find. Healing wave should instead spit out fireworks (helps with morale) and earthliving weapon should again apply slowness to the caster. Also reduce healing totem to only ever heal a max of 33 for the lulz just to make sure this insane class has no hope of ruining any more games.
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  6. #6
  7. Exactly! That and -10% it has the potential to kill pyros and bers with that kind of damage and defence.. and add it's self healing?
  8. Pmorken

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    Don't you mean
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  9. 1. Fair point. Maybe decrease the amount of self healing chain does by 20%?
    2. Well, not in all cases. Some classes can easily out damage totem. If it is a real problem, I would suggest lowering crit multiplier for the final shock. We could also keep the healing the same, but decrease the AoE.
    3. Knockback for defense :3
    4. How about removing the -10% and making it specifically a healing spec? It would allow for creation of a defensive shaman spec.
    5. I don't really think Earthliving needs a nerf.
    6. How about making it where it does not travel over 3 block high walls?
    7. Decrease knockback by a bit and increase velocity or damage then, but imo, the knockback is also what makes it a defensive spec (in defending the flag carrier / teammates).
    8. I have a few ideas of nerfing spike, one mentioned above. A another one would be making it like fireball: decrease in damage the farther it goes out.

    If this happens though, I want to see Pyro and Bers get some nerfs as well.
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  10. No, e-ward is the class which is to OP for the game, it breaks it for all new players
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  11. I agree that for earthwarden gods like @Nora117 the spec may be too strong, but think about it. New earthwardens already have a hard enough time using earthliving weapon to heal, and using knockback constructively. So in the end, all you'll be doing is driving new players away from earthwarden.
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  12. o_O But Pyros can literally 2 shot new players. Same with Bers. And if we're talking about breaking the game for new players, Cryo and Defender and easily overwhelm them.
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  13. Pmorken

    Pmorken Well-Known Member

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    How 'bout we just nerf everything
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  14. Really? The class is to OP. Earthliving does to much heal, and you need no skill for knock back... The class is to OP, wouldn't do too much to have a nerf :(
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  15. :D Everyone will do 1 damage with 2 damage crits. We'll turn everyone into Dungeon Guardians from Terraria.
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  16. See? Everyone can be equal then!
  17. 1. Oy... Just looked at the maxed level, and it heals for 50% more weapon damage with a 15% occurrence. How about it heals for 35% or 40% more?
    2. Well, knockback does take skill. For example, an inexperienced EW could used Boulder in two ways when defending the flag carrier. One would be successfully knocking back players. Two would be knocking them closer. It also plays a role in killing the flag carrier: knocking the flag carrier closer or farther. This also goes for TDM (knocking players away from your teammates) and DOM (knocking players off capture points while defending).
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  18. Hmm.. can work, needs some serious work on Spike though
  19. DTRON

    DTRON Well-Known Member

    DeadlyNoodles OFFICER
    Nerf damage and compensate it with more healing.
  20. No, healing is already too op along with damage.. both needs a nerf in all honesty for my reasons listed above
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