1. Hello everybody!I am now level 22 but it 's so hard to level up to 25!I want to know the best way to get exp!Please help because I need to make Ranked videos for my fans!They are waiting!Thank you guys so much!
    Sorry, my English is so bad xD
  2. Wait, can you level up in SkyWars?
  3. I'd like to see your videos ;) Channel?
  4. Sometimes I level up in Skywars.But sorry, my YouTube videos isn 't in English xD :D:D:D:D:D
  5. Oh, yeah I forgot that you could lvl up.
  6. Play games that you are good at
  7. OhFluffy

    OhFluffy Well-Known Member

    Grind each game’s daily and weekly quests.
  8. Completing your daily challenges helps a lot.
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  9. Dude don't play ranked. It's really not worth it.
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  10. Quest, other games need players plz.
  11. Go to the quests guy (the white villager stands just after you walk at spawn do the quests that are possible for you to do, repeat on every other game lobby, this is how i grind xp fast
  12. Duels is prob the best in my opinion
  13. DOnt cheat in ranked when you start I swear to god
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  14. Lol you’ve played more skywars games than me and I have like 6 times the wins.... and I don’t have any wins at all...


    Get good and win so that you get win exp and complete the quests.


    No fun allowed.
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  15. Kalihi

    Kalihi Active Member

    SiPapi PAPI
    Don't get into Ranked. It's not worth it man
  16. Thanks XD
  17. I am not a cheater and I will not be a cheater XDDDDD
  18. Wow you killed Boeh!So cool!
  19. I know, right!
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  20. use autotip. would've been more useful back in the days when every game had 500 boosters in queue for over a year, but meh

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