1. I have an understanding of HTML and JAVASCRIPT and I wanted to make an website that displays the current auction house and alerts you of auctions but the problem is that I don't understand how to use the APIS. I have read alot around the fourms, peek at some GitHub pages but I still don't understand how I implement it into a website using Javascript or PHP, etc.
  2. That's the challenge of programming! I recommend having the auctions retrieved and decoded on your server, and you serve out the data as needed to your website with your own internal API.
  3. Their problem is that they don't know how to get the data, not how to handle it
  4. Hi, HTML and JavaScript are languages that are handled by the Client and not the server. So you can't access the API with them (You can using JavaScript but your API key will then be public and your key must be kept private!). However you can do it with PHP as PHP is on server side :)

    The Hypixel API is a GET API Method, which means that you can get the data directly from your web browser using an url.
    For exemple if you go to api.hypixel.net/player?name=br_cc&key=YOUR_API_KEY you will see your stats. There are a lot more other methods that you can find on the GitHub at github.com/HypixelDev/PublicAPI/tree/master/Documentation/methods.

    About PHP you can do it using file_get_contents, curl and a lot more other methods ;)
  5. I'm a desktop app developer and I don't know javascript, but I've been playing with the hypixel API for a little while so far. First of all:
    here is the documentation. You'll go nowhere in programming if you can't read documentation.

    To use a REST API you need to make an http request to a url. After a fast google search, it seems that you can use .ajax for that in javascript.

    The url to the api is https://api.hypixel.net/

    There are 2 methods that deal with auctions:
    skyblock/auction - Gets a players current auctions
    skyblock/auctions - Gets all auctions from the auction house

    It looks like you want to use https://api.hypixel.net/skyblock/auctions

    Now all you need to do is send a GET http request to that url with the proper parameters in a JSON-style body. Data will also be returned in a JSON format so you may want to read up on it a little.

    Hope that helps
  6. If you don't know anything about code I would recommend basic python and them maybe move up to js like imo python is easier to learn and can be done on a computer so you don't have to set up the website first

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